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Wraith 8
01-26-2002, 09:36 AM
Ok. this thread is now in use for the RPG im opening.
Please! only post reply's in here to the RPG not questions. for questions go to:'insight on the rpg'
post your Bio here:'Background of your character'

Hope you all have fun.

-Wraith 8-

Wraith 8
01-26-2002, 09:54 AM
*The planet of Alderaan. a lovely planet, a beautifil world.
It is a planet full of history. now a peacefull planet, but once it was a planet full of war.
This planet was part of the Empire. but secretly it was part of the Rebel Alliance. some parts of the planet were secret bases of the Rebels. even a training camp for pilots.*

*It also housed the new squadrons. Red Squadron, Gold Squadron, Blue Squadron and now the new squadron too. Wraith Squadron. These squadron were to ship out in a couple of days to new hide outs. It was said that Gold and Red squadron were off to go to the 4th planet of Yavin. and Blue squadron were of to clear out the old base on Dantooine.
Wraith squadron on the other hand are send out on a covert missions to take out Imperial bases. they are going to be send too an asteroide belt in the neighbourhood of Bimmisaari. *

*In the hallways of the rebel base, two man were walking to a briefing rrom. Garik Loran and his Executive Officer were walking along the hallways. Garik was the Squad leader of Wraith Squadron. Garik turned his head to his XO.*

What do you think of out new pilots? Do you think they will be good at this?

*The XO shrugged and turned his head to Garik.*

The Master
01-26-2002, 12:10 PM
Ton Phanan showed a grin and nodded to Garik.

"I think they are okay. Excellent for starters. I beleive that they will be reliable."

Though Ton hadn't known any of the recruits to well. But from the results of the simulator runs, they had done exceptionally good. Ton infact had been expect much from these pilotes and with the up coming mission they would be able to prove their worth. Or die trying. Of coarse he didn't want that... but this is what the squadron was built for. Wasn't it?

Ton still found the grin was spread across his face. He quickly disposed of it and quickened his pace.

"What do you think of them? The recruits I mean."

Wraith 8
01-26-2002, 12:50 PM
*Garik watched Ton. He smiled at his smile. He knew what he was thinking. He looked ahead and on ahead, he saw the guy he found on Chandrilla. Known as 'the Shadow' walk into the briefing room. The woman mechanic walked behind him. She wanted to be called 'Hassany'.*

Well those two there make me wonder a bit. I know he is a great pilot. And she is a great mechanic. But they are so quiet. They dont talk out of free will, only when someone talks to them, they talk back. I wish we could get them to open up a little.
About the others... well.. i think they will do nicely. Come on we need to get this party started.

*They both walked into the briefing room. They looked at the pilots. they were looking a bit nervous.*

Well pilots. Lets begin.

01-26-2002, 03:45 PM
She was busy filling in charts on the pilots, looking rather annoyed at not only the noise level before the Captain entered, but at the fact that a few of the more wise ass pilots didn't make their check up appointments. Which meant more work for her.

As Garik entered she set down her charts and pushed her glasses into her hair. Frowning slightly at her fellow crewmen for not shutting up immediently, she wondered if she'd ever get used to being in such an insane squadron, so different from what her job had been like with the Empire.

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Dark Sad Shadow
01-26-2002, 07:22 PM
standing up in the briefing room, hiding his lightsaber, the shadow was watching every one, he doesnt like to fill papers, but he must.

after finishing signing, the Captain entered the room.
he gave him the papers and went to his locker to take his new uniform, and helmet.

Once he was dressed, he returned to the briefing room.

Devil Doll
01-26-2002, 09:11 PM
looking for all the people in the base, she questioned herself why she is there? her mother was a member of the Empire and her father a rebel, a very big contradiction, and the only thing she had of her mother is a Dark LS with pink glow, only a record, she never used cause that LS send Hassany´s father to Kessel...

She finished to fill all the papers and went to her locker, she puts her own things, tools and instruments, she will had a lot of work to do cheking all the X-Wings and all the other things she need to check, -"It will be a long day"- she think, she take the new uniform, but she will only use it to clean the tools, her old uniform is better to her, it was made it specially for her and she will not use another one.

When she is checking all the mechanic things, her Draw is in the locker, locked up like her mother´s memories, but the only difference is that her draw will be out of the locker in a moment, and it will help her to fight bravely, and the other thing will never be out again...

Wraith 8
01-27-2002, 09:42 AM
*Garik looked over the pilots. He was a bit proud of his handpicked squadron. now like he said to Ton Phanan, he had some worries for some of them. he looked at the medic. she was always serious. maybe a bit too serious. But she was the best field medic there was. he slowly looked at his young pilot, Kyle d'Tana. A young flight wonder. he was realy good. but so very young.. Hey! what is young. i mean, im 22 years old. Garik thought of that. This whole squadron was made of young people. He sure hoped he wouldnt get these kids killed. he looked at his Mechanic. A woman. she was very quiet. she didnt say much. Just like the 'Shadow' in the corner. he didnt say much either. but he was a good starfighter pilot.*

Ok pilots. lets begin. Are we all here? wait a second where is that new guy? has anybody seen him?

*Everybody shook they're heads. Garik frowned. he shrugged.*

Well that means kitchen duty for him. he shoulf have been on time.

*Everybody laughed. except for the medic. Too serious indeed. Garik should try to let her loosen up a bit. he looked at his XO.
He smiled at his former remark.*

Well i wanted to go threw the numbers you will be having. and the flight groups we will be anounced. Has everybody given they're medical record to our medical officer. officer Dios?

01-27-2002, 12:36 PM
She stands and briskly salutes the captain, her voice carrying a hardedge. "Sir, I regret to inform you that they have not all turned in the necessary documents, nor have all of them made their appointments for their physicals. I won't name names, but they know who they are." She says as she glares at the room in general before sitting down, flustered.

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Wraith 8
01-27-2002, 12:53 PM
*Garik glares across the room. he catches some faces.*

People. This is a requirement for everybody. If you get hurt out there, officer Dios has to know how your physical condition is. now Mister Phanan and myself already did this. we need this before we leave on our mission.

*He looked across the room to catch they're faces. some nodded. some sighed.*

Ok next point.

Devil Doll
01-28-2002, 01:44 AM
Sir - she said - I will only say that my physical condition is good, when i was 9 I had a broken arm, that counts?
And my name, I prefer to be called as you read here, I will say my name when "the party" is over.

She smiled to Garik trying to say that she ´s ok and she will help when someone needs help. Maybe she is serious, but nobody knows why. maybe if someone ask her she will say it, but maybe not...

She looked at the medic, she needs all the information, but that is imposible for some of the members of the squadron.

When the war begins - she said to herself - we will know more about each one of us, only when the war begins...............

Dark Sad Shadow
01-28-2002, 12:37 PM
standing in the room, the Shadow began to remember the image of his master killed, listening to all about the medics test, he standed in front of them,
"ok im ready, want to test me?, Go on, i have nothing to hide, but dont wait some bad or good results"

The medics started the tests, the result were good, they told him that he is in good shape.

Watching Garik´s eyes, the shadow only said: "those are my tests, im ready, dont bother me until all of you are ready, ill be doing the finals touchs to my X-wing, the Dark Angel"

Done so, he went to the hangars.

The Master
01-28-2002, 04:55 PM
As Garik started to lecture, Ton took a seat and looked over the pilots. A strange troupe we have here. He thought to himself with another smile. People from all over the galaxy come to this room. Come to this squadron. Wraith Squadron. He enjoyed watching the expressions of the new pilotes as Garik went on.
Ton Phanan let out a loud sigh and kicked his feet up onto a chair in the row in front of his. Several pilots glanced his way, but Ton stared contently at Garik, listening to the lecture. Ton always thought he was a good lecturer.
Out of the corner of his eye, one of the pilotes kept drawing his attention away from Garik. His was named the shadow. Ton knew that he wasn't trying to draw his attention... but a certain aura surrounded this man...
Ton blinked and turned his attention back to Garik.

Wraith 8
01-28-2002, 05:36 PM
So if we finaly worked out the numbers on everyone, even if some people are still not here. we can go to the next subject.

*Garik stared at his XO. the guy made him laugh. he was nothing like other officers. he had some disrespect fo higher ranking officers. but in a funny way.*

Our flight groups:
We have 8 pilots. 4 short of a full squadron. cause we are not with many yet. But maybe in the near future it will change.
Like i said in the numbers. Ton Phanan and me, Wraith 2 and 1 will be wingmates.
Wraith 3, Hassany and Wraith 4 (edit later LQ) your together. Lets call it Wingladies.
*Garik smiled, So did some others*
Wraith 5, (redwing) and Wraith 6, The Shaddow. you two are teamed up as well.
Wraith 7, Kyle d'Tana and Wraith 8, Charlie Dios. You are the last of the group.

If i call the command to go by pairs we go as wingmates. and if i go by flight groups. we get in to two flightgroups of four fighters.
I will lead the first flight group. I want Dios to have lead of the second flight group. But i know you are a busy person Dios. if the others in the flight group extend to a sertain command level. i will take it to them.
Flight group one:
Me. leader of group
Ton Phanan
(lizard queen)

Flight group two
Kyle d'Tana
Charlie Dios. leader of group
I hope it is all clear.

*He looked around. and got some nods.*

01-28-2002, 09:57 PM
She bobbed her head in an affirmative motion, almost making her glasses fall. "Thank you sir. I appreciate the responsibility." She couldn't help the small smirk that formed on her lips. Who else was as capable as she of a leader posistion? No one. Because the whole lot of them were disrespectful misfits and she knew the rules so well she could have written the book.

Kyle d'Tana
01-31-2002, 03:53 AM
He takes his helm and salutes: "yess sir" !!

The Master
02-01-2002, 09:43 AM
Ton grinned a toothy grin once his name was said. He drew his feet back off the chair so the younger pilotes would pay more attention to Garik than himself. How interesting it would be to try to work with these guys in a simulator run. How iNteresting indeed... Of course Ton and Garik would probably whoop these kids like hapless eyeball pilotes. But they were better than most he knew. Ton started to put his feet back up with out himself realizing, but cuaght himself before the movement was made. Bad habits. Gotta love em. Ton thought then winked at Garik, who glared at Ton for a second.

Wraith 8
02-01-2002, 05:09 PM
*he looked at the small grin Dios made and the reaction of Kyle.
this should get interesting.*

Now about those two laser brains. If they dont get in here soon. we will have to put them up as wings on our x-wings.
Anyway. We will leave Alderaan in 10 hours. I want to have a little talk with each one of you in my office. Ton will be there with me and we want to ask you some questions.
I will contact you by your comlink, so dont turn it off. while you wait. you will get your gears ready and put you X-wings into shape. so that we dont have to wait when we want to leave.
Hassany? After you get your gear together and you put them on your fighter, You investigate all X-wings. I want you to look at the Hyperspace engine. cause there were some troubles with them when they arrived.
Dios? get your medical dossiers to my office as soon as you are able. i want to review them with you.
Ton? you come with me to my office and formulate some questions for us to ask these kids.
OK. everybody got it?
*all nodded.*
Good. now dismissed.

02-02-2002, 04:18 AM
Raschel Sheire, K'beran, enters the room as Wraith speaks his last sentence. Her transport had been delayed on the way, but she had hoped she could make it to the briefing on time. No such luck...as she walked in, the stares of her fellow pilots pinned her to the floor. She hid a grimace as she realized everyone else in the room was human. Just like at Carida... She shook her head to clear her mind of the memories. This was not the Imperial Academy, and the pilots surrounding her did not serve the Empire. She found her voice. "Am I late?"

02-02-2002, 11:03 AM
She can't help herself as she stands and walks over to the newccomer. Her expression holds nothing but curiousity as she looks Raschel over. "You are indeed late...so when the Captain is done with you, I'll need to see you for a physical." She says before stepping back and looking apologetically at Garik for butting in. Straightening herself as if she were still in the empire.

02-02-2002, 02:00 PM
*A young man dashes into the door way, panting for breath. He then sees his superior and stands to attention*

Sir! Lieutenat J.G Orthos Darkstar reporting for duty sir! (He then glances at people he doesn't recognise) Is..uh.. am I in the right place sir? I've been trying to find out where I'm needed but no-one seems to know.

The Master
02-02-2002, 03:37 PM
Ton was on his feet the moment they were dismissed. Before he left the room two extra tardys came in. He recognized them from their profiles. The one named J.G Orthos Darkstar panted, "Is..uh.. am I in the right place sir? I've been trying to find out where I'm needed but no-one seems to know."

Ton walked over to him smiling. "Yes I beleive you are late. Late for you spanking." Ton smiled at his own joke then continued. "I suggest you catch up on the breifing with one of your other fellow pilotes." Ton started to walk away then turned back around quickly. "Oh and I'm the XO of the squadron, Ton Phanan. Don't forget it."

Ton went from there to Garik's office. Once thetre Ton started right away with his own suggestions for the interogation of the pilotes. "Alrighty, what shall we start with. What is your favorite color? What was your favorite animal when you were a kid? How are you today?" Ton trailed on but stopped when he thought he was going to far.

Wraith 8
02-02-2002, 05:23 PM
*Garik was in his office and listened to his XO. He puts his gands over his face and tries not to cry. But what was the reason? should he cry for some of the missfits in his squad? or for the realy stupid questions Ton made up? Should he cry for being sad? or for finding it all hillarious?
He chose for the last one. he put away his hands and started to laugh at Ton.*

Now that is extualy a good start. ask them some stupid questions and they may come loose.
I want Dios in here as last. we can evaluate them all then.
and put those 2 late comers together in one flight group. I just heard that (Lizard Queen name?) has been delayed. She will be here as soon as possible, but she is with the Alderanians on a mission to Coruscant. to find out how long we need to keep hiding for the Empire. I even heard that Princes Leia is with her.
Ok. first of all, the questions:
i think we better start of with 'how are you doing'
and then:
how is your score in the simulators up to now?
Did you ever work with imperial forces before?
what do you remember from your child hood?
Do you know why i choose you for this Squadron?
How do you feel about Non humans?
What is your favorite colour?
Got any pets?
got any family left back home?

how about that Ton?
well .. lets first send in that 'Shadow' guy. He gives me the creeps with his stare.

*Garik put his comlink to his mouth and called 'SHADOW' to his office. *

02-02-2002, 07:24 PM
((EDIT: Disregard :D))

Raschel sits down in the waiting room and folds her arms. Being the only nonhuman in the squadron would be a tough job...unless the last remaining recruit happened to be alien as well...oh well, she thought. This is the Rebel Alliance... they won't have the Imperial attitude toward nonhumans.

If they did, she'd simply quit.

EDIT not New Republic, Rebel Alliance :p

02-03-2002, 02:26 PM
*Orthos hated psych exams. He also feared them. Ever since signing on he'd had nightmares about being asked about his family and having to say:
"My father's Syrnl Darkstar, you know, the evil sith knight. He hates me." He feared that he wouldn't be accepted because of his father.
Orthos sits in the waiting room, next to the squadron's only non-human.*

"Um... hello. I'm, uh... Orthos Darkstar. Where are you from?"

02-03-2002, 04:45 PM
Muttering curses under his breath Jekari rushed to where he hopes was the correct loactaion of the breifing room. Not only had he overslept but he had wouond up going into the wrong room. Twice. Finaly getting himself oriented he realized he was on the oppsosite side of the compound.

//Great. First day and you not only sleep in and get lost, you show up late.//

He supposed he would have been on time if he hadn't stayed up all night on his computer. But he couldn't help it. He was having fun! The system here was better then anything he'd ever had access too.

//Hmmm...wonder if i could get into the brain. Oh what fun that would be. //

Lost in thought about the things he would do if he had control (all good though. Just play a few jokes in case some peoplee had bugs up their bums) he ran by the breaifing room. Realizin his error he turned and ran in. Skidding to a halt he stood at the door, flushed and panting from his long run.

