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02-09-2002, 04:50 AM
OK, after a first try, I'll give u all another go and see if I can rustle up attention. People may be under the impression that this idea is not fully formed. Believe me, IT IS!

The NJOP will involve an original storyline, continuing from that which I have already started in my continuing MOD for X Wing Alliance. Our cast of Characters (and their state at the start of THIS Mod) are as follows:

Bryon Tomri: An ex-Imperial pilot, and featured character of the NJOP for X Wing Alliance. Bryon lost his brother to the Yuuzhan Vong at the ExGal-4 research station on the planet Belkadan when they first entered the galaxy. He was transfered to the Republic when peace was made between they and the Imperial Remnant as a measure of good faith between the two sides. Tomri experienced the Vong assault from the very moments of its beginning, when Vong agent Nom Anor destroyed his command ship the Mediator, forcing Bryon's reassignment. When the Vng incursion grew in size after their initial defeat, Bryon was recalled to the Remnant and engaged the Vong along with the Chiss pilots who had recently arrived. Following the destruction of Ithor, the Remnant withdraw and closed their borders, effectively sealing Bryon inside with them. Fleeing with his friends, Tomri 'defected' to the Republic and continues to fight with them against the Vong.

Cathy Re'que: Owner of a 'legitimate' shipping company following Alliance smuggling runs during the Galactic Civil War, Cathy follows Bryon on his many non Republic related missions, allowing him to pilot her ship, the YT 4000 (custom built) Reque. She aided his excape from the Remnant after his recall, and continues to loan her ship and crews to him when he needs them. However, the two are about to discover that even when their friends become their enemies, they might still need your help...

Fer Diav: A Bloodcarver, Fer thought he had been orphaned at an early age. Through hard work and much slicing however, he discovered that he had had a brother, who may or may not still be alive. Later, when aiding Bryon in his escape from the Remnant, Fer took the liberty (and the passing, once in a lifetime chance) to hack into the computer facilities over Obroa Skai. What he found pushed him over the edge. His brother had been owned over fifty years ago by Wilhuf Tarkin, and had apparently been killed by a young Jedi. Consumed with hatred, Fer nonetheless hid his feelings, and secretly joined the Peace Brigade, a group of Yuuzhan Vong sympathisers. When Bryon and he were tasked with safely overseeing the transportation of several Jedi, Fer attempted to hand them over to the peace brigade secretly. Failing when one escaped his shuttle, Fer took off and joined the Peace Brigade outright. Bryon and Cathy scouted the galaxy for him, and eventually found him with the peace Brigade over Yavin during their attack on the Jedi Acadamy. When the Vong arrived, Fer was enslaved and transported off planet...

Yet'ret Lurima: A female Jedi Knight, NJOP for JKII player character, and the Jedi who escaped the shuttle piloted by Fer Diav. Rescued by Bryon, she is now among a small rescue team that he has assembled to attempt to secure the safe return of Fer Diav...

OK, thats characters. Storywise... well can't give too much away, but some of the stuff I have planned:

- The infiltration of a Vong slave command post to retrieve Fer Diav.
- Take part in a large scale troop engagement on the planet Pyrothn.
-Escape the Vong capture of Coruscant.

If you wanna know more, then reply here! I'd like to get this off the ground, as I like to think I've got a good story going here...

for more info on characters, hean over to my site thats linked in my signiture...

02-10-2002, 11:14 AM
Hey David. :cool:

What are we gonna be doing as far as 3d-modelling? Character modelling wasn't always my best, but I've gotten a bit better. :)

So, send me some more information. Lol. Oh, and the Coralskipper for the XWA NJOP is on its way.

(shh... don't tell anyone but i started a yuuzhan vong model...)

02-10-2002, 09:01 PM
hmm sounds interesting...I can beta test for ya :D