View Full Version : All at sea here. Help please!

02-12-2002, 07:35 AM
Several questions:

1) Okay, I know this is something that everyone has asked before, but does anyone have any kind of documentation on the campaign editor?

2) I'm trying to create a trench a la Echo base in Hoth. Any ideas on how to do it? Cliff faces seem wrong, and the low terrain is unsuitable.

3) How would you make a trigger to activate a (computer controlled) droid army when they are contacted by player armies?

4) Can a player character gain control of tauntauns or other non-player critters?

5) How do you select a unit inside a transport to be the one to set off a trigger?

I have millions of other questions, but that'll do for now. Any ideas?

02-12-2002, 07:49 AM
1.swgb.heavengames.com has a scn editor tutorial.
2.I made a deep balley for a trench. Download the MP battle of Hoth for a look. It is at the same site.
3. 2 ways: you caould task them all using the trigger task object, or you could just use a trigger that changes their diplomacy to your side.

4. No. The only animals are Nerfs and Banthas.

5. I am not sure you can. I know there is a trigger to unload a man out of a transport. It might work, try it.