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Kyp The Faith
02-28-2002, 11:29 AM
You know, I was thinking about some of the things I've seen in Star Wars over the years I've watched the movies and played the games, etc., and I thought of a couple things I would really like to see in this new game now that the technology exists to easily create them. It may be too late now that the game and story is nearing completion, but here they are anyway.

Force Levitation:

A well trained Jedi has the ability to lift random objects at will, as well as move them, spin them, and manipulate them, without even nessacarally being in sight of the object or being. Yoda performed a demonstration of this ability in The Empire Strikes Back, where he levitates Luke Skywalker's X-Wing starfighter out of the murky depths of a swamp on the planet Dagobah. Later, in Return of the Jedi Luke himself, now a well skilled Jedi Knight, lifts the droid C-3PO, with the droids throne, into the sky obove an onlooking Ewok tribe on endor, then spins him once and slowly drops him to his point of origin. Darth Vader also throws pieces of scrap metal at Luke during their climatic battle when Luke learns that Vader is his father.

Now there was force throw in Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight, but it was'nt used to it's full potential.



Now each Lightsaber is unique to it's owner. The blades color depends on the nature of the crystal housed internally, and each weapon retains a unique frequency determining the essence and feel of the Lightsaber when utilized. Lightsabers with a single crystal retain a preset range establishing the blade length. In the case of multiple crystals, the weapon's amplitude and length can be altered by gyrating or adjusting the partition between the crystals.

I think something like this should be implimented in Jedi Outcast. The ability to change the size of your weapons blade could be very useful in some circumstances. A 'Lightblade', like a knife perhaps? I've heard it mentioned that many objects, walls, floors, etc. can be damaged by lightsabers and other weapons in JK2? Maybe, (and this is directed to anyone from Raven or LucasArts reading) you could at least quickly toss in something similar to the Indy's piece of chalk in Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, and Kyle could alter his blade and cut his mark into the wall?

Well, just food for thought, I hope someone get's this message that could present it properly to the right people! :jawa

02-28-2002, 02:15 PM
I agree with the force levitation. It would be cool to lift things, like heavy crates or what not and drop them on people. But I doubt that is in the game...but what IS in the game is force Choke and as we have seen in many previews, we are able to lift them up and throw people. So when stormtroopers come at you..you can pick up the captain and throw him into the rest of them. Which is awesome!!

The lightsaber thing, I have seen other threads about picking our own lightsaber and hilts and I agree to that point. The different sizes, i don't know. I am sure a mod will be made...so don't worry.

Plus I can't wait for force mind trick...make the stormtroopers open doors for me before I slice off their arm. yep, will be fun stuff.

Or Gonks.....