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02-08-2002, 01:24 PM
I've been watching the Trailer frame-by-frame today, and noticed something. First off, My belief is that at least some of the goons in red (and maybe the one in yellow) are women.

*shocked silence*

Ok, let me explain that. There are a few shots that back me up, I think. You can feel free to criticize this viewpoint.

There's a screenshot from JO (I don't know how to post pictures so I give a detailed description) where Kyle's fighting three red-cloaks along with a buddy blue-blade. There are two reddies fighting Kyle (who has his lightsabre in his right hand) one of these two is holding the sabre with both hands. The sabre handle is on the goon's right, and the blade travels from mid-torso right to high left (above the left shoulder) The other goon is jumping and there is a lot of motion blur. (this reddie is holding sabre in right hand) The features on the face of the Reddie on the ground are distinctly feminine.

Now, for the Trailer. For the yellow goon, go to the second sabre duel. The one where Kyle kills the enemy and their sabre bounces away. After Kyle strikes the first enemy, there are a pair of frames where the opponent's sabre dissapears. Move to the second of these two frames and look at the opponent. Look familiar? It's the same costume as the red goons, but yellow.

Now for other evidence (In my mind) that at least some of the Reddies are women. Go back in the trailer to the first sabre duel. Now go through it frame-by-frame and look at the last frame in that sequence. Again, (at least to me) the features are somewhat feminine, although it's somewhat hard to tell because of motion blur.

That's it. You can feel free to criticize me, or laud me, whichever.

Or you can let this sink to the bottom by not posting, whatever. ;)

02-08-2002, 02:54 PM
Though I don't own the game myself, I believe that the goons in red hoods are characters used in Quake 3 and male. They're most likely be used for a multiplayer skin.