View Full Version : Is their something that you think will ruin it. and what is your favorite....

02-25-2002, 04:19 AM
first off do you think that the reborn if they come in frequently during all the levels that theyll dull the saber fighting? Will you like it? Will you get tired of fighting mini saber duels with Reborn during the levels, Or do you think that raven made it so no matter what the boss saber battles will always be more challanging?
Or will it ultimately take the luster off saber battles after a time?

Soory for the long questios but i wont to include everyones opinion in this if it is the case. If you say "I have to wait to play it" the please elaborate

.Some more questions about the pst 2 games

Secondly I wanted to ask you all out their what is your favorite all time favorite level for mots since its dying out.

I have to say mines was a tale of a , mercenary.

Next what was your favorite battles in MOTs or JK
again i have to say It was with maw, the music, your powers have grown, and it is a perfect setting.

Anyway let me get your opions of all these things. shoot