View Full Version : Calling all Prosective UK JK2 ers

03-08-2002, 05:30 AM
Live in the UK or Europe ?
Wanna play JK2 on-line ?
Wanna be part of a JK2 community ?
Want somewhere to play JK2 with a good connection ?
Want somewhere to base u're JK2 Clan ?

Well guess what......... this could be u're lucky day :)

Drop into #wpjk2 on quakenet and speak to 1 of the ops in there, me being 1 of them. A number of us in the UK have banded together and persauded the Wireplay guys to give us an mIRC room and a message board.

We're working on the community website and are currently discussing what kind of service, ie servers and game types that we would like WP to provide.

So feel free to drop by!