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Devil Doll
02-03-2002, 11:58 PM
After she finiched to check all the X-Wings, she can check, she went out the hangars, someone told her that her "wingmate" had arrived few minutes ago. she start to look all the people, some new faces, two boys and a girl, - Maybe I need to ask to someone else the names before I talk-.

Orthos Darkstar, Jerkari Duran and Racshel Sheire, she was going with Racshel to talk, but she read the notes, her wingmate is Jeraki Duran......
-I need to talk with my officer, My report is incomplete and I need his help-
After she said that, she went with him and start talking:

-hey, are you Jeraki Duran, nice to meet you, I´m hassany and I´m your wingmate, I was suppose to wait for a girl, but anyway, it doesn´t matter, I´m the mechanic here and I´m a little tired, i think i need more help or a fast computer to insert some cheats In the console, heheh, oh! sorry, I´m talking a lot and i didn´t let you talk, how are you?, say me something about you, we need to know us each other to work perfect. wahy are you late?

Wraith 8
02-04-2002, 01:11 PM
*While they were waiting for 'the shadow' garik let his eyes fall over the names. he had to make new wingpares as he saw he forgot the new lieutenant. well it would just have to go under the new planning. he was thinking about the time he had.
a total of maybe 2 hours to talk to these guys and galls. an hour to get his gear and report to Bail Organa that he was leaving.
he could get some rest later. maybe an hour or 5 sleep. and an hour to get ready. than he had at least one hour left. he could call another meeting tomorrow just before they left. yeah i should that.*

Ton? lets have a meeting an hour before we leave tomorrow. so that we can go over flight procedure one more time.

*He called in the squadron 3PO unit. H-3PO, also known as Heini, was the quarter master of the squadron. he walked in.*

Heini? would you tell all squadron members to report in the briefing room in 9 hours. But also tell them after they see me, to get some rest. and if they have large equipment, Take it with the crew of the Calculators Edge. ok? Oh and if you see 'Shadow' out there. send him to my office.

*The calculators Edge is a Corellian Corvette. It was an old ship and it was assigned to Wraith Squadron.*

Now where is that 'shadow'. his comlink was on.

02-04-2002, 02:31 PM
*After being told to report to the briefing room in 9 hours, Orthos decided to go to the cantina. He had a reletive who frequented a particular one in Mos Eisley. But Father didn't talk about him, save for making evil schemes to kill him.
Orthos sits in a corner, hoping some of his new wingmates will join him. Or has the secret of his parents slipped out, and do they all dislike him for his father's crimes. If so, he would be the one that killed Syrnl. Not Deac.*

Dark Sad Shadow
02-04-2002, 03:26 PM
*after finished checking the dark angel, the shadow went to the quarters for some tools*
he shouted at hassany telling not to touch the Dark Angel, he dont want some strange hands in hi wing
at te corridors he heard the voice of his officer

running to the office he sat in the chair in front of Officers Garik´s desk*

i heard you wanted to talk with me, what can i do for you?

Wraith 8
02-04-2002, 04:30 PM
Well i wanted to ask you some questions. this is totaly of the record. i just want to get to know you besides what it sais your record. im gonna ask you some questions.
how is your score in the simulators up to now?

Did you ever work with imperial forces before?

what do you remember from your child hood?

Do you know why i choose you for this Squadron?

How do you feel about Non humans?

What is your favorite colour?

Got any pets?

got any family left back home?

Do you have any friends?

((ooc: euh.. i posted the questions behind eachother.. cause it is a lot easier than making 20 posts :D. just answer them all.))

The Master
02-04-2002, 04:45 PM
The Shadow came in moments later. He looked around then took a seat. Garik imediatly started to interogate.

I always like listening into these little question sessions. How entertaining they are! Ton smiled and listened carefully, recording everything mentally. Eventually he broke out into a hum. Garik glared at him.... Again. Perhaps I should let up on the little annoyances I give him... Naw... I think it is what keeps him going.

Ton tipped his chair that he had taken in the corner and grinned a very distracting grin.

02-04-2002, 11:53 PM
Originally posted by Devil Doll
-hey, are you Jeraki Duran, nice to meet you, I´m hassany and I´m your wingmate, I was suppose to wait for a girl, but anyway, it doesn´t matter, I´m the mechanic here and I´m a little tired, i think i need more help or a fast computer to insert some cheats In the console, heheh, oh! sorry, I´m talking a lot and i didn´t let you talk, how are you?, say me something about you, we need to know us each other to work perfect. wahy are you late?

"uhhhh..." Surprised by the vocal outburst from his new wingmate Jekari sat silent for a few seconds before shaking his head and grinning at her.

"Yep. Jekari Duran would be me. Or was last time i checked. It's been a while though." laughing softly at his own lame joke he stood up and stretched. Removing his hat he shook out his short red and black striped hair.

" As for the girl part." here he sighed. "My name occasionaly lets others think i'm a girl. But I'm all male. If you need help with computers I am your man. Fastest fingers this side of the Empire."

Devil Doll
02-05-2002, 12:27 AM
-That´s exactly what i need, Now, let´s talk, what do you know about the X-Wing console? i thinking in somethins special for the squadron ... hehehe-

(its a secret. maybe it will be showed, but not yet, *needs to talk with LQ)

02-05-2002, 01:10 AM
Originally posted by Devil Doll
-That´s exactly what i need, Now, let´s talk, what do you know about the X-Wing console? i thinking in somethins special for the squadron ... hehehe-

(its a secret. maybe it will be showed, but not yet, *needs to talk with LQ)

"Hmmm...well I know how to bypass all security features on them. And make them say all sorts of cool things."

((we're talking...be afraid everyone...be very afraid))

Dark Sad Shadow
02-05-2002, 01:21 AM
Being in the office, the shadow begun to answer:

Did you ever work with imperial forces before?
-- yes sir, until i found they betrayed me

what do you remember from your child hood?
-not too much, i was with my master all the time

Do you know why i choose you for this Squadron?
-i think thats because you think i can be useful?, i had a little force training but i can feel something else

How do you feel about Non humans?
nothing against them

What is your favorite colour?

Got any pets?
yes, a Womprat "Grip"

got any family left back home?

Do you have any friends?[/b][/i]
- im not the talktative kind of person... and i dont want to get involved with nobody else,

its that all sir?

Wraith 8
02-05-2002, 11:30 AM
Yes that will be all. Hope you will be a great help to the Alliance.

As the 'Shadow' walked out of the room Garik looked at Ton. Garik raised his eyes. Ton agreed with him by nodding.

Ok. lets bring in our wonderfull mechanic. Hassany? could you report to my office?

02-05-2002, 01:32 PM
*Orthos looked about. No one seemed to talk to him. They must know about his father and distrust him. Orthos didn't want to care. He wanted to feel that he'd signed up to be able to rid the galaxy of his father. But he'd seen what the empire had done to Attanash. He'd been in the hospital, seen the victims of the Emperor's Wrath plague. He really wanted to end that. With or without friends in the squad.

He gets out a pad, and studies his enemy fighters, hoping for some conversation.*

02-06-2002, 04:02 AM
Raschel sits off in a corner to herself, observing her squadmates. She senses that the dark one had Force sensitivity, and perhaps the one doodling on his pad... The technician Hassany is chatting with the youngest human. Raschel notes the mischievious looks on their faces and wonders what they are up to. She considers using her superior hearing to listen in briefly, but decides against it; doing that had once nearly gotten her kicked out from the Imperial Academy. Stupid Impe...

Raschel folds her arms, sets her face, and stares at the ground. As far as she is concerned, she is the only one in the room.

02-06-2002, 02:14 PM
*Orthos decides that he will just have to make conversation*

Hey... anyone here ever flown before? I flew back with a group of escapees from Byss. Had to fight my Dad to(swears at the fact he'd let slip) ...well, anyone flown proffessionally before?

Devil Doll
02-06-2002, 02:26 PM
Hassany was talking with Jeraki when Garik called her, -too bad, I need to talk with you, cause maybe we can do very good things with the X-wings consoles-She said to Jeraki, she will talk with him later, now it´s time to go with Garik.

During the few minutes she was going to the office, Hassany remembers when her father was sent to Kessel, I´t was to difficult for her because her mother was a spy, she worked with the Imperals and she destroyed the squadron of her father, something difficult to Hassany, she was with her mother until she dies 2 years ago, then, she went with the last survivor of her father´s squadron, she hopes her father is still alive in kessel, She will save him, no matter what happens.....

In the office, Hassany looked at Garik, she doesn´t think in the other members into the office, she will only look to garik´s eyes:

did you call me sir???

Wraith 8
02-06-2002, 02:46 PM
Yes. i wanted to ask you some questions, if that is okay with you. we will go off to our new base in less than 10 hours. Are the X-wings in tip top shape?

how is your score in the simulators up to now?

Did you ever work with imperial forces before?

what do you remember from your child hood?

Do you know why i choose you for this Squadron?

How do you feel about Non humans?

What is your favorite colour?

Got any pets?

got any family left back home?

Do you have any friends?

((ooc 1: euh.. i posted the questions behind eachother.. cause it is a lot easier than making 20 posts :D. just answer them all.))
((ooc 2: euh... i just wanted to ask DD and DSS these questions got they have the charachters that i dont know much about. the rest of you i know plenty about so i will not ask you questions.))

Devil Doll
02-06-2002, 11:56 PM
Hassany listened carefully what garik said, she knows that those answers where made specailly for her cause she never talks, maybe garik asked the same questions to someone else, but he doesn´t know that.

Are the X-wings in tip top shape?
well, I only need to do some special moves in the consoles, and I can´t check the Dark Angel (the shadow´s X-Wing), but I will work on it soon.

how is your score in the simulators up to now?
my score was very good sir, I had an X-Wing in the last squadron i was, and I know how to fly in a battle

Did you ever work with imperial forces before?
my mother was a spy and she worked for the Imperial until she dies two years ago, she always show me how to obey and kill the rebels and she gave me her dark glow LS before she dies, so, I can say that I worked with the Imperial few years ago.

what do you remember from your child hood?
yes, when my father teach me how to fly and X-Wing and repair it, when my mother sent my father to Kessel, and when I made me the promisse to join a rebel squadron to free my father

Do you know why i choose you for this Squadron?
really no, I think I have something special that you need here, I hope that you can say me why am I here

How do you feel about Non humans?
Nothing bad

What is your favorite colour?
black, as you can see in my uniform

Got any pets?
No, I always travel alone, only with a draw

got any family left back home?
I hope my father is still alive in kessel....

Do you have any friends?
Like I said you, I always travel alone, My friends are dead, the last squadron I was, the squadron of my father..., I don´t have any friends, the people is afraid with me, maybe if someone talk to me I can talk, but no one tryied it...

After she finished those questions, Hassany stand up and look at garik´s eyes again:

-Sir, I have to finish my work, I hope i can finish it on time and give you an excellent X-wing, now its time to go, take a rest Sir, our party will start in 10 hours....

She left the office, Hassany needs to take her draw, put it in her X-Wing, and she doesn´t know why, but she will take the LS too.

Wraith 8
02-07-2002, 12:25 PM
((OOC: im not going to talk to you all... just continuing the tale.))

*After some talks, Ton and Garik looked tired. Garik did not have anything left to go on.*

Im bored. hey here is an idea. You go to the pilots lounge and we go and drink something and we invite Dios and Darkstar too. just a little evaluation before we go. and maybe if the other pilots are there, they might think we are so much cooler.

*Garik smiled at Ton. he smiled back.*

We have about 8 hours left. i will see you there. im going to see minister Organa and after that i will join you.

*They both got up. and went off.*

02-07-2002, 03:14 PM
* A droid comes up to Darkstar*

Droid: Sir, your presence has been requested in the pilot's lounge by Captain Garrik.

Thankyou, droid.

Interesting. The top brass want to know me but the regular pilots don't. The top obviously want me in rather than with "father"...

The Master
02-07-2002, 04:57 PM
Ton was grateful, he was growing a bit beaten down. He walked beside Garik for a little, then Garik broke off to see Minister Organa and Ton made his way for the pilotes lounge. He saw Dios and Darkstar standing off doing things. He yelled loudly for the two pilotes top come over and sit down. "Dios! Darkstar! Get over here now!" He tried to act as serious as he could. When they stood before him he ordered them to sit down. "I order you to order a drink. Now." Ton then smiled.

Dark Sad Shadow
02-07-2002, 08:38 PM
Watching ni the hangar, his Dark Wing, the shadow started to make some thinkings...
"rebellion... Empire... , why im doing this?.. Master.. help me..."

*a voice is heared in his mind...
"Shadow... my young apprentice.... i never finished your training... you only knows the beginning of the Sith...
but be careful.. there is someone who is connected to the Force..."

the shadow felt a cold in his back, and a hand streched his left shoulder...

it was Garik...

"what what is it"?

02-08-2002, 02:00 AM
In the middle of their talk Hanessy got called away. Saying goodbye to his wingmate Jekari looked around for someone else to talk to. Noticing the only non-human sitting alone he approached and offered a big friendly smile.

"Hello. I'm Jekari. Who might you be?"

Wraith 8
02-08-2002, 07:10 AM
*Garik sees the 'Shadow' in the hangar as he passed it. He looks worried. Garik walks up to him. and puts a hand on his shoulder.*

What was it?

*The 'Shadow' looked startled. in his reaction he grabbed at his blaster. But at the last moment before he grabs it he sees Garik and relaxes. And jumps to salute Garik.*

At ease 'Shadow'. is everything ok?

*Garik watched his chrono. he hadnt much time to contact minister Bail Organa.*

You know what. come with me. ill introduce you to one of the people who made the Rebbelion what it is now.

*The 'Shadow' looked at him as if he would say: NO! But he relaxed and agreed with Garik. They both walked out of the hangar toward Bail Organa's office.*

02-08-2002, 01:48 PM
Well then sir, I will order a Corellian Ale.

*Sits and drinks*

Have you heard anything of our new assignments? What's our first mission?

02-08-2002, 11:22 PM
She nodded at the order and got herself a non-alcoholic juice, sitting down with her back completely straight as she watched Darkstar and Ton. Curiousity was getting the better of her as to why she was called over to get a drink, but she pushed the thought back, staying focused, as always. Missing small things was sometimes a big mistake.

02-09-2002, 01:27 AM
Raschel was in the flight simulators, purportedly working to get accustomed to flying an X-Wing fighter rather than the TIE/ln sims she had trained in at Carida. But the real reason was that she needed to take her frustrations out on something, and sims were the only thing available for her to do so.

Turning in her simulator's cockpit, she chased simulated TIE fighters through the simulated cityscape of Coruscant, the former Imperial Center. She thought back to the interview earlier...

She had been the last to go, and Loran had looked haggard and tired. Barely looking up at her, he had proceeded to ask her a series of questions from a sheet in his hand:

"How is your score in the simulators up to now?"

Raschel hadn't paid attention to the scores, so she cited some numbers that were considered mediocre to average.

"Did you ever work with imperial forces before?"

Yes, she replied, at Carida. The Imperial Academy. Which she quit after the Imperials killed her family...

Her simulated X-Wing raced through a gigantic hulk of a burned out building. Two TIE fighters were unlucky enough to follow her...

"What do you remember from your child hood?"

....Nothing. Or nothing I want to tell you, she'd thought.

Sharp turn with the X-Wing in the ridiculouly large building, and the TIE fighters were in her sights.

"Do you know why I chose you for this Squadron?"

You didn't, I was transfered in.

The first TIE went down as blaster cannon bolts hit it's left wing, and it slammed into the empty building's floor.

"How do you feel about Non humans?" Loran had said without thinking. He'd apologized quickly and profusely, but too late.

The second TIE exploded with a blast from all four cannons at once, directly to the cockpit. Disturbingly, she could hear the dying scream of the computer-generated pilot.

