View Full Version : I've lost back to back to some zone players!!

11-09-2001, 08:00 AM
OK!! I don't like losing, no one does, yes its a game. But still..

I need to find strategies to defend this.

And what better place than this forum?


First of all I played these people on the zone that had some incredible build order, they hit tech 3 faster than I ever seen anyone hit tech 3, they scout rush you enough that it slows you down, and IMO the best defense to a scout rush is mounted and trooper units, which is more costly than 5 scouts.


Of course probably because I wasted nova to make mounteds and stuff early on, I get to tech 3 much much later.

They hit tech 3 and like instantly make a transport loaded with 5 droids and some at-pt's... and before I can killl em all, they build a fortress (sometimes its 2 trans and 10 droids). I've been able to verify and deduce the following.

A) They have no defenses at their base save some turrets. There is no way, these 2 players dedicate lots and lotsa of resources to ore, so they can build 2 forts and 1 gen ASAP when they land.

B) They must also have 15-17 droids on carbon to be able to start scout rushing early AND have enough carbont o make a few lvl 2 bldgs.

C) Again, early on they must make 50 droids for economy reasons.

This is very effective tactic and very frustrating... but maybe you guys can help me brainstorm on some defenses.

I was thinking since I already have 5-6 scout towers and still can't stop scout rushes effectively, maybe I should also make it a must to make light walls everywhere. i was also thinking of cluttering my immediate area with little walls, sentry towers and houses or some crap so there isn't wide open spaces to make a fortress anywhere near my TC.

Since his TC is only defended by droids, I would have to go air asap, and maybe jedi? For conversions? Problem is jedi and Air are expensive units in some case.

11-09-2001, 08:35 AM
If you want to want a recorded game of two good players, go to the nexis site and download it. If you can't find the page, there is a tread on its location in the off topic discusion room.

11-12-2001, 06:55 AM
It sounds to me like these guys are AoE2 pro's. If you havnt played b4 try to stick to beginner games... Try no rush games so that u can learn to fine tune ur economy skills. Your economy is the basis to be able to rush, defend, and move up techs faster, so therefore this is the best advice I can give you. Concentrate on carbon and food exclusively for the first tech, then move some more onto nova and ore for tech 2. You should be able to hit tech 3 by about 15 mins if you do this right.

Hope this is of some use

11-12-2001, 08:04 AM
ok i realise from our past altercation that you know all the stuff i just told you.....forgot who you were! Gotta work on those probs u mentioned myself!