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03-12-2002, 12:17 PM
Join an all new clan with a good website. We at NSC are preparing for the release of JK2. Any body is welcome to join. The site will have a section (soon) where level editors and mod makers (not strictly for JK2) can showcase their pictures. Eceryone can have their own profile with their own peronal screenshots etc...


03-12-2002, 01:39 PM
Not bad...only three bad things about it in my opinion (and this is contructive critisism here) On your links, you forgot completly about jedi-outcast.com, which is also an amazing site!

Secondly, there's no 'under construction' icon anywhere in site (get it, SITE, SIGHT?), and the only thing to tell us of that is the member's page little blab.

Thirdly, don't try to sell yourself too much on the idea that it's a new clan and that member's voices will be heard. There's a lot of new clans for Jedi Outcast out there.

Mine is one of them, and it is theCool Cat Clan (http://coolcatclan.tripod.com) and although it may not have cool fading hyperlinks, it has music, an underconstruction icon and I got more Jedi Outcast links!

Other than that, not bad clan site of yours.