View Full Version : Some EFMI problems

Ellone Loire
02-12-2002, 10:28 PM
I've encountered a couple of problems in EFMI that I don't know how to repair.

1st, about the sound problem. Guybrush wasn't able to talk even though I've set for 'Voice and Text' option. His mouth moves but no sound came out (though the background music is okay). Can anyone help me on this?

And 2nd, after sailing to Lucre Island... When Guybrush landed (badly) there, the picture was a mess. It's a cartoonic picture, with obnoxious colouring. There was a coconut tree, a straw tent (which someone was repairing, but I think he's actually repairing the ship although I couldn't see the ship that was 'replaced' by the tent), and an orange sun. I think that was a bug since no one else seemed to have that problem, but I don't know how to de-bug. Anyone has a suggestion on this, other than giving it back to the store owner?

02-15-2002, 06:29 PM
Seems to be a graphic problem in 2.

1. In the Menu select Help - Analyze your Computer and check that everything has "passed" the test.
If it does, then check if there is an update for your card. Go to the manufacturers home page and look for updates.

You should also run the DirectX diags.

2. In the Menu select Configuration Options and Trouble Shooting. Set to Enable Direct3D and Force 16 Bit Color.

3. Start game and press F1. Select Option and Alter Gee Whiz Factor. Try Minimal on all.