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03-15-2002, 10:23 PM
So what is the secret? It is related to Guybrush's parents? Or the massive monkey head which leads to the gates of hell? Post some stuff here to get our minds running.:) :( :o :D FOUR RANDOM SMILIES TO UNDERMINE THIS POST

03-18-2002, 12:45 PM
Okay, here goes.
When the world was young, monkeys ruled it and tried to create a perfect world. They could communicate as well as humans could, except humans weren’t around then.
When humans first arrived on our planet, the monkeys became weary and decide to watch them from a distance. When the humans had learned how to talk and communicate, the monkeys and humans became friendly with each other and decided to create their perfect world together that would be free from greed, crime and corruption. And so they did, and their world was perfect.
But that didn’t last long. On the other side of the world, the race of humans was not in contact with the perfect world and knew nothing about it. They knew nothing better than what they were taught. They divided to make civilizations, each full of crime and corruption. Fuelled by greed, they started a magnificent war over land and the stronger civilizations crushed the weaker ones until all but on civilization was left, the strongest of them all, ruled by a very powerful leader, conceived by the evil forces themselves. His name? LeChuck (ancestor, not the one we know)
After conquering the known world (all known to him) he explored unknown terrains and found the puny civilization of the perfect world. With no weapons of defence, the perfect world was crushed in a matter of months. They were given a choice; they could either join him, or die. Many joined him, leaving their perfect world behind. Many died. The monkeys refused unison and all but a thousand died. That thousand took refuge on a desert island along with two humans who also managed to escape, the Threepwood’s.
After bickering about whose fault this was, the monkeys and humans never talked to each other again. A freak lightning bolt had taken the monkeys speech and brain power thrown it into a giant statue of a giant monkey head, laid to the east side of the island. And then, this was all forgotten.
Somewhere, on the manuscript of time, there is written, that the monkeys of Monkey Island shall comeback, and reclaim what is theirs once and for all and all shall be correct with the world.
Evil shall be vanquished. And they’re going to need someone’s help. An old friend. A Threepwood.

Well, that’s my version of the secret of Monkey Island, tell me what you think.
I think I should be a novelist, oh wait, I am one!

Jonny Haggis
03-18-2002, 01:59 PM
Fantastic! Bloody fanatastic...... I don't believe a word of it but it's damn good anyway!!!
Keep taking the pills Neil!:p

03-18-2002, 04:26 PM
Neil can always make something good.

03-18-2002, 06:42 PM
4 stars for Joshi!!!!! Motha****in' awesome! *****in'! You Son of a ***** that was awesome!! You talented ****in' bastard!! You ****in' ******* that was perfect!!:D

That whole thing was just censored, wasn't it. (Just Kidding, man)

Shakira is freakin' hot!:p

03-18-2002, 06:44 PM
OOOH. Some went through. Hehe. That was a joke. That whole thing. Hehe. Please don't ban me. Hehehehehe...ee..e..he?

03-19-2002, 10:38 AM
thank you everyone. for any more material go to www.,... um, hang on, i don't have a website. well, send me a private message with your ideas, and i'll try and write something up.

hang on, johnny haggis, what pills are you talking about, i, i, i, i, don't have any pills, i don't see any pills, what are you talking about where are the pills, i don't see the pills STOP HASSLING ME ABOUT THE ****IN PILLS YOU ****IN ***HOLE. **** OFF ****ARD!!!!!


p.s. i agree Shakira is freakin' hot!;)

03-19-2002, 06:07 PM
Damn Straight. So what are we lookin at here?:confused:

03-19-2002, 08:10 PM
I think i have a thery here goes once there was a bad guy and he
was the ancester of lechuck and then he found a group of islands
and he saw that they were all at peace with each other and he haled
that so he put everyone through hell and a long time after his ghost
romed the seas still to this day trying to put everyone through hell
untill guybrush shows up and kicks some ghostly butt four times

so what do you think?

03-19-2002, 09:11 PM
Yeah, I guess. Thanks. :)


03-20-2002, 10:32 AM
thehotdogman, that was great, very superb, xcept we're trying to find the secret of monkey island, not tell the story of the life of lechuck. still good though.

03-20-2002, 05:20 PM
So Neil, got any ideas?

