View Full Version : How do you think the bosses should be done in general in JO?

02-14-2002, 02:55 AM
I was just thinking about how the bosses might be in JO, and was wondering what everyone would like to see as a boss or a special (non fodder) enemy. BTW, this is more of just fantasy then actually thinking the devs will create the game this way (as it's pretty much all ready done). Also, I wouldn't really care if none of the bosses turn out like this, ect.

For me, I'd like see a few, maybe 3 or 4 Light saber wielding bosses, maybe something much stronger then one of the reborns, who seem as weak as a storm trooper. This would provide adiquite challange and change over the ordinary reborns. Ofcourse there'd also be the final boss, who could have a different set of moves then a regular jedi, or atleast a slightly different set of moves. I wouldn't want the finall boss battle to be just like a second Jerec, with super high health, but low intellegence. Maybe he could be someone almost as weak as Kyle, but very smart, and with good defense moves, and lot's of evading.

But what I'd most like to see is some kind of gun wielding, non-force powered boss return in the same manner as Rohm Mock, or Boba Fett from Dark Forces. I think it would be really cool to have 1 Phase 3 Dark Trooper escape from the arc hammer that Kyle would have to fight... Or maybe a skilled Bounty Hunter like Fett. All I'd really want to see though, is just a tough non force powered guy, with a jet pack and some cool weapons :).

Also, I wouldn't have the Bosses in their own mission like in JK, but more along the lines of MotS, or Dark Forces. Also, I think it would be neat to have some boss that isn't mentioned in the story appear at some point in the game. Maybe some storm trooper that's alot more powerful then normal, nothing that is part of the story, but someone that would make you wonder who it was you just killed, and what he was up to.

Well anyway, if you were designing the bosses yourself, what would you do?