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Lord Slart
01-20-2002, 06:03 PM
I think its the last Trade Federation level where you start with very limited resources and there's none around. It said there are some in the south east but I can't seem to survive long enough to even find it let alone collect it. I get wasted by navel units I can normally hold off the ground units but can never build a big enough army to take out the small base to the south of the starting point.

Please HELP I've tried this several times and can't seem to get any further with it. I've been playing it on hard and even tried to do this level on Moderate but that didn't help either. I know I need to get to some more resources but I can't do that while being pummelled by the GunGuns.

Any help would be great.
In need of urgent Stratergy and reinforcements.

Lord Slart

01-20-2002, 09:24 PM
well try it on easy:p

seriously, all you have to do is hold off the gungans in the south. concentrate on navy because you can kill the gungans in the south and the main gungan force in the north. the objective building is underwater.

resources are on islands guarded by gungan troops.

tell me how you did when your done.

01-21-2002, 03:42 AM


The OOM-9 Campaign

In this campaign you take control of the Trade Federation droids and OOM-9 as you attempt to capture Naboo for Nute Ganray

Chapter 6: Seige of Otoh Gunga

Back to playing it like a Random Map game, This level asks quite a lot of you. You start with a Command Center,some workers, and minimal troops, have them farm, fish, carbon etc and have one builder start building an air base. Train some troopers, and some more AA troopers, build some fighters, and a transport.

On the little island opposite you is a load of nerfs, transport a worker over there and build an animal nursery for them.

With workers on each of the islands, think about constructing turrets on either beach, this will help take out ships that attempt to come up the channel to attack you.

By now you have more than likely encountered some unwanted attention from the Gungans you share the island with. If you feel up to it you can go for a full assault on their base, but you'll likely lose a few, it's best to let them come to you and then push forward, if you control the resources, you control the island.

Gungans water units are stronger than the Trade Federation, you should be looking to thwart their sea attacks with your air and turrets mainly.

When you are in a steady position it's time to start looking for the other resources, on islands scattered around the map. Move troopers, Droids and workers in transports, flanked by fighters, along to the right/east and stop off and destroy Gungans on each of these and construct the proper resource centres and gather all the remaining island resources - including the carbon!!!! Unfortunately these islanads are too small for anything less than the resource centres so you will need to transport additional workers across.

The island that is rich in ore will have some Gungan defence, once you've dealt with them the Gungans will know you are there, so expect retalliation, build turrets and a troops to defend the island. The Gungans have troops on the next island, so think about taking them out too, before moving workers up to gather resources from the adjacent 2 islands, once you control these you should have completed your first task.

Build a shipyard on the island, and start producing fighters in your airbase on the main island. Build destroyers in the shipyard to take out the anti-air destroyers that the gungans send.

You now control the islands and the resources, but you're not done yet, you must destroy all the gungans and that means locating and destroying the Otoh Gunga high tower, which is under the water (As I found out after trying forever).

To do this level successfully you need to move up to Tech 4 if you have not already done so. You'll need to research advanced scanning to allow your ships to be able to find it, and also heavy destroyers and advanced frigates, use the frigates and destroyers to take out the turrets (I assume you've already met the turrets near the middle/top of the map, it takes time, but this really the only danger you face as you control the resources they can't build decent offensive units to hit you. Once you've done this, move everything, ships, fighters, bombers to the middle where you'll uncover the High Tower, attack it with everything that can get there. BOOM you've won.