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02-28-2002, 09:37 AM
Didn't see another post like this one,so...
When does Pc gamer usually put out their new issue? I'm thinking a demo release might coincide with the new issue since UK got the trailer. Also, do we know of any huge giant beast enemies that we might be facing in the game? JK had those big Kamodo Dragon things.

02-28-2002, 09:51 AM
could be Kell Dragons, Vornskr, Krayt Dragons, or Voxyn.

I'm thinking it's Vornskr tho, cause the Yuuzhan Vong introduced voxyn, which is a cloned hybrid of the vornskr, eats ysalamari, and can't be controlled through the force...(i think)

Jedi Howell
02-28-2002, 09:53 AM
pc gamer sends their stuff to me about a month in advance...hmm...do i hv the april issue yet? i know I hv the march one...