"What is your favorite colour?"
Wondering if the question was a joke, she had named a color in her home tongue that didn't translate to Basic. He'd looked rather confused. Tough.

"Got any pets?"
She wondered who had designed these questions and if they had a point. No, she said.

"Got any family left back home?"

"Do you have any friends?"
Do I look like I do?

With that, she had left. One of the other humans had taken pity on her when she sat alone in the bar; she'd shoved him aside and headed for the simulators. She'd felt guilty, but then again, she didn't need his pity. Not from a human. Not from the ones who'd killed her family.

The last TIE fighter decided to play chicken with her X-Wing. Stupid move...she had shields, the TIE did not. The fighter promptly exploded as a torpedo hit it. Unfortunately, she had waited too long to fire, and the wash of the explosion shut down what remained of her fighter's shields and sent her in a downward spin toward the ground. She ejected just before her fighter exploded from impact.

The screen went blank, and the sim cockpit opened with a tired swoosh.

The Master
02-09-2002, 03:26 PM
Ton smiled as the two ordered their drinks. "Well, the reason I called you two is becuase I am curious about you newbies and would like to talk and get to know you on more of a friendly level, rather than just knowing that I am in a higher rank than you and only take my orders." Ton held his hand up to stall any comments. "I despise that type of friendship. The kind that you are forced to becuase you need to rank up by being the upper ranks 'pet'." Ton scratched his head, thinking that his words sounded jumbled up. Oh well, they are smart kids. They can figure it out.

"So how are you fine people on a fine day lik this?" He put on the largest, friendliest grin he could.

Devil Doll
02-09-2002, 06:44 PM
This is the only text that LQ and me made together, so I will start (and this is only the introduction people) :p

Hassany returns to look at Jeraki, she needs to work with Him, he was talking with one of the new recluits of the squadron.

Hassany: Jeraki! hey, finally I found you, what was you saying about computers?
Jekari: ^_^ Well you are talking to the original computer hacker. Give me enough time and caffeine and I can hack any system,
Hassany: do you prefer caffeine or chocolate, chocolate it´s better to me
Jerika: As long as it keeps me buzzed i love it.
*Hassany gives him a box of very sweet chocolates.
Hassany: what kind of guns you can add hacking the systems?
Jerika: Well they would have to be laser, or energy weapons. Or rather computer controlled. I just tap into the main controls, rework a few things, set up the commands to operate the guns and there you have it.
Hassany:mmmmmmmm the third one sounds good, maybe we need to add it, and I was thinking in a energy gun, it cut the tie fighter or anyone we´ll fight with, like a knife, and then it make a big boom. you know what i mean, but the problem its that it spends a lot of energy, it can be used just one time, and maybe we will need it to shoot it all at the same time to make a big close of the "party" can you do that, or it is a lot fot the X-Wings?
oh, almost forgot, I need some help to check th dark angel, and I can do it only with you help, let´s work.

Jeriki and Hassany went to the hangars to check the Dark angel, they hope that The shadow don´t return yet.

when they was in the hangars, the shadow was there, but he is with Garik, they walked out the hangars, a very good oportunity....

Hassany: This is our opportunity, let´s start our mission.

Jeraki smiled and went into the Dark Angel, he has a lot of wqork to do cheking what this X-Wing have, he needs to work before Hassany to make a good work in the squadron.

Wraith 8
02-09-2002, 08:00 PM
Garik and 'Shadow' walk to the door of Minister Bails office.
Garik knocks on the door. Someone yelled to come in.
Garik entered and "shadow' followed.
Bail was seated at a large desk. he looked up from his pile of paper. and Greated Garik.

So Garik. How are you today. and who is your friend?

Garik saluted Bail and sat down with 'Shadow'

'This is 'Shadow'. he is one of my best pilots. he has some force capability and i think it is usefull for my squadron.

02-10-2002, 12:06 AM
She nearly snorted in Ton's face and was very tempted to ask him if he was joking. But she bit her tongue and decided to just let Darkstar answer the questions. She wasn't here to socialize, she was here to do a job and that was all she planned on doing. Raising the juice to her lips, she downed the rest of it and stood.

"May I be excused, Sir?" She ask, resisting the urge to prop a hand up on her hip.

Wraith 8
02-10-2002, 09:42 AM
*After a short little talk to bail Organa, 'Shadow' and Garik walked towards the Pilots lounge.*

Are you going to join me for a drink? ot are you going to turn in?
You are invited off course. But it is not an order.

02-10-2002, 03:21 PM
*Turns to answer Ton's question*

Well, I'm fine. It's actually good to see the brass being friendly, sir. I didn't fit in at my last posting. Not one bit. But this squad seems like we're gonna give the empire some payback.

The Master
02-12-2002, 10:16 AM
Darkstar politly answered and was gifted with one of Ton's famous grins. "Well, yes you will fit in here, considering that we have taken an assortment of interesting people into this squadron." Ton took a big swig of his drink.

Suddenly Dios asked to be excused and Ton raised a curious eyebrow. "What is the matter Dios?" Ton stood towering over the two.

02-12-2002, 01:45 PM
I hope so, sir.
Any news on our first mission. I've only flown once before with the Alliance. I was at Renar

Devil Doll
02-12-2002, 08:44 PM
Hassany was making a diagram of the consoles, Jeraki was cheking the X-Wings, she miss the last squadron, she learned a lot of things there, how to repair everything, how to fly, hoy to respect each other.

why she is in that new squadron??? she wants to know that, but she will know it only if she talks with garik, -That´s imposible- she thougth-He is a very busy man-

she needs to make the diagram on time, she and Jeraki had few hours until the squadron went to fight, she only hopes anyone dies, and then, she started to try to remember the names of the Imperial who worked with her mother, -Will they be the same people that we will fight with????-

Wraith 8
02-13-2002, 03:05 AM
*Shadow' said he had some thing to do so he went off. Garik walked straight to the Pilots lounge. He threw the doors open and everybody looked up. He shouted:*

ODY. I ORDER YOU ALL TO HAVE A GOOD TIME. Cause your fearless leader has arrived.

*hey all looked at him as they would say: Riiiiiight! they all went on with what they were doing and ignored him further on.
Garik looked around and he saw his XO laughing at him.
He joined the table.*

Hey! bucket of bolts.... give me a Sluissi Ale.

The Master
02-13-2002, 10:10 AM
Ton was torn away from questioning Dios when the doorsa of the pilotes loung flew open. Garik came in and shouted something. For some reason this hit Garik as funny and he started to luagh like a maniac. When he thought he had enough attention, he stopped. He waved a hand for Garik to come over and sit with him. As Garik made his way over, he turned back to Dios and repeated his previous question. "What is the matter Dios? Am I that repulsive?"

02-13-2002, 02:44 PM
*Orthos instinctively salutes*

Captain at table!

Dark Sad Shadow
02-13-2002, 06:28 PM
Thinking about the drink that Garik offered The shadow, returned to the Pilots Lounge,
"ey Garik, my mistake, i really appreciate a drink..."

02-13-2002, 11:28 PM
Raschel enters the pilot's lounge through the back door, trying to appear inconspicuous. Instead, she runs smack into the pilot called the Shadow. "Uhhh...excuse me, just passing through..."

Wraith 8
02-14-2002, 12:54 PM
easy Orthos....
come on 'Shadow' sit down.
Raschel? wanna join us.
So you guys and girls. what were you talking about before i entered? anything new?

Dark Sad Shadow
02-14-2002, 02:38 PM
Well no sir... i came alone, she just stepped in my way...
looks at rachel...

I was thinking Sir, i got my R6-D6 checking the nav computer in my Dark Angel, but i think it need a repair, he was shutting off often, i think he really need mantenaince.

Garik, stared at Shadow

yeah why not. tell hassany if she can do something...

Shadow nodded but replied:

Hassany... ok, but i dont know what you think, im sure you readed my record, you should know that i was trained in the ways of the Sith, my master was killed, even that i dont know much, i can feel something strange at her...

*grabbing his LightSaber
Look Garik, this LS, was a gift of my master, he found me in Corellia when i was too young...

*turning on the LS
Once upon a time he told me that this weapon will come in handy... i dont know much Force Techniques, but i can feel some disturbances in the force, like the one i sensed when i first saw Hassany, i think she have a great potencial, and i think i can find more about the Force if i can train with her... perhaps my abilities can be useful in this mission

what do you think about this?

02-14-2002, 03:12 PM
*Othos laughs and sits down. He made a joke, and his captain seemed to like it-could this be a good omen on my way to fitting in?- he thinks*

Orthos drinks some more.

02-15-2002, 01:31 AM
*looks at the Shadow and opens her mouth as if to say something, then closes it. Then does it again *

The Master
02-15-2002, 09:35 AM
Ton was distracted from hs quetion woith Dios as he noticed that the table he had founded was gathering a large crowd. "Hey, hey! Garik, what did I tell you about bringing wild animals into the lounge? Hmmm?" Ton ****ed an eyebrow waiting for a reaction.

Wraith 8
02-15-2002, 04:55 PM
wel i thought you liked having a croud when you are making youself redicilous. Yoh! can we have some service.

Well 'Shadow'. I think she is a bit quiet. and people who are quiet have great secrets. But i talked to some people when i found her working... and she is a GREAT mechanic.... and she has some usefull slicing skills as whell.

Devil Doll
02-16-2002, 12:41 PM
Hassany and Jeraki finished their work now, 4 hours until the the fight begins, just on time,thay need to talk with all the squadron to said what they did to the X-Wings, specially with The shadow, his X-Wing was a little difficult to check, but that´s the time when Jerki worked, the COmputers maniac solved the problem and the unit that protect that X-Wing was "sleeping"...

Hassany is tired, she needs to sleep but she needs to talk with the squadron.

-Jeraki, we need to go to find the squadron, where they are?

Wraith 8
02-17-2002, 07:58 AM
*Garik looked at his little group here by the table. He sipped from his Sluisi ale. and thought about everybody here. he had chosen well he thought. But Dios looked a bit sad, a bit to serious. Garik got Dios attention and asked while no one was realy listening:*

Dios? what do you think of the group so far? think they will hold out.

*Dios thought about that and garik watched his Chrono. 4 hours to final briefing.*

02-17-2002, 09:53 AM
She looked at him in mild disbelief for a moment before wiping the expression off her face. Why was she getting picked on all of the sudden? Letting her eyes roam around for a moment, she repressed the urge to say something she'd regret and took a breath before looking back at the captain.

"It's not really my place to say, sir. I am just the medic."

02-17-2002, 11:58 AM
*Orthos, remembering his social training at the rehab centre he'd been to after escaping his father's tower on Byss. "When in large groups," the doctor had said, "try making a joke," and handed him a joke book*

Hey everybody-

Why to TIE fighters scream in space?

(Some wiseguy at the back trys to talk about Twin Ion Engines)

Because they miss their mothership!!!

*He hopes for laughter*

Wraith 8
02-17-2002, 04:30 PM
Garik thinks of the answer Dios gave him. and at the same time he heard Orthos make a joke. Garik smiled at the joke.... he heard that one before... but it was still funny to him... the problem is Dios was still staring at him while he was smiling and she didnt look happy. She must have thought iwas lauging at her. Hope she isnt angry at me. he quickly replied.

Ok... i agree with you on that. ok... other question. what is there health status? are they in good shape?

02-17-2002, 04:41 PM
She knew he was laughing about the joke, she just didn't find the joke appropriate at the time or very funny. "They seem to be in fine shape, sir, but I still don't have paperwork on the K'beran and I have yet to give her a physical since she was late." She says as cordially as possible, irritated all over again at just mentioning it.

The Master
02-17-2002, 06:27 PM
Ton giggled at the joke and sat back in his seat rubbing his temples, because he thougght a head ache was coming on. He was listening to the pilotes talk. This was one way he used to get to know people, by eaves dropping on peoples questions. Well, this really wasn't eaves dropping though since he was part of the converation.

02-18-2002, 02:46 PM
*Orthos begins to drink again. His joke had been fairly well recieved, even though he was behind on that sort of thing. Jokes wern't very popular in the Darkstar tower on Byss. All Orthos had done as a child and hear about his father's various evil plans and how he hated his brother. Orthos had just found that out recently before escaping Byss. Deac wasn't his father's cousin, but Orthos uncle. Deciding to drop that depressing chain of thought, Orthos tried to mingle in*

Anyone here ever flown the Alliance Salvage Yard Run?

Wraith 8
02-18-2002, 04:34 PM
Ok that is fine Dios. I think you are doing a great job.

*Garik turned his attention to the rest of the group and just heard Orthos' Question. Garik Raises his hand.*

I did. i had the 4th fatstest time there was. I dont know how it is these days. I lost of This new kid Wedge Antilles. he was third, he is red squadron now. they ship off to Yavin Tomorrow. the other 2 guys i dont know.
Did you fly it?

02-19-2002, 12:45 PM
After many hours working on the X-Wings a bleary eyed but grinning Jekari climbed out and stretched, several pops and cracks sounding the empty hangar as he lossed cramped muscles. Turning to Hassany his grin got bigger.

"Well hopefully everyone will like what we've done. And hopefully The Shadow won't hurt us...to much."

Snickering at his own dumb joke he did a last check. Everything seemed to be working fine. Soon, they would be out fighting. Revenge. HIs eyes narrowed and grew dark breifly before he shook his head. Enough of that for now. When he turned back to Hassany his familiar grin was firmly back in place.

"Well my friend. I beleive everyone is having a drink. Shall we join them?"

((ooc. Sorry bout taking so long to post. x_X Hopefully i can get off my lazy ass and actualy try to keep up lol))

02-19-2002, 01:33 PM
*Responding to Garrik's question*
Yes, I came 6th on the X-wing , 8th on the Z-95 and I set a first record for TIE advanced on the simulator.

Devil Doll
02-19-2002, 02:25 PM
Hassany was tired, but she agree with Jeraki and both went to find the others, she need to know a bit more of the squadron, maybe one of them will save her, so, she needs to know all aouth them,

-Let`s go sweetie, we need to relax now cause the fight will start soon, let`s go...-

Hassany and Jeraki went to the cantina, she hopes she can know somehting anout the squadron...

Wraith 8
02-19-2002, 06:04 PM
wow! that is good Orthos. i only went with the X-wing. but i did try a run in this new craft. Jan... er...... General Dodonna is making a new craft. he thinks of calling it an A -wing... but i think it must have another name than that. it was far from finished tho... but they liked to test it.. and look if it would be good for this squadron. i wasnt realy to happy about it. a bit to uncontrolable. But he is perfecting it as we speak... i hear he is gonna be lead on Yavin.

*Garik heard a door open and Hassany and Jekari came walking in. they looked around.*

Hey Hassany! Jekari? over here. come sit down.

*Garik turned his attention to Orthos once more.*

So did you ever fly a TIE i for real?

02-20-2002, 02:13 PM
*Orthos has possibly let too much slip. But he could never really lie very well, a trait his father dispised in him*


Some of us have flown with the Imps before. So did I.

I was one of the Darkstar Knights on Byss. We all flew TIE Advanceds.

Wraith 8
02-20-2002, 03:43 PM
*Garik nodded his head in apreciation.*

Impressive. most impressive. Weill i once flown a TIE fighter in my younger days. They have some qualities... but id rather go with something that has shields.
Euh. Willy?

*The serving droid turned to Garik and didnt look happy.*

[droid] Sir. i dont believe your being proper. For a senior officer i would have expected better behavior. My designation is W-1L and not Willy.

Yeah whatever Willy. Give me another Sluissi Ale.

*The droid nodded and angry turned away from the group. Garik looked at the face Orthos made.*

Sorry, but i dont like droids that much. when i was young some almost killed me. they were programmed to kill me. so since then i have a dispice for droids. almost all.... except for my R2 unit.

*Orthos Nodded.*

Devil Doll
02-20-2002, 05:41 PM
*Hey Hassany! Jekari? over here. come sit down.

