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02-07-2002, 05:24 PM
Actually, i was hoping that someone could clue me in on what happened in Mysteries of the Sith. Maybe a link for a website or forum thread. Thanks in advance.

02-07-2002, 05:48 PM
I don't think MOTS fits in real well with the rest of the EU. LEC may have ignored it in the story line for JO.

02-07-2002, 06:06 PM
Yeah, I agree, it wasn't fitting into the expanded universe too well at all. There were way too many little perks on top of the big problem of Mara's character development.

02-07-2002, 06:28 PM
:ewok: The Basic story goes something like this...

You begin as Kyle Katarn on a New Republic base. The base starts being attacked by imperial weapons disguised as asteroids.

The first mission starts as kyle tries to find a way off the New Republic base and get on to one of the asteroids and attempt to destroy it. He find an imperial drop ship, goes on board, and flies into the asteroid.

Once there, he spends 1 (or is it 2?) missions attempting to find the controll center for the asteroid weapon he is on. Eventually Kyle find the control centre and fires the weapon at all of the other asteroids. However, Kyle can't blow up the asteroid he is on without going through alittle bit harder proccess. The third mission begins with Kyle trying to find a way to the reactor core, in an attempt to start a melt down and destroy the asteroid thingy he is on... Once Katarn gets to the core, and begins the melt down, he must escape before the asteroid blows up with him on it. Kyle is forced to race to a docking bay-like place and to high-jack a space ship and escape off the base before if blows up.

When Kyle returns to the New Republic base, he tells Mara Jade (his apprentice) that he's heard rumours about a sith temple found on a planet called Dromuss Kass. So Kyle departs, and Mara becomes the main character for the rest of the game.

Mara's first mission is to act as an envoy for the New Republic, to the Hutts. The New Republic wants to buy weapons and equipment, ect from the rulling Hutt (I can't remember the Hutt's name..).

Mara Jade finds out soon enough that she isn't welcome in the the Hutt Palace becuase of her Jedi heritage. So, she is forced to find an alternitive way into the rulling Hutt's audience chamber.

Eventually, Jade finds a very big sequence charger like thing. She then procceds to activate it right above the Hutt's chamber. She jumps through the hole in the Palace's roof, takes out her blaster (she is a jedi I thought?) and points it at the Hutt and asks for things the NEw republic needs. The Hutt asks her to go on a mission for him to capture some crime lord who is hurting the hutt's buissiness. Mara says that he's in no posistion to negoitate. Then out of the darkness behind Mara steps out about 50 bounty hunters, and the Hutt guy (I really wish I could remember his name...) replies with something like; "neither are you Mara Jade" . Then ofcourse Mara agrees, and is sent off on her mission.

Once there, she goes from place to place tracking down the criem lord named Abron Mar. She eventually finds him, but she gets tricked, knocked out, and gets captured herself.

She wakes up in a pretty ugly looking prison with no weapons, and no apparent way to escape. But, the guards apparenty didn't realise their capturee was a jedi. Mara uses the force to pull a key off the side of a guard. She uses the key on the door and escapes. From there, all she has is jsut her fists and her wits. As she tries to find her way out of the prison camp she comes accross a rancor's den. But luckly for her, her lightsaber is nearby, and she hacks the little bugger to pieces in a few secones (well, atleast I did).

Then she eventually captures the person she was after, and steals something from him that the Hutt needed.

Mara Jade returns to the Hutt Palace, and gives the thing to the rulling Hutt. He gives her and the New Republic all the supplies they need.

Soon after this, Mon Mothama tells Mara about a lost Holocron that is found (holocron is a jedi artifact), and it is being shipped from the New Rebublic base to a more secure site. She wants Mara to babby sit the holocron and make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

As fate would have it, the ship that is carring the holocron is attacked by pirates and the holocron stolen. As the last of the pirate ships depart of the downed cargo ship, Mara stows herself away on the last one.

Mara finds herself in a pirate's base, and embarks on a journey to steal the holocron back.

She eventually finds it, ofcourse, and steals onother ship to make her way back to the New Republic base.

Once there, she tells Mon Mathma (sp?) that Kyle has been gone too long and that she thinks she needs to go in search of him and find out what the trouble is. Mothma agrees, but says she can't afford losing either of them.

So Mara debarcks on the last area in Mysteries of the Sith. She finds that for some reason none of her weapons work there with the expetion of her lightsaber and her force powers.

On Dromuss Kaas she encounters many strange creatures, such as the yslamira, which pushes the force away from anything within a 10 meter raidus of itself. She also finds several swamp wampas; creatures similar to the white furry thing Luke fought on Hoth. Also Mara finds semi intelegent plants which shoot poisen darts at her. Also found in the swamps are dianoga; a creature Kyle Katarn encountered many times in some of his earlier journies.

Soon after landing in the swamp Mara finds Kyle's ship, but the ship is diserted, and a land mine is placed near it, which seems quite strange to Mara at the time.

Mara decides she must go in search of the Sith Ruins herself, since she thinks Kyle must be in there somewhere.

Mara eventually finds the Sith doors, gaurded by several statue dark jedis, which come to life when anyone with force attunedness approches. Mara is forced to battle these, and go through numerous puzzles, and to go below ground, and in the catacombs of the Sith temple to finally reach the intersanctom of the mysterious sith temple.

There she finds what she was looking for, Kyle Katarn, but not the same as when he left. He asks her to join him and to remake the sith ruins in all thier glory. He says to follow her, into the heart of the temple. She sees that he is slipping to the dark side, but is forced to follow him anyway to try to save him.

