View Full Version : I Believe I deserve an explaination....

01-20-2002, 02:04 AM
As to why in god's name my "Techinal Help (TIE Fighter) thread was moved. As I read it the Yoda's Swamp section of the JKII board is an off topic disccussion. As it reads int eh description "for JKII and non-JKII discussion" well, I think this falls under the second category. Maybe it would have been more apropriate int eh other forum, but look over there and you'll see its the only thread there now, so obviously it will go unoticed. This is a very heavily visited forum, and I'm more likely to get a response here, since most people on these forums are avid Star Wars gammers, not just restricted to JK. So if you would please move my thread back here, I would apreciate it.

01-20-2002, 05:32 AM

I can't give u a good reason why yer post was moved but I would suggest that a visit to - http://www.xwinglegacy.com- might help.

Other than that I would speak to Nob Akimoto, he's one of the most knowlegable peeps around for X-Wing and Tie Fighter stuff :)