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02-06-2002, 03:45 PM
I just posted this on XP-erience.org but there are tons of really helpful people here too, so hopefully someone can help....
Ok, i just reformated my HD, deleted all partitions, and I'm at FDisk. I just called Dell, they have no idea what they are talking about. I was origionally going to partition the HD into 2 parts, and put 98 on the first and XP on the second and double boot. He told me that it was impossible to install XP on a secondary partition if you only have the upgrade cd, even though you can do it on a clean disk..... true or not? If it is not true, can someone please give me detailed instructions on how to create two partitions, one that is 10 percent, the primary, and anotehr that is ther est of the HD being the secondary. I have no idea which ones to use, dos partiotn, exteneded, or what, i'm an idiot when it comes to fdisk. Secondly, if I have to resort to isntalling only XP, there are two file systems..... NTFS and FAT 32. He said NTFS is more stable, but can cause compatability issues with games that are older. Should I use NTFS or FAT 32 seeing as I am a very hardcore gammer? If i use FAT 32, how exactly would I do that, he said I would need to make an ative partiotni with Fdisk first, but if I were to go NTFS XP would do it automatically. Please help, I am lost right now.......

02-07-2002, 09:13 AM
Create a Primary DOS partition, give it the size you want, and make it active.

Create an extended DOS partition with the remaining space on the HDD.

Create a Logical DOS drive as large as you want (It will be located in the Extended DOS Partition, and you can make as many as 22 of these if you wish)

Install 98 onto the primary partition.

You will then boot to the XP CD. It will examine your HDD and tell you there is already an existing copy of Windows on the machine, would you like to Upgrade or do a Fresh install. Choose Fresh (or New, it's been a while;))
It will then ask you which partition to put it on, select the Logical DOS drive in your Extended DOS partition, and you're good to go.

It IS recommended that the O/S's be installed on separate disks, tho...Try at your own risk. (I just had to say that "CYOA" you know;) I do know people that have ME and XP on different partitions on the same disk and have had no trouble.)

Good Luck!!!


02-07-2002, 10:27 AM
with the low price of hard drives, i would just get a new hard drive and save yourself some headaches =)

but thats just what i would do....heh... i do believe, however that kordkelly is correct

02-07-2002, 05:11 PM
If you're going to dual boot it, just make sure that XP is in the extended DOS partition because operating systems based on the Win 9x kernel can only boot from primary partitions. If your upgrade copy of Win XP doesn't let you install a fresh version, put a clean copy of Win 98 in the extended partition and then use the upgrade disk to upgrade it to XP.

I have to ask though... why are you bothering to do this? If I were you I'd just install Win 98 on your HD then put in the Win XP upgrade disk and upgrade 98 to XP. XP comes with a very handy utility which backs up your previous OS and lets you revert back to it if you run into problems. This does take up a few hundred megs of HD space, though, so make sure you have enough. I had to clear some junk off my machine before I was good to go.

02-07-2002, 09:09 PM
Lemme try to explain this...

your suggestion about upgrading from 98 to Xp is not a great idea...
anytime you upgrade from a previous operating system, there are files (mostly Kernal) files that are left over, and they DO conflict with each other...

Many users who complain about instability issues with their OS have preformed "upgrades". Users who have preformed Clean install of their OS have reported none of the issues others reported. (Myself included. In my studies I installed ME clean, where others upgraded from 98 to ME. The upgraders complained about program compatability and crash issues, while I and others like me have had none of these. this is also true with XP. A clean install gives me none of the issues many confirmed upgraders have complained about with certian games, AvP2 for example,)

Take it from a certified A+ technician...DON'T UPGRADE!!!
It will only cause problems