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03-15-2002, 04:03 AM
I entered the create a mission competition, but didn't realise that we Brits can't eneter. As such, I here by submit my idea to the geniuses at LucasForums, in the hope that someone will kindly give the sceanrio a good home...

From LucasArts :


Please note: The Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Design Your Own Mission
Contest being held on www.lucasarts.com is only open to legal residents of
the U.S. age 13 or older. Contest is valid only in the United States and
void in Florida, Puerto Rico and wherever else prohibited. For complete
rules and conditions, please visit www.lucasarts.com/contest.

Battlegrounds Team.'

Ah well, here you guys boys :

Mission Name- 'Lando's Game Trail'.

Setting: Colony on Seltraya Prime

The colony was set up 3 months ago, and had entered the advanced recon
and agriculture stage of development when all contact was lost. Who do
they haul back into active service to go check it out - little ol' me,
Lando Calrissian. Well. As long as Tendra doesn't find out, I should
live through this...

Upon reaching the surface, we head for the nearest part of the
settlement, the landing area. All's quiet, so we keep on, towards the
main colony itself. En route, we stumble upon a recently created
clearing, with Bursa huts. Unfortunately, the occupants are home, and we
have to fight our way through to the settlement. We get there, only to
find marauding group of Tusk Cats and Gundarks. Just my luck, heh!

With the beats slain, a family run from cover. We catch up and ask what
happened. We follow them to the farmland, which is on the banks of a
fast flowing river. Apparently something started to destroy their
utility ships near here, and then bands of roving creatures kept
attacking. Everyone evacuated to the hastily built defence post, back up
the other way from where we landed! Nice!

I send a scouting party up the river whilst I take the rest to the
defence post - and more of these kriffing creatures attack - hell, even
a pair of Rancors!

I arrive at the post, only to receive a short transmission from my
scouts. They find some weird looking... zoo... on the water but they are
killed. I ask for use of the colonists' facilities, and hand out some
beefier equipment. I also call down some assistance from our ship, the
MC40 'Range Finder'.

I set off in the same direction as the scouts, along the river, again
encountering these creatures, some in the water, but as I get nearer,
Imperials start to rear their ugly heads. I finally reach and destroy
the 'paddock', as they became named, and all it's sea borne inhabitants,
only to find further up the path is an Imperial base.

We back off, stock up and regroup, then take the base. Would have helped
had there not been two other paddocks linked to it at either side! And
once we have taken out a combined force of creatures and Imperials, we
find the defence post now under attack.

My forces fighting a superior, if somewhat unconventional, enemy on two
fronts, it's time for some Calrissian magic. First sending forces back
to help defend the post and colonists, my remaining group helps in a
little bit of detection work (well, my droid slicing the base's main
frame), which reveals the creatures are being controlled, so I isolate
the source of the controller. Things just get better... the signal
emanates from what appears to be a Sith temple belonging to a group
calling themselves the 'Cloned Masters'. The fact that it's surrounded
by what my droid tells me are two cloning facilities means all the
enemies we have encountered are likely clones - after the Joruus C'Boath
and Thrawn incident - not thank you! Adding to the fun, this is all
under heavy guard, and on the other side of the largest paddock yet.

I was not prepared to go through that lot, so I fall back to the defence
post, and hook up with some air cover, as we use transports to get to
the other side of the base.

A bit of tree clearance with a deployable canon, and we have a nice easy
rear side to attack through. Of course, deployable cannons don't exactly
run silently, so resistance quickly heats up, but we break through. Next
wrinkle in the plan - six Sith knights and two Sith Lords, with assorted
'pets', stand between us and the goal.

I NEVER intend to get Luke in THAT bad a mood!

With them gone, we nail the Sith temple, and all surround cloning
facilities. We finish off all the now lost looking monsters and the
remaining Imperials to avoid further distress to the colonists, and head
back to the transports.

I nearly made it out safely, except when we reached our transports, a
call came through for me. Tendra was NOT happy - I think I'd rather go
another round with those mad Cloned Sith than face a woman scorned!

03-15-2002, 10:05 AM

You missed the Official UK contest - that ended in February.

You can upload your scenario to http://www.galacticbattlegrounds.co.uk/scenarios use the upload feature.

We are currently working on a new download section for GB.com.


04-03-2002, 10:50 PM
You can also submit it to swgb.heavengames.com

Duke Straykker
04-04-2002, 12:40 AM
Hey DMUK, that site dont exist, even without the scenarios.htm....


04-07-2002, 09:57 PM
My site was down for a few days. My webhost suffered a hard disk error and lost the entire site.

I have managed to upload the site again but not all the scenario files. I won't be uploading them yet, as GBUK will be merging with GB.com soon and you will be able to get the scenarios from here soon.


Duke Straykker
04-08-2002, 01:30 AM
Ahh, ok. I thought something like that had happened. DMUK, do you ever actually get to play SWGB??? Hehe, it just seems that you are always so busy that you wouldnt get time to....?

If you are ever up for a game, I am here most of the time, its school holidays........ :)

04-10-2002, 02:36 PM
I do play alot.

Depending on time zones, i play mostly around 8-9pm my time. I normally play with alot of my zone friends.

If you are online, zm me. My zone name is DarthMaulUK


Duke Straykker
04-10-2002, 11:38 PM
Heh, cool, I would liek to play you sometime... I will see if your there.....

Duke Straykker
04-10-2002, 11:40 PM
Also, my Zone Name is... DukeStraykker!