03-21-2002, 02:23 PM
okay, ummm, what the hot dog man said, except that when guybrush kicked butt for the fourth time, lechuck came back (as he annoyingly always does) as the ultimate zombie, moster, thingy. he has manifested himself, into the most fearsome monster of all. the giant demon chicken EL POLLO DIABLO! (fast spanish guitar solo) nah, not really, he comes back as able to morph into all three forms again, and also morph into the shape of anyone, or anything. so he in a vain attempt to win back elain, he transorms perfectly into guybrush.
when guybrush comes home, he is freaked out to find he is already home and asks what the hells going on. after both go on about how each on them is the real guybrush and the others an imposter (as people in this situation do) finally elain asks them the one question only guybrush would know.
"what is the secret of monkey island? whoops, wrong question, i mean, where do we keep the towels" after lechuck gets this wrong he morphs back into his demonic self (unaware that guybrush's answer wouldn't have been right either) he yells at them both saying that he will morph into different people and things until his plans of carabean domination are complete and then he will take elain as his unwilling bride. he storms out and slams the door behind him as he leaves. the slam of the door opens a hidden compartment in the top of the door frame and out comes a scroll.
elain picked it up and opened it. to her dissmay, it turns out that someone has kidnapped grandpa marley and is threatening to kill him unless his demands are met. his demands are that she gives up guybrush as a hostage as guybrush will be needed as a hostage in their plans. but the scroll is nameless and they don't know who this is from. they were almost certain it is lechuck, but the handwriting was too good to be his. they had only one idea what this may have been about, and they were almost certain it was to do with the latest archeological dig on monkey island to find the real secret behind it. will teams of expert explorers find the secret of monkey island? will guybrush be taken hostage and eventually killed. what are lechucks plans for the carrabean. and did grandpa marley ever put any pants on?
these questions and more will be answered in the final chapter of the monkey island saga as this time the entire world is put in peril and lechick finds his real desiny in life. to join the ranks... of the gods. this time it's bigger. this time theres no stopping him. this time lechuck, it's personal. (like it wasn't all the other times?)

what do you think.

yes, Neil Joshi strikes again!!!;)

03-21-2002, 05:33 PM
Ooh. I like that one!!!!:)

03-22-2002, 01:01 PM
yeah, but i liked my first attempt better. it was more dramatic and had that cutting edge of a real good story. this second one i did had the basic cliche of someone being a god (making lechuck almost indestructable) and also the cliche of the end of the world, or world domination. i think they would both go into each other as one good story though. of course that's just me saying it, we'll really have to see what other people think.

peace neil.;)

03-22-2002, 03:08 PM
I dunno, I liked them both

03-24-2002, 09:19 AM
hmmm, maybe i should continue the story on this topic, in little bits, then we could have the entire storyline for MI5. that would be cool. of course i'd need other peoples ideasapart from my own.

03-24-2002, 10:34 AM
Yeah, Neil. This topic is so dead.

03-27-2002, 04:18 PM
if you look at it, me and you ahve been the only people on this topic for ages. i suppose it because not many people go on the monkey island disscussion anymore, they all prefere the harbor and are forgetting what these forums are about, disscussing monkey island. so sad.:(

04-04-2002, 02:15 PM
oh, so i guess it's only me then.:(

04-09-2002, 07:48 PM
i aint read all o the posts, but heres my theory so bear with me.........

Guybrush, his brother Chuckie, and their parents go to an amusement park named Big Whoop on a sunny day. Ooh, goodie! Guybrush can't wait to get there, he knows they're going to have a swell time! They enter the park and look around to see what ride they’ll do first. And then Guybrush wanders off. He is completely lost, but he doesn't care. He loves wandering around in this huge theme park by himself! He lets loose his imagination, which starts a chain reaction of fantasy situations.

Monkey Island 1
As Guybrush wanders around, he suddenly knows what he wants to be; a swashbucklin' pirate! So he wanders over to his first scene--Mêlée Island. Wow, it looks amazing! He comes across this lookout character. He he he's funny! Guybrush says he wants to be a pirate, then he's sent down to the SCUMM Bar... We all know what happens next.

And meanwhile, we get some clues that Guybrush is still in a REAL theme park:
There's a vending machine at Stan's Shipyard.
He needs to defeat the Swordmaster as one of the Three Trials--when he enters the contest, he wins a cotton T-shirt (much like you'd win in an amusement park for such a contest).
He needs to find a treasure as another of the Trials. He finds the treasure--another T-shirt (another theme park prize).

Eventually, Guybrush becomes a pirate in his imagination. But soon his parents find out that he has gone missing. They send his brother Chuckie to search for him in the huge theme park. Guybrush becomes aware of this, and, deep as he is in his imaginary world, he thinks of Chuckie as the evil villain who wants to take him out of his pleasant fantasy. And so Chuckie becomes the dread pirate LeChuck...

