View Full Version : OK, so let's have some red meat, Devs!

03-08-2002, 08:29 PM
Development forum, eh? I thought that would be on the Bioware forums where the esteemed Casey Hudson is dropping in from time to time. Oh well...

So, how about some beginning facts from the development team to get us started here? We can't dissect the game and spend months on end debating over and over again unimportant details without some beginning statements from the Devs!

For one, how 'bout an up-front confirmation that the system will be d20 rules based, with details as to where there will be deviation.

For another, how 'bout some explanation as to the combat system...how in the world do you market a "real-time" combat system if it is based on the d20 (an entrenched turn-based system) without either fibbing about real-time or tearing apart the d20 system?

For yet another, let's spend some time talking about scope. How many planets will this cover, and will any of them be familiar favorites? Some of the posts on the Bioware PC platform forum wonder about character interactions...should we expect a BG2 type of interaction?

And for yet one more, where did I put my slippers, Eliza??


Com Raven
03-09-2002, 04:26 AM
There are 10 planets, devs talk about classes, skills feats, that points to d20, and don't expect any devs to come here....