View Full Version : Hotkeys and scripts

02-25-2002, 01:43 AM
Forgive me if I don't know enough about q3 scripting (don't call me a newbie, I was ranked 58 out of 4500 on one of my favorite servers) how exactly do I switch from one set of hotkeys to another during a game?

From what I know about q3, I'm guessing that all I have to do is make a file with the "bind" commands and then type it in the prompt.

This is going to be important I think. There will be to many keys needed for guns, forces, and other things to have keys bound to everything. I'll prolly have to have a set for NF, FF, and something in between.

The FF set will have all the forces I need bound along with a few of the weapons that are useful against targets with speed. I'm guessing heavy repeater and a couple others. There prolly won't be a need to bind bryer, ST rifle, or Xbow.

A NF set will have to have all the weapons bound. Unlike JK where the lag system made dirtect hit weapons virtually useless on the net, the Q3 engine will make it possible to hit with weaker weapons.