View Full Version : Wouldnt it be possible to included co-op in JK2

02-12-2002, 03:04 AM
With all these people making mods and all.
Wouldnt it be possible to include it so we have co-op.
JK2 would be friggen awesome if we could have some co-op through single player missions.
Ive heard rumors of people thinking about it...but perhaps we could find out for real if they are going to do it.

Also...Perhaps include it like original Q3 where u could have skirmish and have tons of bots.I mean..that would be cool having tons of jedi and sith running around in massive skirmish war.

Anyways..id love to hear about co-op thing being developed.
as im a huge fan of co-op and JK2 would be a definate one id want co-op for.

02-12-2002, 06:52 AM
The search button is there for a reason ;)

02-12-2002, 07:26 AM
If we can work this out, It will have to be a feature in AOTCTC.
I would love to have a MP game in the Geonises Areana.
I wont give you details about the level due to spoilers.

02-12-2002, 10:38 PM
me want co-op dammit!!!!!!!

02-13-2002, 06:15 AM
There are two seperate teams planning on creating the single player game included with JO into a co-op game.

02-13-2002, 09:11 AM
I think it will be turning hm into coop singleplay since that will be the only code that is released.

02-13-2002, 02:06 PM
There's a team doing it for EF, so It's definately possible with MP code.

02-19-2002, 07:35 AM
Well, I'm that "team" that is working on the co-op mod for Elite Force. I'm definitely going to include it into JK2: Outcast, too. Should be easier then, with all the code ready!

02-19-2002, 09:16 AM

02-20-2002, 10:02 AM
TheSnerd can't wait to see your work combined with our maps ;)