View Full Version : Last Starfighter League

Lord Chief
02-23-2002, 11:20 AM
Do you like playing Galactic Battlegrounds and want to join a large clan with over 6 years of multiplayer experience and an excellent reputation in the Starwars gaming community? Than Id say LSF is the place for you to be.

Were the second largest Starwars league in the world. Should you want to join we have a few rules:

1. No laming/cheating
2. Enjoy what you do (playing games, RPG writing etc)
3. Help each other out whenever possible

If you join youll get this:

1. Second largest Starwars league in the world
2. Great atmosphere and people willing to help and improve each others skills
3. Many wars, like the week of war, internal wars etc in which you can acquire medals, promotions etc

If you're interested check out our major site http://empire.starfighters.com or contact me at jhoeboer@hotmail.com