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02-25-2002, 09:28 AM
I need help with another Uni project, if people are willing to help me. It's easier than the last one for those of you who did it, it's just a simple questionnaire with 5 questions, asking about similarities between yourself/your marriage partner or your dating partner. I really need married people the most, but I doubt I will find any of those here. I also need people who have been dating someone for 12 months or less. If you don't fit into those categories, but you would like to help, then please can you fill one in about your best friend.

One other thing, because of the ethical implications of using children (sorry, I mean it in the legal sense, i.e under 16) and parental consent issues, only people 16 or over can do the questionnaire.

If you can help, please can you send me your email via PM or something, and I'll post you the questionnaire, it only takes about 5 mins to do, if that, and its just numbers that you have to mail me back with, not an essay like before, hehe
Thanks, Helen :)

Natty At School
02-25-2002, 05:43 PM
I love surveys :D I'll do it Helen, just send it to me via PM or email