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02-22-2002, 03:17 PM

Hi im a newb on this board :newbie:
I have been reading now for about 3 months on this board and decided to post about this wierd effect i saw with this pic. Did you guys notice that his lightsaber is floating ABOVE his hand? I was wondering if you guys think it was flying for a sec before he grabbed it or it was some cool manipulating the lightsaber after a throw or somethin.

02-22-2002, 03:23 PM
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It seems to be some kind of in-game movie, with the reborn doing a saber trick (i.e. he might just have ignited it and he's getting it into the position for dueling).

simon says
02-22-2002, 03:26 PM
Maybe he's catching it after using Force Throw? We haven't seen too many pics of catches, so this could be it

02-22-2002, 03:37 PM
to me it looks like a saber throw, and, in the stage where he's pulling it back to his hand... cause his (her!?) hand is outstretched and not as if the saber was just thrown...

Lord Zen
02-22-2002, 04:34 PM
the reborn in that pic isn't catching the lightsaber..he is just handing it with the force like obi wan is in this pic http://ez2www.com/go.php3?site=book&go=0590519220 i guess he is just trying 2 intimidate kyle by showing him how good he is with the force:rolleyes:. and 2 see wat the catch looks like from after a throw watch the e3 video and u will see. his arm is out in front of him...

02-22-2002, 04:46 PM

It looks like he is Taunting Kyle. Man, enemies with Personality. This is really going to be a good game. Sort of like the pic above. (Man it would be great of one of those monitors on the left has a Microsoft Blue Screen of Death on it) :D

I also noticed that the thing just to right of the Reborn looks a lot like the "weather vane" thingy where Darth Vader cut off Lukes hand in ESB. It also look like one of the four things at the top of this pic.


Same map? Is this more Bespin like the cool orange floor maps?


02-22-2002, 04:51 PM
Yeah, Cyclone...that looks exactly like the same map. Well spotted. ;)

As for the reason for the floating lightsaber...hmmm...I'd be inclined to agree that it's some kind of taunt. It doesn't look like part of the saber throw, but you never know...

As for enemies with personalities...I'm all for it.

Bring 'em on... :D

02-22-2002, 04:56 PM
Thanks, This is definately a Bespin Level in the game. I guess I know where we run into Lando now.


02-22-2002, 10:14 PM
If you ask me it's from a cut scene, there is no hud(is that what you call the circle helth meters in the corners?) in the pictures, the pic with kyle looking at the guy has no hud either. Isnt there a way to turn off the hud thing? I dont know, just my 3 cents

:max: :sam:

02-22-2002, 10:33 PM
As for the lack of a HUD, i think these were early shots of the game (are they even on the official LEC website?) with a crappy stand-in HUD until they made a real one. Basically a debugging thing, sorta, so instead of making a full hud they do "printf(health)" and "printf(ammo)" (yeah it's oversimplified, but you get the point).