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Lord Chief
03-02-2002, 07:04 PM
The last Starfighter League is looking for enthousiastic people from all over the world to join us for playing Jedi Knight 2.

We are registered at battlestats, participate regularly in the JK WOW, BG WoW etc and are second in the scorelist of awards gathered.

LSF puts great emphasis on roleplaying, allthough those of you who simply want to play are more than welcome aswell.

LSF has three factions: Rebel Alliance, Ghost Legion and Galactic Empire. We will play all gametypes for JK2 aswell as all weapon/force settings: NF/FF sabers and NF/FF guns.

We have weekly meetings and trainingsessions and well get our own server for JK2.

If you are interested and would like to know more either contact me (jhoeboer@hotmail.com) or go to our main page: www.starfighters.com/lsf

For the factions:

Rebel Alliance: http://alliance.starfighters.com/
Ghost Legion: http://empire.starfighters.com/
Galactic Empire: http://ghostlegion.starfighters.com/