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02-15-2002, 07:22 AM
Okay, folks. I have a couple of questions about map design.

1) is there any way to make a random map based on Hoth? I have tried using the "tundra" idea, but what I have ended up with has always had ocean on either side of the map, plus trees instead of carbon rocks and a lot of critters that don't belong. What do people suggest? Is making one by hand (or worse, modifying another) the only way?

2) If I wanted to postulate an attack on the Rebels by pirates, what units should I use? I was thinking that the rebels would be confusing, Naboo would be unlikely and the empire impossible. I think we can rule out Gungans and Wookies, so I was thinking trade Federation. But is there any way to work that into an ESB contemporary story line?

Thanks in advance.

Duke Straykker
02-15-2002, 06:10 PM
Well, for the end of number two there, you dont have to choose a civ to use units as pirates. In the map editor, there are many units in the Gaia section, that you could possibly use. Eg; trandoshan slavers, and other units that they used in the real campaigns as "baddies" not from certain civs........

Just a thought......

02-22-2002, 11:24 AM
They would probably fit well for pirates

02-26-2002, 10:52 PM
Yes, there is a way to do this. With AOK, there were provided to us though various links & sites the following; AI scipt Editor (Design the computer opponant's brain and way of thinking as well as opperating), Mod-Pack Studio (Allowing us to manipulate, change, or create, ANY animation btmp used in the game for any unit involved- be it a tree, rock, statue, or units appearance), and a Random Script Editor (Designing your own random maps, by setting the perameters in which the randomness will follow. IE; Setting up a system which states which options are available, how many of any such options are available, and density in which any of the options might be grouped together on the map).
SWGB uses the same Engine as AOK, and I have thus far found the AI script Editor, and I'm pretty sure I saw the Random Map Editor as well. From what I understand a functioning Mod-Pack Studio is yet to be designed to fit the 2 'additional' animations of each unit, but hopefully that is already in the works.
I read over all of these for the AOK version, but have not had any experience in trying to use them, as I got 'sucked in' to the possibilities and depth of the triggers in Map Editor. I've also come to realize many of my extensively elaborate triggers could have been done easier & in far less time in the Random Script Editor which you seek. It operates in computer 'Basic' language, based on If's, Then's, and End If's, so it's pretty straight forward, I've just not gotten into it as of yet.
You should check out such sites as SWGB Heaven, same site as AOK Heaven, and the like as these programs are provided there. If they are more elusive than that, I'm sure someone there would easily direct you to the exact location of what you seek.
I agree about using Gaia units, as pirates, some other's that might work are the x-tra soldiers provided for the Rebels, & Naboo both regular & Hero. I forget their names off hand, one is a red uniform, & one is greyish. They represent two of the planetary authorities in the campaigns. Mix 'em up with the slavers, a TF droid here and there with a Gundark, Wookie, Bounty Hunter and Bursa & you'll have a mixed lot before you know it.
Hope this helps.

03-04-2002, 04:10 AM
Sounds good GMT.