Hassany looked to all the people in the bar, the squadron looks a little bit serious, only Garik and Orthos were talking

- I see that our squadron is now like an old family, no one talk to each other and no one seems to be familiar to anyone- she said with a softly voice, no one hears what she said.

She does not feel comfortable there, someone were looking her and she felt it, she don´t like that...

-Sir, I do not want to be the bad one in this meeting, but we have 3 hours until the battle and i need to know how the new assignments will be, I´m a little bit nervous, this is my first battle without any member of first squadron, I need to know everything about this mission and I´m asking you to say us something about this, at least, tell us 1 hour until the battle, can you?

She smiled to Garik and went to the next sit she saw, someone called Raschel was there, so she went with her and talk

-Hey, hello, I´m Hassany, and you?

02-20-2002, 11:15 PM
*to herself* I guess I'd better try getting along with these humans...if I am to fly with them. *looks up* My name is Raschel Sheire. It is a pleasure to meet you. *she extends her hand as human custom required*

Wraith 8
02-21-2002, 06:02 AM
Garik smiled at the honesty Hassany had. He loved it when people were honest and to the point. just before she sat Garik answered.

Well Hassanny. In 4 hours we take of. In 3 hours we have a final briefing before we go. and there you will hear everything.

Hassany seemed to understand and sat down. Garik saw that she was sitting next to Raschel. the alien was quiet, but Hassany began talking to her.

Euh... if you all would excuse me. I have some things to attend to and maybe get an hour rest or so. Goodday to you all.

Garik walked away from the rest and went to his quarters. he undressed and went to bed. he set his timer for 2 hours. When you are with the Rebellion... you can get used to lesser sleep, he thought to himself. he quickly fell asleep.

02-21-2002, 03:02 PM
*Orthos, hearing that it's 3 hours until briefing, decides to try out the simulator. He uploads the same battle: Renar.
A civilian starship suspected of harbouring rebels is being attacked by the ISD Darksword. Every time Othos plays this scenario the escape pods from the transport are always destroyed or captured.

Orthos flies towards the weapons systems. He is becoming better at predicting and dodging laser fire.

The Comm opens:

"All rebel ships, this is Lord Syrnl Darkstar. Surrender or die horribly."

Not today, father Orthos says to himself. He fires all of his torpedoes at the weapons system. It explodes in a huge eruption, heavily damaging Orthos' X-Wing. The starship escapes, and Orthos makes it out.

Now, he feels truly ready to fly*

The Master
02-21-2002, 03:22 PM
Garik talked on with the pilotes as Ton's headache grew to an all time high. The talk that was going on around the table now was just babble to Ton. He stood up carefully on unsteady legs.

"I think I am going to med lab for several moments... I'll catch up with you guys." He turned around and hobbled out of the pilotes lounge.

02-23-2002, 02:21 PM
*Orthos, having not slept for some time, and with no chance to do so in the near future, takes some Wake pills and a book to the briefing room and waits*

Wraith 8
02-27-2002, 05:15 PM
*the alarm of his chrono was already stopped. it went off some 20 minutes ago. Garik was ready to go to work. he grabbed his comlink. watched the chrono. 1 hour until departure.
he activated the comlink and punched some numbers. a klick sound went to his own room threw the speakers in the ceiling. he avtivated the com system over the whole training area.*

<h3>Al personell of Wraith Squadron, please listen up. This is Commander Garik Loran. We have final briefing before our mission in 10 minutes. please all go to the briefing room right now.</h3>

*Garik had worked out the numbers of the flight teams before the briefing and was now on his way to clear them for the pilots.*

Dark Sad Shadow
02-28-2002, 12:00 PM
Checking his personal things the Shadow listened to the announcement:

at last, i was getting impatient

*talking to his R6D6

R6., prepare the Dark Angel to full Capacity, i want lassers and shield charged

R6 replied

Ok, its time to payback

The Master
02-28-2002, 02:31 PM
Ton was returning from the med lab after taking some pain killers when Garik's voice boomed the announcement. Ton forwned, the voice of his commander was only making his head throb more. He shrugged and made his way to the breifing room. His deepest hope was that the head ache wouldn't surface anytime on the mission. It could possibly mean his death.

02-28-2002, 02:47 PM
*Orthos reads his book while the other members of his squadron arrive*

Wraith 8
02-28-2002, 04:55 PM
*Garik enters the briefing room. everybody was already there, except for Ton Phanan. Garik walked up to the center when Ton entered. he didnt look so good. He looked at Ton, but Ton shook his head as if he were saying not to ask. The junior Lieutenant Orthos put away his book.
Garik cleared his Throat.*

Goodmorning pilots! Today is the day we leave for our base on the planet of Bimmisaari. I know that we were planning on another planet, but we had a change in plans. I also changed the numbers on you. i wanted an officer on each flight group. Ill read the changes to you:
Me, Captain Garik Loran. Wraith one or Wraith leader.
Executive Officer Ton Phanan. Wraith two.
Engineer Hassany. Wraith three.
Junior lieutenant Orthos Darkstar. You are now Wraith four.
Flightofficer Racshel Sheire. Wraith five
Flightofficer Jekary Duran. Wraith six.
Medical officer Charlie Dios. Wraith seven.
Flightofficer 'Shadow'. Wraith eight.
Flightofficer Kyle d'Tana. Wraith nine.
Everybody got that??

*He got nods all over the room.*

OK. now flight groups. We will have 3 flight groups.
One flight: ill lead that. Ton and Hassany? you are in that.
Two flight: Orthos will lead that. Racshel and Jekary are in that.
Three flight: Charlie will lead that. Kyle and 'Shadow will be in that.

when in combat.. we have to break by pairs. the problem is that we have one pilot short.
so i have decided... that Hassany will join Ton and me when we braik in pairs.
so wingmates are:
Ton, Hassany and me.
Orthos and Racshel.
Jekary and Charlie.
'Shadow and Kyle.

Ok. So much for the pilot planning. the mission at hand.
We have to stop an Imperial facility that is producing new kind of Mech destroyers. they are called AT-ST's. its a hidden base and it is believed to be a stormtrooper academi. we have also heard of a new kind of mech.. named AT-AT. it is still far in its development stage. We have to infiltrate the base and copy all plans on the new mech. we are also needed to blow up the facility. Its going to be tough. and first we need to raid the place a bit more.

On our way to our fall out base we are asked to make a hit and run on an Imperial convoy. it is believed that this convoy is suplying a new project of the imperials. We have to lay it dead.
it is protected by a victory class Star destroyer and Carack class cruiser. they carry a total of 4 squadrons of TIE fighters. so 48 fighters. we have to take out the the 4 big cargo ships. i want 3 flight to take care of the Cargo ships.
1 and 2 flight will fly cover for them. all fighters on our side has 12 proton torpedo's.
so i think we have enough power to make such a run.

ok... any questions? no?
everybody hit your fighters. we are leaving emidiatly.

03-02-2002, 05:13 AM
*as the other pilots disperse to the hangar, Raschel heads for the medical office to deposit her medical records. She'd forgotten to turn them in earlier. Not that the records were very accurate anyway; they listed a quite a few health problems invented by her unpleasant former superiors. They'd intended to disqualify her from flying for the Alliance...so much for that.*

03-02-2002, 02:46 PM
*Orthos was thrilled. He was leader of 2 flight! His friendly rehab doctor was right-he could make it in this universe. He decided that he'd probably better get aquianted with the members of his flight. Raschel in particular. You always were fimilar with your wingmate. With the Darkstar Knights, they were like brothers.
Orthos makes his way over to Raschel*

Hi, I'm your wingmate. I just wanted to say "Good Luck" and that I'm happy to be flying with you.

Devil Doll
03-03-2002, 02:41 PM
Hassany was a little bit scared, she talked to some members of the squadron, but she does not know anythign about her wingmates, and they´re the captains of the squadron.

anyway, she feels comfortable, the experts will be with her, she´s ready and waiting anything, the party is beggining now.

The Master
03-04-2002, 04:18 PM
Th headache had cleared out and Ton was able to focus again on what was needed to be done. Also he returned to his jokeful self. He was walking quickly down to the hanger and lifted his com link to call down to his driod in side his X-Wing, The Knight. "Hey Puck! Get those engines fired up I'll be down in several minutes." Several whistles came back through the link to confirm the command.

He smiled imagining the little dome top R2 droid swivling it's head around surveying the engines from it's purch on the X-Wing.

03-05-2002, 01:48 PM
*Orthos recieves no reply, but sees in his wingmate's eyes that she understands and hopes he comes back.He climbs into his X-wing and loads up his torps*

R2Q3: Bleepblip!

So, your my R2 unit. I'm Orthos. Do you have a nickname?

R2Q3: Bzzt!Bleep!

Chromedome? If you insist... Domey.

03-07-2002, 12:57 AM
*Raschel climbs into her X-Wing's cockpit. This will be my first time actually flying one of these, she thought. Hope they're as good as they are in the sims. Her fighter's R5 unit bleeped at her in a friendly way. Maybe this won't be so bad, she thought.

Wraith 8
03-07-2002, 06:44 AM
*Garik climbed up his fighter. his R2-unit, nicknamed DINN, was bleeping happily*

Nice to see you to Dinn. did you start up the whole fighter?

*Dinn responded a confirm*

ok. lets do this.

*Garik strapped himself in. he punched the button for the repulsorlifts and the X-wing took off. he carefully hitted the acceleration rudder. and he went out into the air.*

Ok. Wraith leader has left the hangar. Skies are clear and space is also clear. Wraith 2 and 3 on me. 2 and 3 flight behind us. i want a triangle flight. we are heading for space.

03-07-2002, 03:01 PM
*Orthos retracts his landing gear and flys out of the hangar. The skies are clear and it's a great day to fly.
But a bad day to die.*

This is Wraith 4, standing by.

03-07-2002, 11:16 PM
*behind Orthos, Raschel's fighter flies out of the hangar. Good, it handles just like in the sims. "All systems in the green. Wraith Five standing by," she says into the comm system.

The Master
03-10-2002, 03:39 PM
After some last minutes, procrastinated seconds, Ton pulled out of the hanger and up behind Garik. "Wraith 2 reporting in"

Wraith 8
03-15-2002, 11:54 AM
*Garik watched his scope to see al Wraiths come right behind him.
Garik switched his com to squadron frequentie.*

Ok, listen up Wraith's. our first Hyper space jump is near Kashyyyk. The convoy goes threw there. ok people. form up on flight groups and punch it. Ton? wait 10 seconds after we all jump to hypersapce. i dont want anyone to leave behind. ok all punch it.

*Gariks fighter jumped into a stream of stars.*

Dark Sad Shadow
03-15-2002, 10:49 PM
being a little late:
sorry to be late, but it seems that my Dark Angel got some modifications... i dunno what happened... R6 D6, are you ok? The Shadow Standing By

Wraith 8
03-16-2002, 10:59 AM
*Garik was ready to kick some asses. he looked at his chrono. only one hour untill they all would drop out of hyperspace. he was a bit nervous*

03-17-2002, 12:16 AM
If there was one thing Raschel didn't like, it was hyperspace travel alone in a fighter. It was so...quiet. Quiet made her think, which was something she didn't want to do at the moment. Too distracting from what she should be focussing on.

03-17-2002, 11:47 AM
*Orthos wondered what his father was doing. Probably something evil and for his own purpose. He hated hyperspace, it was so boring. Nothing to do, but thankfully only another hour to go. He'd slept some of the jump, and had then takne more wake pills. He was going to need them.*

The Master
03-18-2002, 04:00 PM
Tonwaited until all of the needed craft had gone to hyperspace to make sure that everyone made it safely. They did to his satisfaction.

He quickly finished his modifications for hyperspace and pressed the button. His astromech droids beeped something confirming that they made it to hyperspace successfully. Now he leaned back and relaxed. He might as well make himself comfortable.

Quietly Ton's stomach growled.

Wraith 8
03-18-2002, 05:33 PM
((OOC: moving this story ahead abou 15 hours. so we get over the dull hyperspace jump))

*After 14 hours and 57 minutes, Garik went into his battle mode. well mentally anyway. he looked at the timer where the seconds ticked away. he set the com frequentie open to squad mode. He went over his enemies in his head.

2 minutes. was every body ready? he heard nothing from Ton that there was any problem.

1 minute. the tension was rising. soon there would be an Imperial Victory Star Destroyer and a Carack class cruiser with a total of 48 Ties against them. it was an unfair fight... but he had some hotshots in his squad who could handle it well.

5 seconds. the Ties would be destroyed in a wave of proton torpedo's.


Garik pulled the handle back and the stars went from lines to dots. And there in fron of him were 8 bulk cruisers, for frigates, 1 Vict. Star Destroyer and a lot of Ties.
Wait a minute....... where was the Carack class cruiser.*

This is lead i have visual on the star destroyer. They are launching Ties. no sight of the Carack cruiser. maybe he will come later on. so one squad of Ties less to deal with. 3 flight! take care of those Haulers and freighters. 1 and 2 flight on me. switch to proton torpedo's and take your pick out of the Ties.

03-19-2002, 01:54 PM
*Orthos picks his target, Beta 7, and fires his torpedo. It explodes it a ball of fire and debris*

Two flight! You heard what he said! Get flying!

*Orthos has just made his first kill for the squadron*

03-20-2002, 03:07 AM
*Raschel maneuvers her fighter so that she is on Orthos' wing, and switches to proton torpedo targeting systems*

Want to save the torps for the most dangerous targets...like the bombers and the new LN fighters...and any more advanced TIEs.

Her displays alerted her to a full squadron of new TIE bombers, armed to the teeth. But flying far too closely together. Raschel smiled a little grimly. Fatal mistake. Imperial stupidity.

Her R2 unit announced the lock with shrill beeping. FLASH! Two torpedos streaked through space and detonated into the hull of the middle bomber. It's full payload of explosives detonated brilliantly, hitting the other members of the squadron. Suddenly, the six-fighter squadron was down to two.

And they had barely engaged. Maybe this would be easier then she had thought.

And then, three Carrack cruisers flashed into existence from the bowels of hyperspace not ten klicks away.

Wraith 8
03-20-2002, 07:57 AM
*Garik saw the Carck cruisers and felt the horror build up inside him. He switched his com to squad frequentie.*

Wraiths? we have some serious problems. 3 flight has taken down 4 freighters. but i think this convoy is hotter then high command thought. Our Hyper point is behind those freighters.
I want 1 and 3 flight to go after the remaining freighters. 2 flight. coverb our back. dont go close to the caracks.... warn me when it gets to hot.
Go Wraiths,.. and may the force be with you!

The Master
03-20-2002, 04:14 PM
Ton reverted from hyperspace to find his squadron already in deep combat. He imediatly jumped into the action and gave a quick message to Garik. He started after a tie that had buzzed by him heading after another of Ton's commrades. He grinned and shot a lazer at it. It flew passed the tie harmlessly.

"Ah, so a wize guy." Ton wispered. "He took the wrong turn." Ton fell in behind the tie, but the pilot of the eyeball didn't notice him yet. The enemy was to involved with the other X-Wing still. "Let's see if you notice this." He locked his lazer cannons on dual shot and pressed the trigger.

The lazer burned through the tie's solar panels, shearing them clear off. The tie was only a ball now, soaring endlessly through space. He quickly shot another lazer blast, finishing off the tie.

"Who's next on my long hit list today?"

Wraith 8
03-20-2002, 04:58 PM
Glad to have you with us Wraith 2.

*Garik was on his way to afreighter. locked his Toprs on to them and flashed out 2 of them. he waited 3 seconds and fired another 2. He then evaded a Tie interceptor (squint) The 2 first torps took out the shields and damaged a piece of the hull. then the other 2 ate threw the hull and blasted it way into the engine rooms. The freighter exploded in a briliant light.
The squint positioned his self behind Garik and fired a few shots. 1 of the shots hit his aft shields but they stayed up.*

Dinn?! see if you can boost the power to the shields.

