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02-28-2002, 01:00 AM
I am an experienced wargamer and also proficient at playing SWGB. I am however, quite new to the Scenario Editor.
I am building scenarios for my own enjoyment and have two questions - one major and one minor. I have browsed this forum but did not find the answer to the major question.

Scenario Background
-- 3 players:
---- human = Rebels
---- computer = Empire
---- computer = Trade Fed

-- Global = CONQUEST

-- Custom made map with plenty of resources, specially around the starting locations of each player

-- Population Limit = 50 for each player, Gaia's population limit is 200

-- Alignment = all are enemies

-- Full Tech Tree available for all players

-- Starting Tech Level 1 for all players

-- Starting Resources : Ore=200 Nova=100 Carbon=200 Food=200 for all players

-- Starting Population : Command Center with 3 workers and a scout for all players

Major Question

The Trade Federation (for some reason) does not seem to want to advance through the tech levels quick enough and somehow fails to build up an army. Both the Rebels (myself) and the Empire are already at the latter part of the Research Tree (tech level 4), but the Trade Federation seems to be stuck at Tech Level 1. That makes them easy prey...

I have trebbled the Trade Fed's starting resources. I had to place some turrets near their Command Center, otherwise they die quickly. I have given them some soldiers and some buildings. They still seems to be stuck and seems content to just collect resources...

Any suggestions of what might be wrong? I am new at triggers and am studying the material available on it. I was hoping to resolve this issue without having to use triggers (for now).

Minor Question

I am trying to setup OBJECTIVES based on some triggers. They are working just fine. I have read on this forum that I can use color codes and tried to do so - no success.

I used the code, for example: <RED>BLA BLA BLA...
but it does not work.

Can it be used in the INFO section of the Trigger when "display" is on? Can it be used in the scenario "messages" section - the screens that fires up before the scenario starts - scenario description, history, intelligence and so on? If so, exactly how do you make the colors work?

BTW, great forums!

Thanking you...

02-28-2002, 10:13 AM
I don't work with colors, but I can answer the first question: Maybe give them an army to start with, and maybe increase the smarts of the AI

03-01-2002, 12:32 AM
The area around the Trade Federation base was too small for it to build a proper base. So, I made it bigger and viola - problem solved!

Live and learn - methinks...