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02-13-2002, 03:18 PM
in TEAM MULTIPLAYER matches, are we forced to do battle in those god-ugly skins from JEDI KNIGHT (red, blue, green, purple) i didn't like how id chose my skin and come into a match, only to have it change into KYLE wearing a stupid costume with a big stripe down his body...

so can someone enlighten us all on the TEAM SKIN situation?

i hope that its just something simple, like pieces of clothing dyed the team color... or maybe some skins are team-based, like in COUNTER-STRIKE, like one side would get stormtroopers and imperial officers, while the other would get rebel troopers and rebel officers? or in the JEDI case, one side would get that sort of "sith uniform" outfit that JEREC, YUN, and even DARTH MAUL sported, and i guess the other side would get the "obi wan" look, or maybe they'd just wear their normal stuff... like what LUKE and KYLE have been wearing for a while now.

02-13-2002, 03:24 PM
The idea of having the rebel and imperial sides is good. It would be nice, but sometimes you've got 2 people who want to be on the same team and one wants to be on the imperial side and the other wants to be a rebel. I'm not sure how they will do this.

02-14-2002, 02:51 AM
Spaceball, I agree with you 100%.

I despised the Kyle Clones wearing rainbow jumpsuits. IMO, the Counter-Strike approach would be best... but one with a little more variety.

Here's what you suggested...

Team 1 (Light Side): Rebel Armor and Jedi Robes
Team 2 (Dark Side): Imperial Uniform and Sith Garb

However, the difference here would be there would be about three different kinds for each category.

Team 1 (Light Side):
Rebel Armor: Rebel Commando, Rebel Officer, Senator Skin
Jedi Robes: Padawan Skin, Heavily Cloaked Jedi, 1 more.
Team 2 (Dark Side):
Imperial Unfirom: Stormtrooper, Royal Guard, Imperial Officer
Sith Garb: Remnant Warrior, Maul style, Heavily cloaked Sith


02-14-2002, 03:03 AM
But I agree that we should have some more variety. MotS had a good way of doing it, by putting in different models for classes in teamplay (so it wasn't just all Kyle's).

I'm sure JK2 will do it how other more modern FPS games have done it... have many (or all) of the models have "team skins" to go with them, so you should have more variety.

I hope that there are also a variety of team colors to choose from, not just two.

02-14-2002, 03:47 AM
I'm sure all the characters that have been announced by LEC on the official website will be available as multiplayer skins.

All the enemies...like Grans, Rodian, Reborn, etc will be part of
the Imperials or the Dark side in teamplay...

All the allies...Jan, Rebels, Kyle, Luke, etc will be part of the New
Republic(Rebels) or Light Side in teamplay...

FFA will allow the use of any of these skins..since its deatmatch...

Something like what we seen in Mohaa

This is my theory on multiplayer skins anyways...;)


02-14-2002, 04:06 AM
Because this is a Q3 Team Arena based game useing the STV: EF Q3 engine but more advanced, i think this is how it could work:

1) Colored teams

You chose a skin.....eg a storm trooper, if u join red team, he may have a red stripe, if you join blue, he may have a blue strip. And the same for every other skin....like, being kyle, on blue hes cloths may have a blue tint to them, if you joined red, his cloths may have a red tint to them.
Like Elite Force with Red + Blue Teams

This is another way it could work :

2) Imperial + Rebel Teams

You would have options for Imperial and Rebel skins, so u'd chose an imperial one and a rebel one, so if you joined rebel the team, u'd be that rebel skin, if u joined imperial u'd be tht imperial skin.
Like Medal of Honor : Allied Assult with Axis and Allies.

I think the 1st one is more likly because the 2nd i think would be more for a co-op based game, JO is gonna be pure fragage :D.

02-14-2002, 05:28 AM
I think Moh style teamplay skin usage would be more better...its
not only for co-op games...

Moh also has teamplay and FFA game modes and like u said Krak3n, like Jedi Outcast, Moh is also pure fragage...

Moh is also a Q3 Team Arena engine game...

Colored team option just sucks...


02-14-2002, 11:00 AM
you said it QEL.

MEDAL OF HONOR is "pure fraggage" just like OUTCAST will be... so i really hope that there are team-based skins like the ALLIES and AXIS troops, only in our case, REBEL and IMPERIAL troops.

i hope that if they DO go with the REBEL / IMPERIAL approach, they include the different uniforms... like the HOTH uniforms that the IMPERIALS wore, those were sweet.

anyways, i just can't wait to kick some ass as BILLY DEE.

02-14-2002, 11:12 AM
remember this from the developer chat from november or so:

Jonoson: Can you elaborate on the team-based multiplayer we can expect to see? Class-based? CTF? Team-based multiplayer is a lot of fun.

Jedi Outcast: We will have the team based and of course, the different factions of the Rebels and the Imperial Forces. And of course, CTF as well.