*Dinn complied and Garik slowed down just a little bit so the squint would catch up and than went to normal speed. the squint was right behind him and then Garik was starting a loop and shutted down his engine The squint blasted over his x-wing while Garik powered to full again. he targetted the Squaint. it was bobbing and turning. Garik went for a missle lock. The he fired a torp to the squint and it evaded at the last moment. but it evaded in the wrong direction.... cause he got in the fire of Ton Phanans fire.*

Nice shot 2! thanks.

03-22-2002, 01:15 AM
Raschel's X-Wing danced among the TIE fighters, slicing them to pieces with blaster bolts. The new ln fighters weren't all they were cracked up to be, obviously. But there were a few TIEs of a new type that Raschel recognized as Interceptor class. These were deadly, maneuverable and faster-moving than anything Raschel had seen except the Alliance's newest fighter-in-development, the A-Wing. Fortunately, there were only a few of these "squints".

A bomber popped up on Raschel's tail as she finished off it's buddy. It had an excellent pilot---it actually managed to stay behind her. Its plasma bolts smashed into her aft shields, rocking her fighter. Oh, so you wanna play hard, huh? I can fix that. She called to her astromech. "Silver! Does this craft have countermeasures loaded?" The astromech bleeped an affirmative. "Good." She pressed the appropriate button, at the same time slowing down so rapidly that the TIE bomber almost ran into her. A cloud of chaff shot from the back of her fighter and erased the pilot's visibility. Predicting where he would instinctively move, she jerked the craft hard and caught the bomber in her crosshairs. Two linked blasts vaporized its hull and the remains spiraled off into space and exploded just as the pilot ejected. Nine kills in seven minutes, five dupes and three eyeballs. Not bad at all for my first time in a *real* X-Wing. She pulled her fighter up and reoriented herself.

I wonder where the rest of the squadron is? Could they have gotten sidetracked that badly?

((OOS: dupes = bombers, right? :D just making sure))

03-22-2002, 01:31 AM
From behind Rascheal there came loud and bright explosion as the other fighter trailing her was blown to peices. Her com crackled and Jekaris bright voice chirped over it.

"Am I fashionably late?" he asked. "Fighter off to your port side about 3 oclock Ras. "

Having given her the info Jekari focused his attention on the battle at hand. Adrenaline coursed through his veins. THIS is what he's been waiting for. Those enemy fighters can kiss their tails goodbye. Doing a quick check to make sure the modifications he and Hassany built into the X-Wings were in working order he typed in a command. Now they were ready to be activated should the need arise.

((OOC= :D So much for posting more ne? it's late and I hope this is good. If not i can always edit it. Later daze everyone!))

03-22-2002, 02:15 AM
Raschel jerked port and vaporized the tailing eyeball. Thanks, Jekari, she said into her comm. Silver bleeped at her. What was that?, she said, looking at ther console. Something's wrong with my blaster cannons?

Wraith 8
03-23-2002, 04:23 PM
*Garik was behind one of the last freaighters and he only had about 4 torps left. he decided to save them just in case. He set his fire to lasers. he set the lasers to dual and fired away at the freighter. The sensors showed that the shield were gonna go down and at the end of Gariks run they went down. Hassany was right behind Garik and followed him in. She fired in the same path as Garik did and damaged the freighter heavaly. Ton was a click behind that and finished of the freighter.*

*Then Garik heard Raschel yell something like:'Something's wrong with my blaster cannons?'*

*Garik keyed his com to point at Raschel*

Wraith 5 this Wraith Leader. Whats wrong? are you ok?

*Garik saw an eye-ball come in his path and he keyed his fire to quad and fired. The TIE fighter exploded brilliantly.*

3 flight!? finish the last 2 freighters and jump to these coordinates im sending you! Dinn send the jump coordinates to 3 flight. Wraith 5? if you got a problem follow 3 flight out of here.
Wraith 2!? take Wraith 3 out of here as fast as the Ties let you. 2 flight?! Im on my way to you. try to hold the Ties of your wingmates. if you are safe, Head for the hyper piont.

03-26-2002, 04:26 PM
[Comm] All right, bucketheads! No-one blasts MY wingmate on our first mission!

*Orthos fires, sweeping laser fire over two of thge interceptors*

All right 2 Flight! We still have to cover the others. The person who vapes the least TIEs buys the drinks!

Wraith 8
03-27-2002, 06:55 AM
((OOC: we lost a couple of posts. So the Master... you have to post it again))

Devil Doll
03-27-2002, 04:58 PM
Hassany was behind wriat 2, she was a little bit lost and she does not what she will do now with her x wing and the shields, she just recieve orders and go with wraith 2.

(sorry, Im very lost, i will edit it later maybe)

03-27-2002, 06:04 PM
*Orthos fires, clearing Wraith 5's back. He then notices that he's got troubles of his own: Two interceptors on his tail.*

Damn it!

*Orthos cuts the throttle and watches the Interceptors fly ahead of him. He fires and the fighters explode in clouads of fire and debris*

That's why you shoul get shields, Bucketheads!

Wraith 8
03-28-2002, 10:51 AM
*garik was trying to reach 2 flight. but he had enormous trouble to get threw. Suddenly there was warning that somebody was trying to get a missle lock on him. Garik started to bounce around to get rid of the missle lock*

DINN! find me the bomber that is getting a lock on me.

*Than chirped a warning. it wasnt a bomber that was trying to get a lock, it was a TIE advanced. Then Dinn chirped another warning. Just infront of him 6 TIE advanced came out of hyperspace. This was not good. Then a voice came over the com.
It started with a weird kind of breathing. Than a Dark voice came threw the speaker. It was Lord Vader.

Darth Vader:
Aliance fighters! I will let you go if you give me the location of your rebel base. If not, you will be destroyed.

Dinn!? Is Vader in the TIE behind me??

*Dinn chirped confirming. Man... Vader tried to shoot him out of excitence. Garik still tried to dodge the lock. He keyed his com to broadcasting to everybody.*

This is Garik Loran, Wraith Leader of Wraith Squadron of the alliance. Im sorry to say to you that i dont realy feel like giving up.
sorry. Would you be so kind to drop the missle lock on me cause im getting a bit sea sick of dodging around.

Darth Vader:
So you are the fighter infront of me. Impressive, most impressive.((OOC: couldnt resist :D)) But you will not live to tell your friends that you escaped a missle lock from Darth Vader. I will kill you.

We will see Vader. There is only one thing i wanted to ask you. Do use the force to scratch your back? cause i have this little spot on my back i can never reach!

*Garik heard a laughter come threw the speaker of some of the Wraiths. But Vader didnt reply. Garik put his com to squadron frequency.*

Wraiths!? the freighters and haulers are destroyed, good work 3 flight and 1 flight, and i think it is time to leave. i left a message in all of your astromech units. u can open them with your call sign. there you will find a navigation course. follow it. there you will get another course from your astromech unit and we will regroup after that. Good luck getting out of here Wraiths. And may the Force be with you!

*Garik switched his com to a private channel while dodging a laser blast*

Wraith 2?! did you get Wraith 3 out? cause she isnt that experienced. I have my hands full right now... we will regroup at our base.

*Garik made a tight loop and went straight for one of the TIE advanced, he linked his fire to quad and then set it on torps. he locked on to one wild dodging TIE advanced and fired. Then switched back to lasers and full throttled behind the TIE. He hit the TIE with his quad ;aser but it reppeld the lasers good... it didnt get detroyed... then Garik saw a blue streak to his left. Then a large explosion. He flew threw debries of the TIE advanced infront of him. The torpedo he launched caught up with the TIE while Garik was shooting it. Garik pointed his fighter toward where Raschel was*

03-29-2002, 04:38 PM
*Orthos decides to use this oportunity to hus advantage before preparing to hyper out*

Vader? Tell Lord Syrnl Darkstar his SON destroyed several of your fighters today. And use throat sweets!!!!

The Master
03-30-2002, 06:16 PM
Ton just received the message to meet up with the wounded Wraith 3. He quickly sped toward Wraith three, aware that a tie was starting to fall in behind him. Quickly Ton looped around, cuaseing the tie to over shoot him. Ton played with the tie for a second before falling in behind and shooting some lazers through the enemy cock pit. Ton then resumed his flight for Wraith 3.

"Wraith 3, this is Wraith 2! I have come to assist you."

A second later Garik's buzzed voice came back in, "Wraith 2?! did you get Wraith 3 out? cause she isnt that experienced. I have my hands full right now... we will regroup at our base. "

"Yes sir I am with him now. Don't worry about us. I'll get him out. No problem."

Devil Doll
04-01-2002, 03:40 PM
Hassany received the message of wraith 2, she was confused in that fight, and she doesn´t understand why she act in that form to look with few experience.

-In the last squadron I was i didn´t act in this form, what happens to me?-she asked- i need to change inmediatly or i will die-

"Wraith 3, this is Wraith 2! I have come to assist you."

-the little and bad pilot is dead now- hassany understand that now she will have help until she can show how good is she, but it wont be soon.

-Wraith 2, this is Wraith 3, thanks for the help.

she received the message of garik and open the astromech unit, and talk to her R2 unit.

-Gir (as she call it) its time to back now, look at the map, its our next place...

( I think i need to sleep more to write good)

Dark Sad Shadow
04-02-2002, 02:07 AM
*Seconds after Garik Transmission.

The Shadow appeared behind Garik
Feeling alright sir? im sorry for my wasted time, but i found some interesting things in my way here

*Garik Heard the conversation

Ill tell you all what i have to say in the base, Shadow´s over

Wraith 8
04-02-2002, 06:43 PM
l i got a little cooked back there but im ok Wraith 8. Shields has dropped to 20% front and 35% back. My R2 unit is up and running and i have 4 TIE fighters infront of me. and i just saw that a TIE advanced is getting on my tail. im trying to get my shields back to strength.
I still havent heard from Wraith 5. She is flying around but without firing and without comunicating. so if you could help me out here to let her know what is going on.

*Garik put his com to adress Orthos*

Wraith 4?! can you try to get to Wraith 5?! try to see if she is ok.
Dinn?! try to make a lynk with her astromech and give her all the instructions to get out of here.

*Dinn squeeked confirmingly and Garik went back to dodging laser blasts from the Advanced. It was hard to survive without a wingmate by your side. One of the TIE fighters was going Head on with Garik. This was not looking good. A couple of blasts and the shields would be out. Garik decided he was going to role the entire time. Garik made hi fighter spin toward the TIE and it kept firing at Garik but missed. then Garik linked his lasers to quad, and shot one shorth burst and the TIE exploded in front of Garik. Garik didnt want more damage and pulled away from the debries. aT same moment he pulled out, a green blast fired at the place he just was when he pulled out. that was mopre than luck.*

04-04-2002, 07:02 AM
*at Silver* Silver! What's wrong with my blaster cannons? bleep bleep brrreep You don't know what's wrong with them? beep beeeeep *shocked* You've disabled them?!? Have you gone crazy?

A Carrack cruiser loomed in front on Raschel in her shocked lapse of attention. Her shields took the brunt of a full turbolaser blast and went down sharply. Silver! What are you doing? Her R2 unit beeped back that they were being scanned. By what? she demanded. With a few more beeps, it answered a life form identifier. Why? Re-enable my blasters dammit! At that moment, an ion bolt managed to hit the side of her X-Wing. For some reason, the Carrack appeared to be trying to capture her now. What was left of the shields took most of the blast, but her communications system fizzled out. Now she couldn't call for help or fight back---she could only evade.

04-04-2002, 04:44 PM
Wraith 5, come in!

Chromey, get me a lock on 5.

*The computer displays Wraith 5 and the Carrack cruiser that is firing on her*

Pick out the nearest live turret and lock on.

*Orthos fires his last torpedo. The gunner does not notice it until the turret is engulfed by flames. Several of the other turrets now target Orthos*

Where's a mag pulse when you want one!

Wraith 8
04-05-2002, 06:22 AM
*Gariks sensors showed that Raschels fighter was only able to evade. Garik lost the Advanced on his tail so he headed right on Rascel. he made sure she saw him and he blinked his landing lights in Alliance light code. He blinked the same message for some time.*

I S Y O U R R 2 U N I T O K

*He repeated several time. then a blast hit is shield that had just come up to 40 percent each. and now dropped back to 34 percent aft. Garik evaded again and saw that it was the TIE advanced again. He looped around to get behind but the Advanced mimicked his movement. He evaded to the right and fired a shot at a passing bomber. the bomber exploded and garik went right past the explosian and emidiatly rurned a left loop. The Tie adavanced went right threw the explosion and didnt locate Garik. Garik then got behond the Advanced and linked his fire to dual shot. he fired at random hoping to hit something. The adavanced noticed it too late. and got his Aft shield shot up by Garik it hasttly got away. Garik went back to Raschel and repeated the questions.*

04-05-2002, 06:07 PM
*Orthos thinks back and remembers a tatic used by the Darkstar Knights*

Chromey, shields all foreward!

Now... get a hyperspace fix on the other side of the Carrack

Chromey: Bleep!Blirt!Blip!

I know it's a risk, but the damage to our shields won't be so bad and it'll mess up the inside of that cruiser!

(OOS: This is possible. I hypered through the exploding Tibanna station on the first rebel training mission of XWA)

*Orthos jumps to hyperspace...*

04-05-2002, 06:52 PM
*Raschel didn't recognize what Garik was trying to signal until it was almost too late. She caught the last part: "I V E O K I S Y O U R R 2 U N I T O K " She signalled back "N O" while evading more ion bursts from the one Carrack that seemed to single her out.

She glanced to her side in time to see a very strange sight. Orthos' fighter made a hyper jump---right through one of the Carrack cruisers. It transisted from realspace just as it pased through the Carrack. The hapless cruiser promptly exploded, and Orthos was gone into hyperspace, dead or alive she didn't know.*

Wraith 8
04-08-2002, 07:18 AM
*Garik sees Orthos go into hyperspace and the carack exploded.
Garik felt his gut turn cold. Orthos.... he was gone... but did he make it. he looked on his sensor board. almost half the Wraiths had gone to hyperspace. Raschel was still evading.

Then suddenly an interdictor cruiser dropped out of hypersapce. They were in deep you know what. It activated the cones of dead space.... they were not going any where.... and then something amazig happened. In front of him an entire fleet of Warships came out of hyperspace. but it werent imperials. by the looks of it.... it were Hapan War ships. Garik had encountered one when he was trading in theyre space. The imperials thought they were keeping the rebels here... but they drew the Hapans out of hyperspace when they were passing threw.The Hapans were confused at a point in where they were. but quickly saw what was going on and attacked the Imperials. The Imperials were outnumbered... but for how long. this might be a good time to sneek away. Garik tried another pass of Raschel. he blinked his lights again. F O L L O W M E.
he repeated it again. F O L L O W M E.
He set his comsignal to squad frequentie.*

This is Wraith one to all Wraiths who didnt leave the scene yet. Follow me in flight groups out of here. we are gonna get away while the imps are fighting the Hapan. We dont want to get mixed up onto this fight. Kasshyyk is a long way from here and i dont know how long it will take to get there.... but we have to let the grip of the interdictor slip. lets first get out of here.

Dark Sad Shadow
04-08-2002, 03:57 PM
listening to Garik, The Shadow, got an idea

R6, all comlinks open
R6 nodded

Ok, Wraiths, Garik has given another chance of supervivence, but we all know that we cant enter the hyperspace while that interdictor is here
All nodded

Wait guys, i receive an strange signal....

The Shadow felt a cold air in his back...
NO.! THATS IMPOSIBLE!!!!! how.. how...

A functional prototype of one Super Star Destroyer entered the Area...

Guys this is bad, when i was training with my master i heared about that Destroyer, its a very destructive weapon, even my master, working for the empire feared that thing... what should we do?

