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Com Raven
01-26-2002, 09:04 AM
What kinda PA you think you'd join ??

What kinda aims should it have ??

What would you expect from one ??

01-26-2002, 12:40 PM
Well, I'm not sure about Star Wars Galaxies.. But I can answer those questions for my Allegiance in Asheron's Call:

1) I joined a Roleplaying Allegiance full of really fun and helpful people who were always ready to drop what they were doing to help a player in trouble (Kinda like me).

2) To have fun, of course! To do a little roleplaying every now and then, as well. To interact and socialize. (This explains why, after 2.25 years playing AC, my highest char isn't even level 50)

3) I expect more from the other people in the PA then the PA itself. I expect to be respected and thus respect in return. I expect to be treated the same as any other member, regardless of my age, sex, race, location, etc.

I guess most of these apply to what I'm looking for in a SWG PA, as well. :D

Syren Mere
01-26-2002, 01:13 PM
What kinda PA you think you'd join ??

I have already joined a fantastic Rebel aligned Player Association named The Crescent Order. I say Fantastic as the quality of our members and leaders simply amazes me. Having not yet revealed ourselves to the public (we plan to new month) we haven't really become well known by everyone, but we have managed to get a member count of 50+.

Once the new web site is up and running I'll make sure you all see it, so stay tuned...

What kinda aims should it have ??

The Crescent Orders aims are simple. We plan to provide like-minded individuals with an experience from Star Wars Galaxies like no other.

We shall do this by creating a fun, role-playing community that we hope a lot of you will wish to become part of.

01-26-2002, 04:56 PM
Hello, everyone, my name is Shaaru Garuul, well I can say I represent the Nabubu Spaceport City on these forums, you can visit us at http://home.europa.com/~leach/agalaxie.htm
currently we have more than 170 members and still growing
So just saying hi:)

Wraith 8
01-26-2002, 05:24 PM
So what does it all stand for..... what does it do....

and do you realy have to join such things??
or can you just stay on your own??

Syren Mere
01-26-2002, 05:31 PM
do you realy have to join such things??

There is nothing forcing you to join a Player run city.

can you just stay on your own??

You may if you wish live alone, secluded from everything or join a city that is either player or computer run.

Com Raven
01-26-2002, 06:32 PM
Nah, being together with other guys is where multiplayerfun starts ....

Wraith 8
01-26-2002, 07:31 PM
that is not what i meant... i meant to say that:
could you survive out there with2 or 3 people maybe a bit more.. out there...... or is it best to join such an assotiation.

and why do you join it... are you treated better in one?? or will you be rich in one...??

Just wanting to know.. cause i was in the wraiths at the combine.. but i didnt realy liked the game....

Lemon Head
01-27-2002, 05:11 PM
Call me a disgusting ignoramus, but what exactly is a player association?

Wraith 8
01-28-2002, 10:14 AM
its something like a club or something.... but what i like to know is .. what does it.... do you need it to play...

What are the adavntages of such a group?

01-28-2002, 11:27 AM
I think a guild should just be a group of people who fight for the same cause or beliefs. Imperial Elite just wants to kill every rebel out there…. it’s just personal.

Com Raven
01-28-2002, 02:03 PM
Take a "clan" from any other game, and call it a guild or pa cuz it's a rpg...

There ya go ...

Lemon Head
01-28-2002, 03:25 PM
Does the alignment of these PA's count for anything? i mean are they just like-minded people or are they specifically labelled as Rebel, Imperial, Neutral or whatever?

Com Raven
01-28-2002, 05:29 PM
There are PA's of both kind.....

Alignments, certain jobs, just like-minded ppl....

Wraith 8
02-21-2002, 07:33 AM
But com... do you think there should be an assosiation for the Europian guys? cause we could start one for the Euro guys... hey.. we could even use our own money :D Euro's :D :p

Com Raven
02-21-2002, 12:45 PM
Well, I think an american pa would be mighty useless for us due to servers....

Would have to use US version then, but don't know how big a prob lag might be in that case....

02-21-2002, 08:42 PM

Com Raven
02-22-2002, 08:36 AM
Look how he uses a serious discussion for his own propaganda....:)

02-22-2002, 06:36 PM
Shameless aint I? ;)

Com Raven
02-23-2002, 08:07 AM
Hell, I am outta words...:)