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03-12-2002, 04:34 AM
Sit back, get on your reading caps, and enjoy. (this is the first part of my design notes, so bear with me)

The Jedi Forge's creators seem to have wanted to keep their identity secret, due to no information at all about the constructor of the ancient building. In fact, this "invisible" building would have not been uncovered again for another few thousand years if a secondary expedition had not been sent to find out the reason for the first exploratory team losing all contact with the main Republic center at coruscant.

Apon arriving at the planet, they found it to be so much more than a simple tropical derelict planet.

Uncovering the crews logs, the team found that the group had uncovered a huge Jedi library in the midst of a huge stone temple located not far from the landing site. The Jedi accompanying them seemed to be in heaven, as they uncovered massive amounts of notes and journals on all aspects of Jedi skills and the force. However, things were beginning to become more alarming as time progressed. The Jedi became increasingly more obsessed with reading through the information present in the temple; they began exhibiting strange signs of behaviour, their erratic actions definitely beginning to alarm their accompaniers.

Finally, on the thirteenth week of their stay at the planet, the message logs ended. No more information. The crew grew alarmed at this, and immeadiatly began to search the planet with a fine-toothed comb. Not only was no human activity or life picked up, but there was no sign of any planet or building. Hurrying back to Corascant at top speed to report these rather disturbing findings, the crew found out that two jedi had already beaten them – and provided a detailed breifing of the events to the high council.

The 8 Jedi onboard the original vessel had discovered a temple, alright – filled to the brim with detailed information on force techniques, technical guides to saber creation, and journals full of information from ages old jedi masters – dating back to the time of the Jedi Knights. As the Jedi became more engrossed in the manuscripts, they found out about the 4 different allegiences of Jedi across the ages – The True Jedi, The False Jedi, or Guardians of the Republic (the new-age jedi academy formed by luke, though this came from the Jedi’s knowledge of their own time), The True Sith (the huge armies of which desolated countless worlds), and The False sith, or Ragnarok (the Master/Apprentice formation devised by Darth Sidious).

The thirteenth week, the Jedi decided on their separate paths, influenced largly by the notes they had just read. Two true jedi left, the master and his padawan. Two Guardians left, intent on spreading this news of the renegade factions. Two True sith left, their minds intent on killing everything that stood in their path. Finally, two ragnarok left, a master and an apprentice, ready to spread their dark stranglehold across the known universe.

With each of the two, a considerable wealth of information from the temple, which was sealed by the Guardians so that it may never again spread such corruption amongst the Jedi.

Time has passed.

The war rages on.

Mod Info – In detail.

Saber weaponry will include the normal saber, lightlance (longer handle, longer blade), heavy saber (mostly used for larger Jedi), Goliath saber (heavy saber with a far larger blade, restricted to the biggest of Jedi), Lightstaff, Hex/trisaber, and Lightblades. Many of these can be used dual, or in different combinations. However, more information will be present on them later on in these notes.

Gameplay additions and enhancements: A huge list, really. Planned features/enhancements include killing strikes (differing for the various factions, also depending on what angle one is facing their opponent and what weapon they happen to be wielding), which can be used once a jedi is on very low health and completely fumbles a block with the saber. Multiple flashy moves of these will be included, definitely adding a much more flashy factor to JO. Also, on a similar note, Introduction moves will be planned. These moves, while for fun’s sake only, are extremely flashy shows of saber twists and twirls, designed to simply add that “pizzazz” factor before one launches himself into battle. A whole plethora of new moves will be added in order to keep fights varied and interesting, and new stances will be added in order for one to personalize their MP character (and SP) more to their liking. New stances will include Mantis stance (saber held upside down, much like adi gallia from SWFB), Boc style (for duel sabers), duel mantis, lowstancer style, and various other saber stances that have yet to be named.