A lot of things happen in the meantime (Guybrush meets Elaine, Elaine gets kidnaped, Guybrush travels to Monkey Island, etc), all in the theme park, and all in Guybrush' imagination..

Monkey Island 2
So, Guybrush has finally defeated the pirate LeChuck (shaken Chuckie off his back), and now he wants to continue his imaginary story. He hears
a legend of the Treasure of Big Whoop, the ultimate prize around! Well then, he decides that, to become the most famous pirate in the Caribbean, he will find that mighty treasure! Eventually Guybrush does find it on Dinky Island--a treasure chest, buried by four of the theme park employees who gave him hints (as they probably did to all kids in the park). It contains a ticket. An E-Ticket! E-Tickets holders can enter theme parks (e.g. Disneyland) after closing time. This is the best treasure Guybrush could get! It would be a dream come true to escape to his fantasy world after closing time so that LeChuck (Chuckie) couldn’t find him! And now, he has finally found the Treasure of Big Whoop (since Big Whoop is the theme park, the E-Ticket that gives Guybrush entrance after hours is its real treasure).

But then, just as Guybrush finds the treasure, Chuckie comes along again. The two brothers struggle until finally Guybrush miraculously defeats Chuckie. But then, with brotherish treachery, Chuckie plays to Guybrush’s emotional side and manges to catch him. A park employee sees the two in one of the maintenance corridors below the park and brings them back to their parents. End of story...

Here is a comparison of 2 screens.
A picture of Booty Island and the Big Whoop park ending screen. You can clearly see that, if you look at the Big Whoop screen with some imagination, you could fantasize Booty Island instead. Compare the bin outside the gift shop and the barel outside the costume shop. The Stan sign to the S, the houses... everything is there!

04-10-2002, 01:52 PM
wow, i never noticed that before (and i spent most of my time on booty), the antiques store lookes the same, the costume shop is the gift shop, the big whoop sign is the harbor, that's cool.

04-10-2002, 04:11 PM
ur storys r great neil. im bettr at writin than wot i just did. 2 b honest, the pics and that idea came off a website. im re-writing it on my webpage soon in a way i like and adding ectra stuff into it. Like for instance, in mi3 when hes at the carnival of the dammed hes a kid again, maybe thats wot hes really like. thats u seeing reality and in mi1 wen hes bein kicked around by lechuck, maybe hes bein dragged around by his bro whos lookin 4 the parents. and the lava ride maybe a ride at the theme park etc. itd also explain the plot holes because hes only imagining it all and it cant all b made to make sense. like in dreams. if this is the secret, then mi4 kinda spoiled it with the 'i love u dear' scenario and all the law stuff that a little kid his age shoodnt no about.

neil, u shood make a website with all ur storys etc onnit. itd b real fun 2 read!

ZoE GurL
04-11-2002, 04:50 AM
WOW! all ur storys are really good!

im not any good at writting and would simply b a waste of all our time if i bothered, but those storys were all bloody briliant!! :D

04-11-2002, 02:49 PM
Originally posted by Dracyia
neil, u shood make a website with all ur storys etc onnit. itd b real fun 2 read!

well actually i am. most of the websites done, but at the moment, i'm writing the entire mi series in novel form and have almost finished the first act of mi1 which i'm then gonna put on. but, i won't put in the fact about guybrush being a little kid in a theme park cause that just ruined it really, as you actually though this was something going on and not just a load of stuff in someones head. that's why the bridge over mi2 and mi3 will have to be changed from what people thought. some say ron gilbert didn't want this to be just some thing in a kids head and he wa planning an mi3 before he left which would have been different from the mi3 currently out. never mind eh?

Captn' Squinky
04-23-2002, 03:42 AM
The secret is that there is . . .. . .. . . ..

wait for it . .. . .

MonkeYYYYs !!!!!!
(I bet you never guessed)

Okay its more sinister than that - they be smart and have high I.Q.'s but no one ever noticeded because they cant talk. But I know - they tell me evereything , gigggle.

Oh and Timmy is a monkey prince that will inherit magical powers when he turns 21 and is old enough to drink.

05-09-2002, 11:44 AM
Hm, and there was me, reading this thread to find out what the secret ominous sound effect was ... I thought it might be something that happened if you pressed up-left-left and then typed "I hate monkeys"while scratching your head with your left hand and playing "three blindmice" on the recorder, you know the sort of thing.