04-08-2002, 06:21 PM
*In a flash of light, Orthos' X-Wing returns to realspace. He made it...*

Yeeehaw! Put one Carrack on the Killboard! Oh...

*Orthos notices the interdictor and the prototype SSD. It looks bad...*

[Comm] Sir! I have an idea. We have about 2 minutes before the grav generators on the interdictor kick in. We could try to hyper out now, through it if needs be. We have to report this new ship back to alliance command.

*Unfortunatley, things will get worse for Orthos*

Comm from Prototype: This is Lord Syrnl Darkstar... I got your message...son... but you're no son of mine....

04-09-2002, 03:19 AM
Ion blasts slammed into the top of Raschel's struggling fighter, knocking out her shields but effectively frying her somewhat disturbed R2 unit in the process. Suddenly, she regained full control of her fighter.

Ironically, her comm systems chose that moment to come back online.

What she heard made her jump. What Orthos was suggesting was suicidal. Sure, he'd made it once, but hypering through a Star Destroyer was not high on her recommended list of things to do.

Then she heard the voice from the Super Star Destroyer --- the Super Star Destroyer. She wheeled her fighter and stared in awe at the expanse of starship looming in front of her. It was unlike anything she'd ever seen. I heard rumors of ships like this at the Academy...no way they could be true...

04-09-2002, 04:22 PM
*Orthos becomes enraged. Trying not to let his father get to him, he enages to the comm*

People! We have about 90 seconds to hyper out of here. We can try a random vector or hyper through the interdictor back along the regualr hyperlines. Come on! Decide in the next 30 seconds!

And as for you, father I am your son, and I intend to do as much damage to the Empire as I can. What an embarressment to have your son in the Rebel Alliance!

Syrnl: I'll deal with you myself. Darkstar Knights, prepare for launch...

Wraith 8
04-10-2002, 06:51 AM
((OOC: euh.... some posts back i said that there were Hapan war ships coming out of hypersapce. they are fighting the imps now. If you dont know who the Hapan people are: read The Courtship of Princes Leia.))

*Garik was getting very mad. What was so important about this stupid convoy that the imps would get out this sort of material to catch us. The Hapan warships were hammering the SSD, it was too busy to go after the rebel forces. Raschel was near Garik.*

Wraith 5! Wraith leader. i see you have your com back up. do you have Hyperdrive? repeat, do you have hyperdrive?

04-11-2002, 02:09 AM
Raschel stared in awe at the massive super Star Destroyer. The Hapan ships were being annihilated by it. They didn't stand a chance. The sight distracted her enough that she almost didn't hear Garik's frantic calling over the comm. Yes, I do have hyperdrive...are we retreating? What about the Hapans?

Wraith 8
04-11-2002, 04:30 AM
well the Hapans arent our allies here... if we would go into theyre space they WOULd space us.... i think they are the ultimite distraction for us.. we are out of here.

04-11-2002, 03:43 PM
Then let's get the hell outta here!

*Nav buoy appears 1 klick away*

Catch you at Kasshyyyk....

Next time, father.....

*Orthos hypers out*

04-12-2002, 04:20 AM
*Raschel hypers out right behind him*

Dark Sad Shadow
04-13-2002, 02:40 PM
R6, my hyper is not working, check if you can do something..
*a T/A come after the Shadow´s Dark Angel, anf start firing at him...


The shadow hypers out.,..

Devil Doll
04-15-2002, 05:01 AM
Hassany arrives to the place Garik said, she was to angry to chech all the things in her x- wing.

- " Gir, please check the X-wing and please try to say me if there is a problem"

The R2 units starts to speak in a weird mode, then a courios song starts.

-"perfect, Now I remember why I called you Gir, my father made you for a Child and you can´t fly whitout do this, great, when you finish, please tell me"

She is alone now, no one arrives yet, and maybe she will be the only one there, she only hopes that all the people were ok, she felt a bad presence some minutes before she goes, but she doesn´t know what was that...

"I only hope all the squadron is ok, Garik, Shadow, Jeraki, Raschel, Ton, Orthos, and all the squadron, we need to be together to finish this mission, please, come quikly and safe...

at that moment, another X-wing arrives to the place

Wraith 8
04-15-2002, 08:08 AM
*Garik waits around untill he is the last of the group.... he just sees how one of the Hapan ships is being destroyed by the SSD.
Garik sees the last of the Wraith's go to hyperspace... he himself punches the handle and jumps to safe space.

It doesnt take long to get to Kashyyk. when he jumps out of hyperspace.. all the Wraiths ar alread there.*

Wraith leader to all Wraith's. I want a damage report. we have to jump again as soon as possible. our next heading is Bimmisaar.
Thta is our base of operation.
Wraith leader has shield up to 50% each and has some bad scoring on his hull....

Dark Sad Shadow
04-15-2002, 03:03 PM
Shadow reporting in: well, i got only 25% of shields , my hull is "fine" those T/A are good...

Making some clicks...
R6D6, give me all your power to the shields, i want them at least at 90% you have 3 min, dont worry if you burn a little my friend, ill go get you the best parts
R6 nodded

04-15-2002, 08:18 PM
((OOS: You know guys, your shields should have recharged all the way during the hyperspace trip...they're longer than in XWA :D

*doesn't reply till Wraith clarifies...is it different in this RPG?*))

Wraith 8
04-16-2002, 07:26 AM
((OOS: Red. the convoy we attacked was near Kashyyk. we just made a jump to Kashyyk and get out from there. it was a very short jump.))

04-16-2002, 09:41 PM
((oh okay. Well they should recharge on the way to Bimmisaari. :)))

Raschel...Wraith 5 here...I have mild ionization damage, and my R2 unit is out of commission. The backup systems are trying to repair but it's going to take a while. My fighter might be a little shaky. My shields are at thirty percent front and back.

Wraith 8
04-18-2002, 11:58 AM
Ok. lets all go to bimmisaari.. it is a few hours threw hyperspace so you all can get some rest.
there we will go to our base and plan our insertion of an Imperial facility. Wraith leader out.

*Garik prepared himself for hyperspace and already saw a couple of the Wraiths jump to hyperspace.*

The Master
04-18-2002, 01:13 PM
Ton was already soaring through hyperspace with Wraith 3 who he had previously rescued from the chaos of battle. Garik had given him the rondevouze(sp?) spot before battle. Bimmisaari was the place. Once out of hyperspace he would have nothing to do but wait for the rest of the squadron.
"Or what's left of the squadron." Ton whispered darkly.

04-18-2002, 05:07 PM
*Orthos sleeps during the jump to Bimissari. Whilst sleeping he had a strange dream. It is a battle of the Wraiths vs the Darkstar Knights, and for some reason he was flying in his underwear, and his father was commanding a giant carrot...

This is what happens when you fall asleep after using wake pills to keep you up...*

04-20-2002, 03:44 AM

More boredom.

Oh well, Raschel thought. We'll see some action once we get to Bimmassiri or wherever that is...

Wraith 8
04-22-2002, 10:08 AM
((OOS: jumping ahead in time and hypersapce :D))

*Garik came out of hyperspace and saw the planet BIMMISAARI in front of him. it was a nice plante. lots of woods and the beings who live there were small creatures named BIMMS.

But Garik arranged theyre base of operations far from a bimms place. so if the Empire would ever find them they would not get the Bimms. he saw Ton in front of him with Hassany. he keyed his Com.*

Wraith 2, lead. are you ok? here are the coordinates of the base take Wraith 3 and go down to it and start checking in. If im correct we have a ground staff there for us. see you in a sec.

*at that moment Raschell and Orthos and all other Wraiths came out of hyperspace. They all reported in with their status. some were badly hurt shipwise.. some were hurt fisicalwise. Garik gave the coordinates of the base on Bimmisaari. he keyed the general com*

Ok Wraiths. we just had our first battle. we completed the mission, but just barely. I want a debriefing and opinion of you all 2 hours after we land. Wraith 2 and 3 are already down there.

*he got confermation from all pilots. He keyed his com to set for the base.*

Foon base, this is Wraith leader calling. please respond.

Foon Base:
This is Foon base. Wraith leader, we read you.

Foon base, Wraith Leader. we have just come out of Hypersapce heading toward the bace. Wraith 2 and 3 are already near you.

Foon Base:
We see them Wraith lead. they contacted us just before you did.
You all have clearance to land.

Roger that Foon base. coming in. please have tech teams ready and a medic when we arive. Wraith lead out.

*Garik went threw the atmosphere and dove down to the planet.*

Devil Doll
04-22-2002, 03:31 PM
Hassany was with her R2 unit checking her X- wing when Wraith 2 arrives to the base, now she can be with someone of the squadron.

Hey, thanks for helping me there, are you ok???

04-23-2002, 01:26 AM
*Raschel lands her X-Wing near Garik's. She is feeling unpleasant after just waking up to exit hyperspace and anxious to find out just exactly what her droid had been doing...she'd almost been killed because of it.*

04-23-2002, 04:37 PM
*Orthos gets out of his X-Wing*

See you later, Chromey....

*He heads immediatley for debreifing...*

The Master
04-24-2002, 05:39 PM
Ton settled his snub fighter with Wraith 3 following. After several minutes he popped open the canopy of his cockpit and jumped out and down the ladder that the people of Bimmisaari had placed besides the fighter. Once to the ground, people stood watching him carefully.

"Anything you need?" One said to Ton.

"Um, yes. A pain blocker would be nice to begin with." He puased, "When did the rest of my squadron say they were arriving?"

Wraith 8
04-26-2002, 06:55 AM
*Garik waited outside the base to see all of them landing savely. He went in and set her down besides Ton's fighter. He climbed out. Ton was there waiting for him. he climbed down and shook Tons hand.*

Im glad we all made it. it was a bit hairy didnt you think? what was so important about that convoy that they sent that much imps against us?

04-26-2002, 04:47 PM
*Orthos stands and salutes Garrik*

Sir! Reporting for duty!

04-27-2002, 02:51 AM
*Raschel stands and salutes as well. She clears her throat*

Sir, with respect I believe it may have been because it was us. Some of the Imperials were trying specifically to capture rather than kill me, which is incidentally the only reason why I am alive right now. And some of the others in our squadron... *she glances over at Orthos and Shadow* ...have their secrets. The Imperials gave us far too much special attention for an ordinary fighter squadron, something which they view as posing no real threat.

Wraith 8
04-29-2002, 07:22 AM
hmmmm could be Raschel. Are you hurst By the way? your fighter took some serious blows.

well i dont realy think it was that Raschel. Did you get a look at the Cargo of the Freighters we destroyed? they were carrying numerous parts of large Turbo lasers. ans ome big bulg headds. it almost look like they were building a giant Fort or some thing.

Ill report this incedent as soon as possible. I want you all to take some rest. get your stuff unpacked. get a shower or something and ill see you all in 5 hours in the main briefing room.


04-29-2002, 04:33 PM
*Orthos heads off to his quarters. As he freshens up, he begins to think to himself*

Great. Father's got another weapon of mass destruction. I'll bet he'll be going after Uncle Starkiller with it.

*Orthos is becoming more worried. He remembers his father's conversations with the Emperor about some big weapon and some old powers...*

Dark Sad Shadow
05-03-2002, 11:04 PM
The shadow overheared the conversation of Raschel..

Doing a Force scan at Raschel, The Shadow discover that she is scared at him.

Fear, i can sense you fear... dont be afraid my rebel partner.. im not going to betray my biddings till this mission is over.

Garik and Raschel glared at the Shadow

Now, let me rest for a while... R6! stand in by for the next step in the mission

05-13-2002, 01:55 AM
Raschel stares at Shadow's retreating back. She doesn't know what to make of him. He acts so confidently mysterious, carrying huge secrets and confidently flaunting the fact that he did. What kind of a person can keep that up for as long as he has? Does he even have the right to hide information from us that could affect our lives?

Devil Doll
05-14-2002, 01:34 AM
hassany hears the conversation of garik raschel and the shadow, she knows that raschel was right, Shadow is a very stange and misterious person, but all of them - Including her- have secrets, she felt a very strange power around them and she was scared for a moment, shadow is a powerful person, but garik has something special too, and that make a very strange combination in the squadron.

she will try to know what those two guys have

05-14-2002, 04:43 PM
*Orthos feels threatened. People know that he has the secret of his heritage. He didn't ask for it. He would have prefered to switch father for uncle. That would have been a better life. But dreams are nothing, they cannot help Orthos anymore. As he prepares to use the fresher, he removes what is now revealed to be a synthflesh patch, covering a huge scar*

The Master
05-15-2002, 07:19 PM
After receiving some painblockers, which Ton was very greatful for, Ton went to fetch some refreshment to wet his drying throat. He was curious about where his squadron had wandered off to. He shrugged, Ton would find them later.

Dry throat came first. Maybe on the way he would see one of them bumbling around, unless if they found him first.

06-02-2002, 04:00 PM
*Orthos is lonely*

06-02-2002, 07:12 PM
*Raschel is bored and lonely*

06-03-2002, 05:04 PM
Hey Raschel, where is everybody?

Devil Doll
06-04-2002, 01:56 AM
Hassany was walking around the station and she tries to know where´s everybody, but noone is around the station, anyway, she´s tired and she needs to rest, her anger makes her to feel tired, so she went to the angar and move her R2 unit, put it on the floor, and say it:
-"Gir you´re free to be around the base, if someone ask you for something, please say something intelligent ok??"

Gir makes a stange sound, it means that it tries to understand the order but like always, it will act like a broken machine, hassany was tired, so she went to her room and try to sleep, if someone needs her, they will found her.

06-04-2002, 05:00 AM
*to Orthos* Around, I guess.

((OOS: Edit: :o :D Ya....))

06-04-2002, 05:56 PM
[You mean Orthos, right?]

Hey, Raschel, want to go get a drink?

06-04-2002, 10:40 PM
*Raschel looks up in surprise and a twinge of suspicion* Why is this human acting...nice to me? ...Sure...I suppose.

Wraith 8
06-05-2002, 07:20 AM
*arik is in his office talking to Bail Organa.*

Sir we have encountered a large fleet of imperials trying to stop us from destroying the convoy. what mysensors told me from th convoy is that they were carying large bulkheads and parts for turbolasers. this isnt right sir. why would they try to stop us fro just outpost material?

Well.. i have just got some rumors of a Mon Calamarian male who gave us information of a large space station being build. The Mon Calamarian is the personal slave of Moff Tarkin. He is up to something. we have spies out right now to find out what is going on. My daughter is on missions to planets to gain simpathy for the rebellion. keep your eyes open. now.. about your mission.
i want you to raid a nearby imp site and get your hands on some Ties. and some imp equipment and uniforms. i want your group to turn Imp.. and infiltrate the base somewhere else.
contact me when you have everything. Organa out.

*Garik sighed and sat back. this is going to be painfull to some.*

06-05-2002, 03:32 PM
*Orthos can read Raschel. She seems frightened of him, perhaps of his heritage?

They enter the cantina and take a table. Orthos orders carbonated water*

06-05-2002, 11:02 PM
*Raschel feels a vibe from Orthos. She shudders a little, as if cold. Inexplicably, she finds herself slightly afraid of him...

She orders the first thing she sees without bothering to check what it is*

Devil Doll
06-06-2002, 02:52 AM
Hassany can´t sleep as good as she wants, so, when she rest a little, she woke up and went to check all the X-Wings to make it better for the next battle.

-"I heard about Raschel and about she had a problem with her X-Wing"- She thought.

the first X-wing she checked was hers, then she checked all the x-wings and when she was cheking Raschel X-Wing, she found something strange. she needs to go with her officer and report it.

Garik was busy trying to make a new plan, when hassany enter without permission to the office:

-" Sir, I have to say you that I finished to check all the X-Wings and I have to say you that Raschel X-Wing wasn´t broken "naturally", somebody moves something to the X-Wing to make it fail when we was on space, and I thougt that someone of the squadron made that..."

