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02-19-2002, 10:29 AM
i have two questions for you people who might know what they are talking about.

1. Where do you guys get the AI script code? i see some people say stuff like "set = loop bla bla bla"

2. someone please tell me that there is a way to modify units such as... i want to make a map that has extreamly powerfull gundarks or bursas and i want my jedi to have enough power to kill them in one hit. how can i change the hit points and attack strengths and range and such of the units in the game?

just think how cool it would be if there were gundarks that were extreamly hard to kill and could kill people in one hit... it would be awesome because i am trying to make a level based on the New Jedi Order books with the Yuuzan Vong. I plan on useing the gundarks and bursas and jawas and kyat dragons and such as bad guys, but the problem is that they are too weak and do not do enough damage.

also on the thread of AI, i put a bunch of wild animals (like dragons and wampas) out and my men did not attack untill they were being attacked. is there anyway to make a wampa comtroled by anything other than Gaia?

ok i guess thats about it, oh and hello im new here!

02-20-2002, 08:42 PM
{o} As for AI I am not sure- if I understand correctly you must type in Computer Basic language in a AI script Editor. That's how it worked for Age of Empires & Age of Kings, Etc.

{o} The Gundarks you may upgrade and contol ONLY BECAUSE the Gungan's have him as a possible unit. SINCE the Jawas, Wampas, Dragons, Sandpeople, etc, are not in any of the Civilizations' unit lists; they can't be controlled by anyone but Gaia.I don't know why, I just know the product of Testing,writing,testing,writing & testing scenerios for AOK. I am so psyched that SWGBG is usung the same engine I'm familiar with- but there are definately areas to be improved upon. The Jawas and Sandpeople are two PRIME EXAMPLES of Gaia units more desirable and logical to allow us to control instead of the Gundarks, but Heh, I'm unfortunately not in the pilots' seat here. Oh and where the hell's Mara Jade's lightsaber??!!??!!OR Powers?! Or Grand Admiral Thrawn??????????????Again with these idiotic units like the two Jedi master Heroes or NO-Name Hero Officers who are NON-EXISTANT in the Star Wars Universe and they make them instead of Jabba the Hutt, or Thrawn, or Exar Kun, Naga sadow, Freedon Nadd, or a continuous list of OVER QUALIFIED LEFT OUT characters. Ah, forget it they're not listening anyway. :confused: :mad: :rolleyes: :deathii: