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01-27-2002, 06:53 AM
This is sort of a cross-post from the MI1 forum but it seems to have more activity so I hope you will excuse it. I downloaded MI1 and installed it on my old Win3.11/DOS6.22 computer. The graphics run, the internal speaker effects can be heard, but the background music won't play. When I start the game I get a Windows error message, "unable to play sound because the Sound Blaster is in use by another application". I am reaching deep into my memory here, but I think this means that there is an IRQ conflict with the sound card, or the game is expecting it to be on a different IRQ. My card is configured at A220, I7, D1, H5, P330, T6. Once again reaching into deep memory, sometimes a printer is also on I7. I looked at my printer port info in control panel. When I highlight LPT1 and the printer name that used to be connected to it, the "settings" button is grayed out. Do I need to connect that printer for the settings to be changeable? Or does the game expect the card to be on I5? I have a Sound Blaster Pro card in the computer. It plays the Windows system sounds (windows start, windows exit, empty recycle bin) fine. I have contacted the Creative Sound Blaster people to find out how to update the driver for the card. The manual is buried deep in my basement, along with the original driver floppy disk. This is not a very big problem, but I have seen that some people also have trouble playing MI1 and 2 even if they buy the CD so I would like to figure this out if possible. Thanks for any help you can dredge out of YOUR deep memories!

01-27-2002, 01:48 PM
If your printer is causing some problems then:

-Unplug it
-Uninstal all printer aplications
-If all else fails, destroy your printer (j/k, DON't destroy it)


-Reinstall Win3.11 (I have Win3.11 on my laptop!)
-Get Win95 or higher
-Get a new computer

MI1 Doesn't have that much of backround music at all, but maybe a good computer restarting will help. MI1 & 2 music sometimes won't work so you gotta reboot the comp. Does any of this help you?