In the final level of Mysteries of the Sith Mara Jade eventually finds Kyle, after fighting many undead Siths, stone statue siths, Vonsker (doge like creatures) and many other menaces. But when Mara find kyle the whole area beneath their feet disapears and they find themselves on a bridge with 2 floating platfroms on either side (one side with Mara, the other with Kyle). Kyle tells Mara to step accross the bridge and join him, or to "mantian you pitiful faith in the force by stepping off into oblivian and death" as says Kyle.

Being a true Jedi Mara would rather die then go to the Dark side, so she jumps off the bridge... There's a flash and both kyle and Mara are in a room, and Kyle begins to fight Mara with his lightsaber and force powers. But Mara simply turns off her lightsaber. Kyle says something about defending yourself. But then he faulters and says that he was wrong and that "he can't kill his friends and allies" and he turns back to the light side.

So, it ends with both of them flying off of the temple in the ship Mara came in, and so ends the game.


Well, that was the basic story, if you still want to know more just ask and I'll go alittle more indepth :rolleyes:

I hope that helped!

02-07-2002, 06:47 PM
mots is offically EU, look up mara jade in the starwars.com database. It says she trained with Kyle for a little bit.

02-07-2002, 06:50 PM
and this is what a vornskr looks like:


it's a level i made...if u want u can dload it at www.angelfire.com/extreme/atst/downloads.html (it's arena33421)....

02-07-2002, 11:21 PM
Wow thanks Silent_Thunder. That's more than i could have hoped for in the way of an explanation.

Darth Lunatic
02-07-2002, 11:32 PM
Yes and Vornskrr are the hardest to kill enemy in the entire Jedi Knight series. Unless of course you have saber throw, which makes things a little easier. They are super fast, and very strong.

Nice summary of MOTS ther Silent_Thunder. After playing MOTS you will understand fully why Kyle has abandoned his Jedi ways. But must now bury the past and face a new menacing foe......whoever that may be.

02-07-2002, 11:39 PM
Originally posted by JPMaximilian
I don't think MOTS fits in real well with the rest of the EU.

I said i don't think it fits in real well with the REST of the EU, I know MOTS is official EU, but it doesn't work that well if you ask me.

Yodimus Prime
02-08-2002, 12:35 AM
Well, to be really general, its fine, there's really not much conflict with the rest of EU. But there are definitely lots of details that don't fit.

I liked how the crime boss happened to have both 8T-88's head and a Dark Trooper's head on display near the holocron. That was nifty.

so were the jedi statues. I liked how they exploded when you killed them.

02-08-2002, 12:21 PM
You know I've always wondered where Jan was during the events in MoTS. Since her and Kyle were almost always together in Dark Forces and Jedi Knight, it's like they totally forgot about her when making the game or something. Maybe she got jealous of Mara for getting Kyle's attention or something.

Another thing, is the Moldy Crow completley gone now? In Jedi Knight if you choose the light path it get's roughed up pretty bad, but you'd think it could be salvagable... I have to admit if you choose the dark path in Jedi Knight it is cool having the Moldy Crow on that cliff on Battle Ground Jedi, just a cool addition to the level IMO.

I would much rather have the Moldy Crow back though, I am not a big fan of those Lambda class shuttles that Kyle used in MoTS... of course I am just nit picking as usual.

Darth Lunatic
02-08-2002, 12:34 PM
Yeah, Jan was missing completely in MOTS. I can't see how they were going to fit her in, since you play as Kyle for 2 levels.

I like Lambda Class shuttles, although they are a bit too generic.

The Moldy Crow had some personality like the Millenium Falcon. It's sad to see it go but we all saw it turn into scrap when Kyle crashed it, escaping from the transport ship. Assuming you took the light path...

02-08-2002, 01:46 PM
Luckily Kyle and Jan won't be flying around in that lamba ship. But instead, their new ship will be called; Raven's Claw. Atleast that's what I heard :).

02-08-2002, 01:58 PM
And, to mis-quote Luke in the ANH novelization, "What's a raven?" I mean, sure. Ducks (http://www.starwars.com/databank/creature/duck/index.html) are now (jokingly) part of the canon, but I don't think we need ALL Earth birds to appear in the EU.

02-08-2002, 06:35 PM
jan was off fixing the Mouldy Crow during MotS... obviously ;)

the things that don't fit with other parts of the EU are such tiny, picky things that they aren't worth worrying about. the DF games are better than any of the EU books anyway...

you forgot the bit where Mara has to fight Dark MAra.... a bit like in EsB where luke fights himself/vader

it would be a shame if the old mouldy crow wasn't in JKO.. it is one of the few vehicles they ahve created for the EU that doesn't look pretty pants... it has a nice, dirty SW feel to it.. definately better than all those rebel tanks from FC and those jedi starfighters....

02-08-2002, 10:35 PM
Silent... I don't think that you could go into much more detail on that description. At least from what I remember when I beat MotS about a year and a half ago. :\

Did Kyle fly the Moldy Crow into those Sith Ruins? Or was that just another 'ole New Republic ship?

I too hope that the Moldy Crow makes at least a short apperance in JO. I want a nice dirty SW feel like from the movies. Kyle's shirt is a bit too clean also. Remember that permanent sweat stain under his arms from Jedi Knight? :p

Hey toms, when did Mark Hamill say what you've got in your sig?

Darth Lunatic
02-08-2002, 11:13 PM
Kyle flew the Lambda Class Imperial Shuttle he stole into Dromaand Kaas, where the sith ruins are.