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Lord Tirion
11-07-2001, 09:34 PM



Nexsis is a group of individuals who have pledged themselves to the destruction of all enemies for the pursuit of total power.

Biographical Information:

1. Web Address: http://nexsis.freeservers.com
2. SWBG Server: The Zone - http://www.zone.com


Our Objective is to be the tightest, most exclusive, and therefore superior organization.
We are a team that functions in a group effort to benefit the organization.


Nexsis is comprised of all the civilizations in Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds.


The main ruling body of Nexsis is the Vesper and the Nexsis Senate which consist of five (5) Senators.

Nexsis Senate:

The Senate will be responsible for discussing all the business of Nexsis. They will not however have supreme power over the whole guild. They will be charged with drafting policies, rulings, orders, and general guild decisions, which will then be voted on by all Nexsis members after the Vesper has agreed with their findings.

Senator's Resignation:

A Senator may voluntarily resign their position at any time, and for any reason. A vote would then be held to elect another Senator to replace them.


Voting will be carried out by all members of Nexsis. Members will be required to vote on all issues brought forth by the Senate. In doing so, the members will express their ideas, and opinions. Then, and only then shall the Senators convene and weigh every aspect of the issue at hand.

When the Senate has finalized an issue and is ready for it to be voted on they shall post it in the forum after the Vesper has looked it over. It is required to be posted under the members forum. The post shall include what is to be voted on at the top and at the bottom it will have the name of every Senator and their vote whether it be yes or no. Every member of Nexsis is then required to post a reply under this forum thread. Their reply must contain only YES or NO and a reason. For an issue to pass it must receive a 2/3 66.7% vote from all members of Nexsis. This includes the Senate votes.


1. Nexsis members can only belong to one guild/clan Nexsis.
2. Members must play regularly and tell other members when they will be absent.
3. There is no penalty for absence - there is though for unannounced absences over a lengthy period.
4. Members shall not engage in forum flooding, flaming, or other unprofessional postings.
5. "All for one and one for all" The worst offence that can be committed is to not support another member against non-members or to bad-mouth members of the guild.
6. We settle all differences of opinion between members in private. All actions for guild discipline are to be carried out in private.
7. We at all times and circumstances present to the rest of the SWBG community an appearance of complete harmony and accord within the guild.
8. Nexsis is about fun. We will not engage or be part of any slander or disrespect of others.


Absolutely no fighting will be tolerated intra-guild. If you have a problem, please work it out amongst those involved. If this still does not solve the problem, take the matter to your Senator. If the problem still persists and the person or persons are still disruptive to Nexsis, you will be asked to leave the guild. Nexsis is for mature people. Please do not let it come down to this.


If these ideals and conditions seem dictatorial or unacceptable to you, then you obviously do not share the stated objectives of Nexsis and you are therefore not suitable to be a member.

If you feel that our ideals and objectives fit yours and that you have the requisite skills, then you may post your application on our Application Forum.

Membership Requirements:

1. You must be active.
2. You will then be considered a Trial Member, during which time you will be required to spend at minimum two (2) weeks playing SWBG with our members and participating in the Nexsis Forums.
3. A majority vote from all Nexsis Senators are required for full membership in which you are now a full voting member of the guild.

The probationary period will allow the applicant the opportunity to demonstrate his or her ability to conform to the Nexsis ideals. Please do not expect any one of the above steps to be rushed or omitted and be prepared to have your application declined. Rejection of your application should not be considered in any way a personal insult but just a lack of fit from the existing members perception.

11-07-2001, 09:49 PM
I am amazed about your clan. It sounds well organized. I have visited your site and I am impressed by it. I congratulate you and your clan.

Lord Tirion
11-07-2001, 09:52 PM
Thank you Wedge. That is much appreciated :)