View Full Version : LucasArts Nokia Operator Logos

01-21-2002, 11:40 AM
You know, most nokia sites don't even offer thier operator logos sent to your phone for FREE. LucasTones does! (a complicated process I discovered whilst in deepest, darkest Sweden. A secret I will keep to the grave...) And now, the latest in phone innovention! If you feel you can construct an operator logo out of the constraints of a 14 pixels tall x 72 pixels wide jpg/gif/bmp image, then do it! Mail your images to me at daniel_wishart_lec@hotmail.com, and, so long as they are LUCASARTS BASED (or maybe Sierra / other adventure developers) I will not only put them on the new LucasTones site thats in the pipeline (full credit to the artist, of course), I'll send them to you as well. So, draw your images in a 14x72 image, mail them to daniel_wishart_lec@hotmail.com, and don't forget to state your phone number, country of residence, and phone network. - eg: Indiana Jones, UK, Vodafone. Thanks!