View Full Version : 2D or 3D

02-15-2002, 01:36 PM
Do you think MI5 should be 2D or 3D?

02-16-2002, 02:01 AM
Originally posted by jesseg88
Do you think MI5 should be ** ** **? No.


Captain LeChuck
02-16-2002, 08:47 AM
3D, man

02-18-2002, 01:07 PM
I choose 3D (No matter what anyone says they will make it 3D) But what I bleive they should do is go the Cell shaded teqnique.

Essentially, this means that a 3D model is created, but the shading gets a "cut-off" value. If the shade of a pixel is above, it gets the maximum brightness, if it's below, it gets the minimum brightness.

This would give Guybrush (and the rest of the crew) typical 2D Monkey Island looks, without LucasArts having to prerender everything. Look at Jet Grind Radio for an example.


12-03-2002, 03:48 AM
hey its a bit of an ongoing thing isn't it?
but in the end, they won't go back from 3d to 2d. However I do agree that the graphics need to be better. But 3d wasn't that bad.