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02-10-2002, 04:50 PM
Remember those times when your watching TV and something stupidly funny happens? Here is where I post 'em!

Spongebob: Have a Crabbypatty, it's good for your soul!
Squidword: Oh, Spongebob! You know I don't have a soul!

Spongebob: Stop eating all the crabbypatties!
Squidword: Why not? Will I explode?
Spongebob: No. It'll all go to your hips!
*Squidword looks down, his hips are huge and bulky*
Spongebob: And THEN you'll explode!

*Homer is trying to find out his middle name. He sees a mirial that his mother had painted for him on the side of a building. A small bush is covering his middle name*
Homer: When I move this bush, I will no longer be known as Homer J. Simpson! Now I will be known as...*he moves the bush* Homer JAY Simpson!

Dad: Oh great, you've made him afraid of his favorite holiday. Why don't you ruin Thanksgiving for him, too?
*The Uncle turns to the boy*
Uncle: Hey, do you know what turkey jiblets REALLY are?

*Homer destroys a truck that has a replica of his work
space. The truck has a nuclear mealtdown and burns through the ground. Homer climbs out of the hole, glowing with nuclear radiation.*
Homer(Zombified and mad): Must...destroy...human kind! *Homers watch beeps* Oooo! Its Lunchtime!

OK, I know I can't do it better than Natty, but I tried. So Wadaya think? Post some of your own TV moments if you want.

Al-back from the BigWhoop
02-11-2002, 11:11 AM
it would take me a day to write all my funniest tv momments. im very entretainable, u know...

but most of them fall under the shows:

1st: the simpson (9862345)
2nd: rocko (6947646)
spongebob (6947646)
4th: comedy movies (6129039)
5th: tv series (5998899)
6th: horror movies (5789843)
7th: comedy shows (Piores.br, etc.) (5112233)
8th: comedy cartoons (4987969)
9th: advertisings (2978687)

and thats tv, summing up to 54754307

+ 48952135 of internet fun
+ 67979868 of real life (conversations and stuff) fun
+- 170million fun situations/17 years = 10million fun moments

10000000/31536000seconds in an year = 0.31709791983764586504312531709792 funny moments per second, or 3/10 funny moments per sec... wow, ive been taking my life too seriously, time to loosen up a little bit...