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03-02-2002, 09:01 AM
When I was 10 years old, I was the biggest fan of LucasArts, I had all of your games. I remember running up huge long distance phone bills bugging all of the programmers, :) wanting to some day work for you. You made the best games in the world, I miss games such as Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Day of the Tentacle, FULL THROTTLE… the list goes on. Brilliant talents such as Tim Schafer, Hal Barwood, Sean Clark…
You use to put such an incredible amount of thought into each and every one of your unique games. But recently you have been pumping out games to satisfy the masses. Mainstream games with little or no thought put into them. Have you forgotten who you are? YOU ARE LUCAS ARTS, the most amazing company in the world. I ask…What has happened? :(

Jesse Petrilla
18 years old,
Auburn California

Here are a couple of games I threw together for those interested, and oh I will work for you one day George ;)

Quest For Al-Qa’eda: The Hunt For Bin Laden

Plunder & Pillage – A pirate FPS ARR!!

03-02-2002, 05:49 PM
wow its awesome to know you made that game....what did you use

anyway i dont think lucasarts hosts this site...its just some fans of lucasarts's games

if you really wanna ask them this question maybe theres someway to do it here www.lucasarts.com

anyway which games were you talking about when you said "Mainstream games with little or no thought put into them"

Boba Rhett
03-02-2002, 06:14 PM
You're right about them slacking off and just cranking mediocre games out but I think they've seen the error in their ways and are turning things around. JO, Galaxies and Kotor are all promising to be great games and the games they've recenty released have been better too. :)

BTW, *hands JesseP an official Lucasforums welcome basket*

Welcome! :) Cool looking games too!

03-02-2002, 07:14 PM
Thank you, I used the build engine to make P&P and also QFA
I was able to get written permission from the company who made that version of the build engine to use it and distribute my game with their engine, as long as I wasn't selling copies.

In regards to the "Mainstream games with little or no thought put into them", just about every game they have come out with in the past 3 years or so, not one of them has as much throught and creatitivity as the originals; Their new games don't even compare to the older awesome games such as Maniac Mansion, Sam & Max, etc. etc.

03-02-2002, 07:20 PM
Yea i remember the dark times of the episode one games. But i hope they put more effort this time around. And i liked galactic battlegrounds it was the first step in the right direction i think. And I like Rhett agree that with JO around the corner, Galaxies looking great and Kotor looking to bring star wars rpg for the first time to the gaming world with a bang, i belive that the future of lucasarts is going the right way.


03-02-2002, 09:53 PM
so are you saying starwars galactic battlegrounds is bad.....were all here for that:(

but i honestly couldnt agree with you more than i do....i was impatient for swgb but i wasnt super impressed...there is no game that kept me more occupied that Fate of Atlantis Monkey island series and the other games.....

03-02-2002, 10:33 PM
I too remember the Dark ages. I was THE ONLY star wars fan around and NOBODY had ever heard of it. Then SW THX came out. All of the sudden everyone was saying how cool it was then Special Edition came out...I'm not sure there was ever such a big revival like that one. All it took was one look at SW: AHN special on the big screen and thousands apon thousands of new fans came poring in...(allthough they thought they knew everything about SW...they quickly learned that they were BIG newbies when I started telling people about it)..THen Eps. I came out and SW got so huge it needs a BIG CELEBRATION for every movie to come out now. So know were up to date. This is the Renessance of SW. I am overjoyed to be a participant in this.


Tie Guy
03-03-2002, 07:30 PM
While i agree that they made some of their best games early on (TIE Fighter, Sam and Max, Full Throttle, etc.), i don't agree that all the recent games are bad, or without thought or creativity. There have been several games i've throughly enjyed over the years, i'll list a few:

X-wing Alliance: A great game that built upon the origanl X-wing and TIE Fighter games. The SP was long and involving, and the MP was really fun. Oh, and i know at least one gaming magazine gave it game of the year.

Jedi Knight: This games a little older than the others, but i still consider it a "2nd generation" LEC game, and it was surely one of the best and most popular game they have ever produced. Lots of people still play it today, and it won some major award which i can't exactly remember right now.

Star Fighter: This game was VERY fun. It was LEC first attempt at a 2nd gen console, and i thought they did very nicely. The story was original, but still connected with the movies. The gameplay was great, and the graphics were nice as well. The only problem with it was that it was a little short.

and that's just to name a few.

Of course, there have been games that were "milking the license", but thats understandable with the license they have, and many of them were fun if not great or original. I've never played a star wars game, or just an LEC game that i haven't liked. I haven't played them all, but i've liked all the ones i've played. Obviously, some are better than others.

03-03-2002, 09:57 PM
Fergie..... I was a fan with you in the dark ages but I was an un-knowing noob. You were the one that introduced me to the EU. How could you forget me fergie.

Or was it really that long ago that THX came out.