Force powers and Saber techniques will also be added to extensively, with different “schools” of jedi powers being able to be selected from. Certain factions will have selection to different schools, thus adding a very class based system to JO with varied advantages and weaknesses. Saber techniques will be also added to a great deal, with new moves like magma and burn sweep being added, along with saber shield and dash. Saber techniques will be handled in a different way to the schools idea of force powers, to ensure that all factions are able to choose from abilities that suit their various personas, and further complement their fighting styles.

Factions in the mod, and their abilities/weaknesses.

True Jedi: Seeking to bring back the Jedi Knights to their previous glory, the True Jedi follow their pure code, almost to a fault. In battle, while weak offensively, they are more than adequate with a saber, and their force powers mean that, at mastery, they are basically untouchable by any dark powers. True Jedi are openly hostile to Ragnarok and True sith, and, while they distrust the Guardians for their lack of a rigid code and training program, will not attack them in battle.

Saber restrictions: True Jedi are restricted to Sabers, Heavy sabers, Lightlances, and Goliath sabers.

Force restrictions: True Jedi are can take few neutral powers, most of their training being that of the light side category. However, the heavily defensive absorptions and defenses learned on this side of the force means that sith powers are hard-pressed to harm them.

Guardians: Guardians follow a far more looser code than the True Jedi, and this is evident in their fighting style and force techniques, which often show a great deal more aggression and release. Guardians are constantly seeking the help of the True Jedi in beating back the constant True Sith menace, and, on lesser occasions, the deadly Ragnarok Sith. However, in most cases, it is left up to them to fight their own battles.

Saber Restrictions: Guardians can carry all saber weapons except for the hex/trisaber, lightblades, and lightlance.

Force Restrictions: Guardians often can select neutral, a few light, and a few grey force powers. This means they have a great variety in their choice, and often means they are a highly versatile and flexible fighter.

True Sith: Crazed, warped warriors, A true sith is obsessed with destruction, so much so that they seek to express it in any form available. As a result, their fighting style is furious and aggressive, some of the more adventurous warriors going so far as to make use of the hex/trisaber weapon in their crazed fighting style. Sith force powers and techniques also reflect this, with some horrificly powerful powers employed by Sith masters that can raze entire cities to the ground.

Saber restrictions: Sith will not carry lightlances. As an addition, their lightsabers have a larger blade than the normal variety.

Force restrictions: Sith will shy away from anything remotely light, powers-wise, and as such try to avoid even neutral force powers as they are not related to anything of the dark side.

Ragnarok: Deadly, Silent, and an incredibly dangerous threat to both the Guardians and True Jedi despite their member level of two, the Ragnarok possess both a force mastery and saber combat ability which many masters are hard-beat to match. In battle, the Ragnarok seem calm and collected, though a few in the long line of darkness have been noted to have a ferocious style that can down multiple opponents in the blink of an eye.

Saber restrictions: Ragnarok do not carry lightblades or hex/trisabers.

Force restrictons: Ragnarok will not go anywhere near light powers, though they have a healthy array of neutral force powers in conjunction with their horrible darkside powers.

ALL INFO IS COPYRIGHT BY ME, TIM IRVING. Take and/or use this info without my permission and I will remove your genetalia with a spoon. Thou hast been warned.

So, what do you guys think so far?

03-12-2002, 05:33 AM
Sounds good, would you like to colorbaterate and new ways of doing the sabers animations etc.
Might as well try and help each other out :)

03-13-2002, 01:40 AM
Originally posted by Anakin
Sounds good, would you like to colorbaterate and new ways of doing the sabers animations etc.
Might as well try and help each other out :)

Sounds good. I've actually had a few ideas on how to properly implement lightstaves, and a few more on dual weapons.

03-15-2002, 10:38 AM
Sounds nice. I especially like the variations on the saber. Have you ever seen the Chinese Steel Fighting Rings? I was going to try and make a lightsaber version of those.

03-15-2002, 05:37 PM
Originally posted by bliv
Sounds nice. I especially like the variations on the saber. Have you ever seen the Chinese Steel Fighting Rings? I was going to try and make a lightsaber version of those.

I was considering adding in lightwhips, but even though they seemed to be canon, I wanted to stick with blade weapons.