View Full Version : Ummm... Did Officers Shrink?

02-20-2002, 11:34 PM
Go to the Official site, and look at number 7 of the screen shots.

Am I the only one that thinks that officer looks really, really tiny?

I did a test, and measured the liength of Kyles boot, with how long the panels were on the ground. It appears that Kyle's boot is just alittle shorter then the longest side of the panel.

However, if that officer were to lay down, he would be shorter then the longest end of one of the tiles on the ground... Which would mean the officer only gets to knee height on Kyle... :confused:

Is it just me or did that officer get really tiny?


02-20-2002, 11:37 PM

Nice one!

02-20-2002, 11:40 PM
Hey, I'm not making it up, look for yourself :).

02-20-2002, 11:41 PM
"Aren't you a little short to be an officer?" LOL.

No he looks fine. The control panels look like they will come to his waste. It just looks that way since Kyle is, A) in the air and B) a little far away.

02-21-2002, 12:19 AM
I'm not talking about the CONTROL Panels, but the tiles on the ground. Kyles Boot is about as long as one tile. The officer is also about as tall as one tile... :p

Also, Kyle really isn't all that high in the air, it looks like he's on his "tippy toes" :rolleyes: .

02-21-2002, 12:32 AM
HELLO McFLY! His obviously in the air jumping, you can plainly see it. He may have even used force jump, there is no way he is on his toes. look at other pics compare his boot size to the side of your head!


:max: :sam:

02-21-2002, 12:49 AM
*Compares Kyle's Boot size with the side of my head*

You know... There's no shadows to compare Kyle, and the ground with, so it's kind of hard to tell if, or how much he's off the ground... It looks like he's doing a leap frog to me... :ewok:

But whatever... it's a strange angle none-the-less. :) ;) :o :D :rolleyes: :p

02-21-2002, 01:06 AM
What is the point of this thread? Dude... do you really think a.) Lucas would post a screenshot with such a weird problem and b.) they really have a bug where the officer is half as tall as you? Wake up, man. It's common sense. Stop trying to stir up controversy with a dumb post like that.

02-21-2002, 01:20 AM
:lol: :rofl: :lol: :rofl: :lol: :rofl: :lol:

"Stop trying to stir up controversy with a dumb post like that."

It was actually ment to be part humerous, and part serious, very, serious question :p. It looks very odd IMO, and I thought it would be funny to point out the way it looked. I thought most people would take it lightly... Guess not .:D

02-21-2002, 01:20 AM
geez, someone needs his diaper changed. :p

oh btw:


:D :D :D :D :lol:

02-21-2002, 01:33 AM
"geez, someone needs his diaper changed."

Geez, it can't be that time agian all ready...