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02-04-2002, 03:09 PM
Scientists in Maryland have created a kind of black home in their labs and hope to be able to learn more about them from it. The "dumb holes" are created when fluids flow faster than the speed of sound and then trap sound waves in them.

The researchers say "By reproducing the most important qualities of black holes in a fluid system, some of the predictions of quantum gravity can be tested and some paradoxes of the theory understood."

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Hmmm... interesting stuff...

Where did you find that, RAVE??

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Now in two months we will be reading this in the news.

Clumsy Scientists in Maryland created a tiny black hole, half the size of a marble with 1/6 the moons density.

The black hole fell off the table and on the ground but was so heavy it went inside the earths crust and is in the center of the earth absorbing the core as you read this.

The scientists guess that within 3 months the entire earth will be consumed into the near marble sized black hole which spells certain doom for us all.

People at Lucasforums.com were quoted as saying they were upset they would not live long enough to see Star Wars Episode 3.

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Well... have the found out anything useful about?

I'm not really to excited about Ep. 3... yet.

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Fine then.. Jedi Knight II..... :D