06-07-2002, 03:44 PM
*Orthos realises something: His hand is exposed. The hand with his father's emblem permanently tatooed as a birthmark. He must have forgot to cover it when leaving the shower*

06-08-2002, 01:45 AM
*Raschel notices Orthos glance down at his hand. She sees the symbol tatooed there before he moves his hand away. Her eyes narrow*

06-08-2002, 04:24 PM
So, um....*Orthos quickly changes the subject*, it was almost touch-and-go back there, wasn't it? Any idea 'bout that droid?

06-08-2002, 10:02 PM
*Raschel is now even more suspicious. She remembers seeing that symbol, somewhere on Carida...*

No. None at all.

06-09-2002, 05:50 PM
Um....uh...are you...umm...alright...you seem...er...distracted?

06-09-2002, 07:03 PM
I'm not distracted.

Wraith 8
06-10-2002, 08:33 AM
*Garik glances at Hassany. Normaly he would have yelled at people for coming into his office unanounced. But what Hassany said here was very alarming.*

What do you say there Hassany? are you saying that her fighter was sabotaged?

this is very alarming.. can you tell me how it was sabotaged? what it was the sabotaged?

Devil Doll
06-11-2002, 02:36 PM
-"Well Sir, I said that cause Jeraki and I fixed all the X-Wings an hour before we part, we cheked one by one a lot of times until all the X-Wings work perfectly, and now, some minutes ago when I was cheking Raschel X-Wing, the console was totally disarmed and all the other problems, I think you Know that, you was with Raschel when she said what happens to her X- Wing, so I can´t Understand how can It pass.
I remember when Jeraki and I fiished to check all the fighters someone enters to the hangar in the other side of the hangar, we can´t see who was him or her, and it looks a little bit strange, I thougt that it will check the X-Wing or the R2 unit, to make the finals moves to the X-Wing, so I I did not give importance to that.
That was strange, Maybe is someone who doesn´t want Raschel in the squadron or maybe she was the first of all the problems we will have, someone of the squadron will sabotage the mission, and nobody know who is the one, we have to know which one is the "bad guy" here and stop the sabotage.

Wraith 8
06-14-2002, 07:19 AM
it was added on the moment you went away. with jekari.
so it was sabotaged just before we took of. so we have NO idea if the man is here on this base. or on Alderaan.

Thank you Hassany. you did a good job. anything else?

Devil Doll
06-18-2002, 12:31 PM
well, I think it was someone of the squadron cause i see the uniform, and only us have one, I´m the only one who doesn´t use the uniform and noone of the base use it, so that´s what I think about the one who sabbotage the X-Wings, it won´t be strange if in our next battle another X-Wings fails.

That´s all sir, I hope you rest a little for the next battle

06-24-2002, 05:46 PM
((OOS: To carry the story along a little further, and organize the story's information a little better...I am going to introduce a new character; he won't be a Wraith, but he can carry along the plot if needed :D))

*a young Twi'lekk walks up behind Orthos and Raschel. He breaks the tension of the moment by exclaiming delightedly*

"Raschel! So it is you! I was hoping it would be!"

*Raschel, startled, turns around then recognizes the pastel green Twi'lekk* "Subari! It's been forever!"

*Subari grins* "Yes it has! I was convinced the Impies would've got you by now! Then out of the blue you show up in one of my assigned squadrons!"

*Raschel smiles* "Such is chance, friend. How do you come to be here?"

*Subari* "Well, I'm working the security department and the intelligence department mostly, as well as a little of everything else. Your squadron is already quite a special case, you know. You started out with just eight pilots, and on your first mission (which was a plum one I might add, despite the danger involved) you're now down to six."

*Raschel's eyes widen* "What...happened?"

*Subari* "Pilot Dios arrived late at the fight...which means she landed right in the mess of Imps that you guys deserted, with an Interdictor there. She never reported back in. Pilot Jekari's fighter was apparently damaged, and we don't know if she escaped or not. She hasn't reported back in, making them both MIA, probably dead. Another pilot, Kyle d'Tana, got stranded back at base when his X-Wing's R4 unit went a little nutty. I heard yours did, too...glad to see you're okay. Hey, I need to find your squadron leader, Loran. Any idea where he is?"

*Raschel* "In his...office? Got anything else you need to break to him?"

*Subari, nervously, but not slowing his pace* Well, hey, see...I don't know where his office is. Hey, I know, you can show me to it in exchange for me letting you know what else is up. *before she can protest* How bout your friend can come, too. *motions to Orthos; Raschel decides not to argue* Your whole squadron might be grounded temporarily. Someone messed with your fighters' laser cannons...we know Pilot Jeraki did something to them; we don't know what, yet. And several of your astromechs have had unusual problems. We don't know if that was sabotage or just plain bad luck. Plus there's been intelligence leaks galore about secret information on the members of this squadron. Let me tell you, Raschel, it's almost as if there's someone who doesn't want this squadron staying together." *they reach Garik Loran's office*

06-25-2002, 01:09 AM
*Orthos can sense something familar about this whole affair. Something reeks familar.
It's the stench of his father*

Wraith 8
06-25-2002, 08:44 PM
*Hassany just left Gariks office 2 minutes and then there was a knock on his door again.
Garik Sighed.
he didnt have the time for this. in 5 days they needed to infiltrate a imperial base. where they were likely to find a factory making some sort of mech destroyer named : At- ST and intelligence said that there were likely plans on an even bigger project mech destroyer. in the mean time the transports they attacked were carying disturbingly much equipment.
the knock on the door was again.*


*Raschel, Orthos and a green Twi'lek enter his office.
Garik lookes at the people entering his small office.*

[i]What can i do for you gentleman?[/]

Dark Sad Shadow
06-26-2002, 10:50 AM
Appearing at Garik´s back the Shadow was unnoticed...

Just listen to them...

BTW i got information about the ATAT base...

06-26-2002, 12:14 PM
*Subari stands in front of Garik's desk*

"Garik Loran, Wraith Leader, I presume?"

*at an affirmative response, he continues*

"I've got a little bad news for you, sir. *hand him a stack of papers* Your squadron needs to get some new fighters, and frankly we can't spare anymore, unless you have connections. All your current fighters have been tampered with, and some of the R2 units abroad them as well. Also, you're down to ah...five pilots. Pilot d'Tana is on emergency leave. Pilots Dios and Jekari are MIA...and most likely dead. *pauses* So unless you can get some new fighters, and preferably more pilots...Wraith Squadron is grounded."

06-27-2002, 02:05 AM
*Orthos explodes in anger*

What?! Are you aware that there was something in that convoy 4 times bigger than an ISD?!! Some kind of real big weapon's being built, and Lord Darkstar's involved! That name means trouble. I can smell it!

06-27-2002, 10:29 AM
*Subari turns to Orthos* I don't know what "Lord Darkstar" you are talking about...but it still stands that this squadron doesn't have enough pilots or fighters. Outbursts aren't going to help anything.

Wraith 8
06-27-2002, 04:52 PM
you cant be seriously thinking of grounding this squadron are you? have you not the respect for the lives that were given just for this mission? you cant just suspend it.
my orders are to infiltrate the 'AT-ST' factory and blow it apart and find information about a bigger thing called the 'AT-AT' and i have to do it within 10 days.. cause after that they will ship the things. and than the rebels will have to face big mech destroyers. we cant allow that to happen.

and about the convoy.... Bail Organa has some contacts. he sais he knows a Jedi knight out there willing to help. but he doesnt know where he is. he also has an agreement with some aliens. named Bothans. he think he can get some more info of them. so they have that part covered. our consern is the factory.

now you cant ground us. the alliance needs is.

06-28-2002, 02:38 AM
*Orthos does not calm. Anger is in his blood, which contains some of his father's dark power.*

Don't overlook Lord Darkstar. I should know

*Uncovers hand, and reveals the emblem birthmark.*

He's my father.

06-28-2002, 09:13 AM
*Raschel looks confused, shocked, then angry. Subari stays with confusion*

Subari: *to Orthos* I'm...sorry?

*to Garik* The Alliance needs a squadron. You don't have one. You have only five pilots, and only two or three new X-Wing fighters are available. Mon Mothma wants you to have that mission, but if you can't get at least one more pilot in seven days, along with at least three more fighters, then Wraith Squadron will continue to be officially grounded. If you can meet those requirements, Wraith Squadron will be six strong, which is half a normal squadron, which means we can pair you with another minimum-req squadron that has lost enough of its members recently...and believe me, there are plenty of those around.

You have to understand, Loran. The Alliance as a whole may be in hard times, but your squadron is not the only squadron capable of this job. We have other squadrons, and they can be used if necessary.

Good day.

*Subari walks out*

Wraith 8
06-28-2002, 03:25 PM
*Garik jumps up and grabs his knife and slits the throat of the green twi'lek*

*suddenly he wakes up from his Day dream. he cant let his anger out on the messenger. what should he do? he needs one more pilot and 3 new x-wings.... maybe we can build them from scrap. or maybe we can steel some.
the people in his office stare at him. Garik grabs some maps and a datapad and looks something up. there is a Imperial base in the asteroid belt 2 parsects away. he imediatly gets Bail Organa on th com.*

premier Organa. can i ask you a favor?
I need a lambda class shuttle. can i get one?

*organa complies and they brake contact.
Garik turns to the men in his office.*


06-28-2002, 03:43 PM
"None." his men said. Garik looked pretty disappointed but forced a smile. Just then, a man in a hood whose name was Guy Dabula entered the room. I can help you he said, with no expressions as it was hidden by his hood.

Soon enough, he led the men into a hanger full of craft. "Take your pick." he said to Garik. then, as strangely as he appeared, he disappeared.

06-28-2002, 03:49 PM
A Darkstar. In the same squadron as me.

*Raschel registers that Garik has asked them a question and shakes her head free of the dark thoughts there.*

Well...*doubtfully* if we could borrow any civilian Z-95s and try to get them combat-ready in---*what Garik said earlier registers*

You aren't planning to get us...Imperial fighters?!

((edit: OOS @Genota: No RPGing other people's characters without their permission :p We'll just ignore that first part ;)))

*Raschel looks up, startled at the entrance of the stranger*

Are you supposed to be here?

((re-edit: Genota...the rules are no godmoding...don't control other people's characters...the most you can do is come in, not make us follow you. And you can't just pull an invisible hangar hidden inside the Rebel base...sensors would have detected it :D))

Kyle d'Tana
06-28-2002, 04:19 PM
*While Raschel look up, Kyle d'Tana entered the room, looks around and stands in front of Garik*

Sir, I'm back! I've made a great mistake to desert you. But I know you need every pilot you can get, and here I am! I wants to make my fault passé! Please give me this chance, Sir!

06-28-2002, 04:24 PM
*Raschel looks doubly startled. D'Tana was back from emergency leave already? If so, they had their sixth pilot...but who was this hooded person?*

Wraith 8
06-28-2002, 05:00 PM
((OOC: @Genota:
Uhm.. normally we anounce a new Char in RPG's. but that is ok.
second. this RPG has rules. in the RSRP page there are 3 stickies with Wraith squadron things. one is a charchter sheet. one is the actual RPG and the other is the rules (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=31161) of the rpg. i suggest you read them. in RPG we will have seen you but we think you are a figment of our imagination. and we are still in my office.
ok? Wraith 8 out ))

*Garik sees Kyle walk into his office. he almost wants to jump up and hug the man for being back right in time. he restrains himself. then there is that strange thing in the doorway just a second earlier. Raschel seemed to have seen it also. But Garik doesnt go in to this right now.*

Raschel.. i think we need to steel some Imp fighters anyway. if wer want to infiltrate the base we have to get inside. I already arranged a Lambda class shuttle for our transport to the asteroid base. there we will steal some imp fighters and get with the fighters and the shuttle to the imp base we need to infiltrate. i think we should go with all six members. but i would like some more suggestions from you all.

*Garik keyed his com unit*

Hassany, shadow and Ton, please come to my office.

06-29-2002, 02:17 AM
*Orthos sits hunched in his bunk, staring at the birthmark tatoo on his hand. He felt rage and fear. The fear of the rage, and the rage was raging at his very being. Named after the very first Darkstar, a tyrant for a father, a Sith Lady for a sister and a dead mother. Not exactly the ideal background. Trying to find some respite, he opened the book of Zedeem, a religious order his pyschiatrist belonged to:*

"And then the Zedeem said "Anger can still be used for good. A politican once saw an alien slave from one of the colonies being mistreated, and became angry. But he did not sin with his anger, he made slavery illegal. So, faithful use anger for good". Thus sayeth the Zedeem."

06-29-2002, 04:33 AM
Originally posted by Dark Sad Shadow
Appearing at Garik´s back the Shadow was unnoticed...

Just listen to them...

BTW i got information about the ATAT base...

((OOS: Wraithy, you missed the above post :D

About Genota: He did post a character bio, he just didn't announce

@Deac: You weren't supposed to leave yet but never mind :D))

*Raschel watches Orthos leave. She instinctively moves to stop him*


*She freezes, and stares at Orthos' retreating back. She felt a little guilty...but that symbol...that symbol had meant death for her family.

She suddenly catches a flash of the hooded stranger again.* Am I hallucinating?

The Master
06-29-2002, 07:19 AM
Ton woke abruptly from his nap from the com which he had mistaken to leave on.

*Hassany, shadow and Ton, please come to my office.* Garik's buisness like voice said quickly.

Ton got up. Ton grumbled. Ton tripped over his own feet. He drug his body off the floor and left his temporary quarters.

Can't even get a little sleep around here. Ton thought grumpily, This had better be good to wake me from my peaceful nap.

It wasn't long before Ton trudged wearily into Garik's office and slumped down into a chair. He rubbed his eyes to emphisize the fact that he had been just woken. Then to top the effect off, he yawned showing he was ready to go back to sleep any time.

"What is it this time." Ton mumbled in a low mock angry voice.

06-30-2002, 03:41 AM
*Orthos goes to his footlocker and takes out the only possession of his that he took from Byss. It is a copy of the history of the Darkstar power, given to Orthos by his father to remind him of what he will become. His first instinct is to burn it, but then, suddenly, he feels a pang of sentiment, and covers it under some laundry in his dirty room*

Devil Doll
07-01-2002, 01:11 AM
Hassany was sleeping,after a shower, she feels tired and she only wants to sleep, but her R2 Unit arrives to her room and repeat what Garik Said, she woke up.
"I Think i will never sleep until this fight ends"- she thought- " thanks gir, please make a report of the xwings ans put it in my bed ok? I´ll be right back"

She walked to Garik´s office, and she start to remember all the problems the squadron had, and the ones she had in the first battle, she was angry cause of that and she promise she will not make any mistake again.
"One of the problems is that noone of us know enough about the other members of the squadron, in the last squadron i was, we was like a family, and I miss them, when they teach me all I know and they was with me when my mother killed my father, I hope i can find someone like them here int he squadron."

She was thinking all that thing when she arrives to the office, all the members of the squadron was there, Even Kyle d'Tana´, all of the people think he was dead, two more persons was there too.

"Sorry for being the last one, but now I´m here to listen to your orders sir."

Wraith 8
07-01-2002, 06:06 PM
*Garik sees every one assembled.*

ok Wraiths. we have a problem. we have a shortage on fighters for our mission. the X-wings are in realy crappy condition. no offence to you Hassany. we can NOT take out our X-wings. only 2 of them are good to fly. we need some fighters quick or we will be grounded. now i had an idea.. but i want some comments on it.
My idea:

We have the following:
7 pilots.
we have 2 fighters good to fly.
We have one Lambda Class shuttle on the way here.

we need:
5 fighters.
I dont care what kind of. you all have experience in other Star fighters have you?

My plan:
5 of us man the lambda class shuttle and go to the nearest Imperial base and try and steal some TIE fighters. i dont care what kind.. the ones that are there.
2 of us will cover us in X-wings on the retreat.

We modify the Tie's when we capture them and then take 4 of them + the lambda class shuttle to the base we need to infiltrate.
and there we do our job.

Now.... suggestion?

07-01-2002, 06:45 PM
((OOS: @Wraithy: The two X-Wings you have are actually new...none of the old ones are considered flight-capable, since Subari's people found out they were tampered with and Jekari isn't around to explain what he did to them))

*Raschel speaks up. She doesn't look at Orthos.*

"Excuse me, sir, but I was never formally trained to pilot a TIE fighter. I was actually trained to pilot the Alpha-class Star Wing assault gunboats. I have flown TIE fighters in simulators, but I can't fit into the actual flight suits. I was one of the very few nonhuman pilots at the Imperial Academy, you know."

Wraith 8
07-01-2002, 07:29 PM
((OOS: but we do have 2 x-wings that are flight capable right?))

Then you should get to go as one of the shuttle pilots.

07-01-2002, 07:52 PM
((OOS: Yeah, Subari mentioned that two new X-Wing fighters were available

*waits for others to reply*))

07-01-2002, 08:40 PM
*Theisdon walks into Garik's Office*

"Excuse me, sir, but I couldn't help overhearing your current conversation and the other one with Subari. I HAVE been trained in flying all TIE Fighters, including their newest model the interceptor. Although I don't think we'll find any of those at the nearest base, after all there's only 1 squadron of them in the whole Galaxy at the moment. So I offer you my talents as Fighter Pilot and Medic."

07-02-2002, 01:35 AM
Sir! I have been trained to fly every current TIE fighter and several new prototypes. They'll never know what hit them

Devil Doll
07-02-2002, 12:02 PM
(RedWing: Not only Jeraki do something to the X-Wings remember???? :p, and the X-wings were supposed to been sabotaged by someone else)

"Sir, I have been trained to fly some TIE Fighters by my mother, she was a sith lady and she was an Imperial, I think I can fly better in a TIE fighter.
And about the X-Wings we have, I know they are too bad, I remember that Jeraki and I added some new thing to increase they armor and Deffense, the only thing we can´t finish was an implement to increase the attack potence, If you can explain me, of course not now, the problem the X-Wings had, I will be very glad, I worried cause i worked a lot only to know that what I have done was bad, I hope you will say me latter the problem."

07-02-2002, 03:24 PM
((OOS @ DD: The other person/s sabotaged the R2 droids and Raschel's X-Wing only; the reason we can't pilot the old X-Wings is because Jekari rigged the laser cannons (the "implement to increase the attack potence") and Subari's technicians think it's sabotage :D so they have to ground them (also alot of them were damaged in the battle)

And Garik doesn't know what the problem with the X-Wings was; no one told him))

Dark Sad Shadow
07-03-2002, 01:57 AM
After all anouncements, Shadow went to get some training in the ways of the Force...

Sitting in the center of the Training Chamber, suddendly he felt a chill cold in his back the misterious voice spoke again:

May the Force be with thee (sarcastic tone) HAHAHA! do not refuse yourself, you know well your mission

Shadow: No!!! get out of my mind, you are just an image of my past

It is your destiny

*turning on his lightsaber


swinging his LS in the air like trying to kill a phantom, the shadow felt how the anger was controlling him

Good, good feel the power you can have

Shadow: yes... yes my master...

The shadow went to Garik´s office:

Sir... ill go with you in the shuttle, i still have something to investigate, i think i can find something in that base.

The Master
07-03-2002, 05:00 AM
Ton was getting quite impatient. It was good and all that these fine young people wanted to lash out at the Empire, paying their five cents to the cuase, and Ton was grateful for that.
Another matter was nagging at his mind and it was imparitive to Ton. He waitd for everyone to quiet down their talking , then stood and spoke in a deep commanding voice which he often used as a joke in these situations.
"Garik. What are you going to do? I'm just curious, you know, with you being the main man of this squadron and all." He puased for a second while the attention was on him. "And what do you suggest I do?"

Kyle d'Tana
07-04-2002, 03:44 PM
"Garik, you know I'm impatient, too. What shall I do? Should i steal these TIE's or shall I cover you with one of the two X-Wings? You know you can trust me...."

*he sit down on little box, chewing on a gum and waits impatiently*

07-04-2002, 03:48 PM
Garik(smiling):How about both?

07-04-2002, 04:59 PM
((OOS: Genota! Why are you trying to control Wraith's character? 0.o))

Kyle d'Tana
07-04-2002, 05:02 PM
What?Both? How can I cover you with an X-Wing, and Steal the ****in TIE's????

07-04-2002, 05:05 PM
*Raschel looks startled at Kyle's rapid response. Garik hadn't yet said a word*

Wraith 8
07-04-2002, 05:35 PM
((OOS: Kyle.. it wasnt me talking.. Genota is using my char.. ISNT ALLOWED...
@ Genota: you cant use other char in this RPG))

*Garik thinks about this*

hmmmm..... Kyle you fly X-wing number 1
Shadow, you fly X-wing number 2
Hassany? as soon as THIS briefing is over. ready the 2 available X-wings.

Hassany and Raschel.... you are the pilots of the shuttle.
Ton, Hassany, thiesdon and me will be the officers on board.

Mission specs:
X-wing pilots
Kyle and the Shadow will acompany us until we jump to the imperial base to capture some TIE's. While we are gone. You 2 will raid a small Imperial outpost on Kashyyk. there you will steel suplies and spare parts for the TIE's.

Shuttle crew
we will fly into the base on the asteroid in a lamnda class shuttle.
hassany and raschel stay on board and monitor everytihing.
while you are monitoring try and slice into the computer and download as much information as you can.
Ton, Orthos and Thiesdon. You are capable of flying TIE fighters are you not? if you dont... practice in the simulator.
we will go as officers on a routine check up. once we are in the hangar of the TIE fighters we will try and let them fly us a test run. I heard that this base has the very first TIE models with Hyperdrive... on that point as we fly out. Hassany and Raschel fly the shuttle out and contact the Kyle and the Shadow. They should be done with their little raid by then and they will jump in and help us out with any persuit. we might have. The base is very small ... so i suggest we shoot the base to pieces when out persuit is eliminated.

estimated power of the base on the asteroid:
1 TIE fighter squadron with 6 experimental TIE hyperdrives.
2 squad of Stormtroopers inside, but we shouldnt have any trouble with that.

For Kyle and the shadow. the power of the outpost your gonna raid:
4 TIE's
and 1 Turret.
i believe there is no millitary on the ground.. so you should have no problem at all with the raid.

Orders for now:
Hassany? get the 2 x-wings ready
Ton? get the TIE simulation online and practice
Thiesdon? help Ton
Orthos? i want a complete update from you on your last intelegence of the Empire
Raschel? The shuttle is arriving in 1 hour. welcome them and get your stuff ready
Kyle? Help Hassany with the X-wings
Shadow? Help Hassany with the X-wings

you all got your orders..... NOW GET TO WORK!

Kyle d'Tana
07-04-2002, 07:42 PM
Yess Sir! Its good to be back!

07-04-2002, 08:20 PM
"Sir, I know, most likely, the most on being a Stormtrooper. Might I suggest that after we land I disguise myself as one and block the entrance to the Hangar so that we're sure not to get much resistance?"

Kyle d'Tana
07-04-2002, 09:12 PM
"Cmon Shadow, kets help to get our babies ready for takeoff!!"

07-05-2002, 03:31 AM
Hold on sir...I'll be back in half an hour...

*Orthos has a new sense of purpose, inspired by the Zedeem, he runs to a holonet terminal and goes to gwww.imperial centre.emp. The words "Enter Password" are displayed*

Now, father, you have one problem

*Enters code, and is accepted*

You never change your passcode for you mail

*Reads through Syrnl's private email, including spam from Deac Starkiller:D *

07-05-2002, 07:53 AM
((OOS: lmao @ Deac :D))

Raschel: What about Hassany and I? We won't have any fighters. Even if we find two on our own, a Lambda shuttle can only carry one fighter, right?

Devil Doll
07-05-2002, 11:44 AM
Hassany went to the hangar with Ton and Shadow, she heard what Raschel said and she knew Raschel was right, but she doesn´t want to disscuse that with garik about that in that moment.

In the hangar, Hassany take her R2 unit and ask it for her tools, she need to check the X-Wings(just to check it, she knew their were totally new) and change the units of the X-wings, she know that Shadow wants his R6 unit, so she will change it.

"I hope you have any problems with me, I´ll only check the X-wings and hope you have a good flight ok????"

Ton had a very happy reaction, everyone see that he will be ready for action allways, but shadow doesn´t look good.

"maybe is just my imagination, I need to remember that he is allways in that manner"

Kyle d'Tana
07-05-2002, 09:34 PM
Kyle walks into the hangar, allready wearing his brandnew flight suit! He's very proud that he may fly in this squadron after his emergency leave! He thinks back about his adventures on Yavin4, Dantooine and some other planets. He's getting harder. Its not the youth anymore. He thinks that he's a men now! but he isn't sure about this. *Now I havent to think about this. I have to concentrate me for this mission* He thinks that while he walking through the big hangar who is so empty now.... but that will be changed...

"Hi Hassany. how are you? I'm glad to see you! Do you come clear with the fighters? can I help you something?"

Dark Sad Shadow
07-06-2002, 02:51 AM
(This part is to make this RPG a little more interesting between the times in battles :D i know the rules, dont worry)

Shadow went out of the hangar with his R6-D6 to the locker´s room, he started searching for his equipment. After that he saw Hassany´s Locker, he got closer to it, and saw the electric lock in it...
R6, check if you can unlock the code
R6 unlocked it...

Shadow saw only a drawing and a Lightsaber...
So... this is what are you hiding...

Watching how Hassany was doing with the X-wings, took the chance of the Dark Wing, Shadow was in silence only watching, as is something was bothering him.

Discretly he called his R6:
R6, i want you check all the status in the Dark Angel, Shields, Lassers, the power convertor, engines All. ... another thing... watch carefully to the R2 Unit of Hassany "GIR" and watch her

Some minutes after, Hassany went directly to Shadow, to tell him about the report of the Dark Angel

Shadow, here is your report, your shields were in good shape, your lasser cannons were a little burned , but they are aok. Now, why did you send yout R6 to check on my job? you dont trust me?

Watching directly to her eyes, Shadow reacted as he was being challenged...

Shadow Look, i dont care about you, NO ONE touch my Dark Angel, just stay away from...

Suddendly Shadow fell in silence as in trance... The misterious voice started again...

Stop, you know there is a disturbance in the Force...

Shadow: I feel it

Then, take your weapon...
Shadow started to feel angry...

Hassany!, take this!

Shadow threw Hassany´s Lightsaber at her, and she grabbed with a fast reaction...

After that Shadow Turned on his LS, and got an Offensive stance...

Shadow: I challenge you...

*And the little duel began...

Devil Doll
07-09-2002, 11:40 AM
Hassany grabbed her Lightsaber and turn it on, she didn´t know what happens and why shadow had her LS.

"Why do you have my LightSaber?, it was in my locker, and the other things?, What do you want?"

she was very confused, only Ton was there and he can´t move in that moment, she never used the Lightsaber before that moment, she only have it cause it was the only thing she have of her mother, but she doesn´t want to use it, that Ls was used to send her father to kessel...

"Ton please go with Garik, please help me, i don´t wanna fight right now!"

When Hassany finished to said that, Shadow attacked, hassany will only try to deffend her, but, she doesn´t know what will happen...

Kyle d'Tana
07-10-2002, 03:57 PM
Kyle thinks about his flight!it will not get as hard as other times. But you may not underestimate the Empire....

The Master
07-10-2002, 11:28 PM
After Ton had went to the hanger with Hassany and the Shadow, he was astounded that the Shadow had pulled out a lightsaber on Hassany.

All Ton did was stand there, then Hassany yelled, "Ton please go with Garik, please help me, i don´t wanna fight right now!"

Ton, being as confused as he was could only nod and turne around, briskly walking out the door. Once he was walking down the hall, he gathered his though and said aloud, "Well, I don't suppose that is any good."

He went to the nearest wall com unit and called up Garik. "Hey, Garik. This is an emergancy! Get down to the hanger ASP! The Shadow is attacking Hassany, she needs assistance! Get down here now!"

Ton then turned, pulled out his blaster and went back to the hanger...

Kyle d'Tana
07-11-2002, 04:24 PM
Kyle stands up, looks around, and asks himself where this noises come from! He walks towards it and he sees Hassany and Shadow fighting with a lightsaber!! He's really confused, cause he thought they're friends... but it seems that this friendship is past...what could he do? He will stop them...costs it what it will....

He runs in the great hangar where they were fighting! He sees that Garik is on the way and Ton was allready standing there....

Wraith 8
07-11-2002, 05:24 PM
*Garik was asleep on his desk. he had a busy night and he fel asleep while sitting behind his desk. Then suddenly the com unit disturbed his rest:
Hey, Garik. This is an emergancy! Get down to the hanger ASP! The Shadow is attacking Hassany, she needs assistance! Get down here now*


*Garik stood up from his desk and ran to the hangar on his way he met Raschel and Orthos who also ran toward the hangar.
once there he saw Hassany trying to hold off the shadow.
Garik ran tward the two.


*shadow seemed in a trance. he didnt hear a thing.
Garik grabbed a lead pipe and tried to distract the Shadow. the shadow saw him coming aseased his attack on hassany.
Good. Garik thought.
but wait a second the shadow now went after Garik.
Gariks lead pipe was cut in half like it was a little match. Garik ducked away and role to another side. The rest of Wraith squadron was trying to distract the shadow.*

Kyle d'Tana
07-11-2002, 05:40 PM
SHADOW!!! Whats wrong with you? Why you attack Hassany?? *Kyle grabs a rob and try to stop Shadow with it, but it was cut away like the pipe of Garik. Soon his heavy armed blaster is in his hand....

07-11-2002, 05:56 PM
Raschel heard the commotion outside over the open comm units. Feeling a foreboding feeling, she grabbed her blaster she kept for emergencies and ran to the hangar. She stopped short in the entrance, shocked to see the Shadow next to the lockers, attacking Hassany, both wielding lightsabers, Garik and Kyle trying to fend him off.

Orthos ran up beside her, and she couldn't help but notice his tatoo again...the Darkstar emblem. That means he's a... Was he staring at the fight in horror...or was that fascination...

No more chances.

As Orthos raised his hand, Raschel clubbed him over the back of his head with her blaster. He dropped, unconscious.

The Shadow effortlessly fended off Garik and Kyle's attacks and descended on Hassany like a giant bat. Only one thing I can do, Raschel thought. She raised the blaster and aimed for the Shadow's head....and opened fire.

Kyle d'Tana
07-11-2002, 07:47 PM
Kyle noticed, that Raschel has clumped Orthos unconscious. But he have other problems...
Why to hell is Shadow so good. He fend every attack from us... He's gonna try to stop him again...

Dark Sad Shadow
07-12-2002, 02:32 AM
fighting against hassany, Shadow evaded the fire blasters of Raschel, and saw directly to her eyes, then threw at her a wind force and she dumped in the floor.

CALM DOWN!!! *gariks said*

Hassay were good with the LS, and she turned off her LS at Garik´s voice... Then the shadow was going to attack her at the neck , but he stopped his attack, just in time.

Shadow: Just as i tought...

Then a silence was listened in the hangar, only the sound of shadow´s LS ,could be heard, then a hiiiiiiiissssss sound... Shadow turned off his LS.

Facing directly at Hassany´s eyes, he just was serious... then leaving her behind Shadow went directly to Garik´s face... Orthos, and Raschel were watching and targeting Shadow with their blasters...

Garik... as i told you before, there is something strange with her...

Then Shadow went out of the Hangar, and Raschel targeted directly to Shadow´s face:

Raschel: Were are you going!?

Shadow smiling send Raschel again to the floor; "dont bother me..."

All were wondering what was going on. Only Garik knew what Shadow mean.