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03-18-2002, 03:55 AM
This was removed from TheForce.Net ages ago. Because it's so old a certain amount would be wrong, but here goes;

A long time ago in a galaxy far,
far away…


There is unrest in the Galactic Senate.
Several hundred solar systems, under
the leadership of the Rebel Leader,
Count Dooku, have declared their intentions
to secede from the Republic.

The seperatist movement has made it
difficult for the limited number of Jedi Knights
to maintain peace and order in the galaxy.

Senetor Amidala, the former Queen of Naboo,
is returning to Coruscant to vote on the critical
issue of creating an army to assist the
overwhelmed Jedi…



From the opening crawl, we PAN DOWN through a vast sea of stars to the Naboo Royal Starship, escorted by several starfighters, as it approaches the capital planet of Coruscant.


From the bustling Coruscant traffic, the Royal Starship lands on one of the main platforms while the accompanying starfighters land on another platform nearby.

A delegation of what appears to be SENATOR AMIDALA and her guards begin to exit the Royal Starship. Suddenly, there is a startling explosion near the ramp of the ship. In what seems like an instant, many dead and wounded victims lay scattered about the platform. Amidala’s decoy, CORDÉ, is among the terminally wounded.

The real SENATOR AMIDALA (a.k.a. PADMÉ NABERRIE – who was safely guarded and decoyed in one of the accompanying starfighters) rushes over to the dying Cordé, kneels down, and holds her in her arms...


… I’m sorry, m’lady… I’m… not sure I…

Cordé then tragically dies in Amidala’s arms. Amidala lowers Cordé’s body to the ground, slowly gets up, and overwhelmingly looks at the devestation around her. With tears in her eyes, Amidala exclaims…


No!… No!… No!…

CAPTAIN TYPHO, Padme’s personal bodyguard, and R2-D2 are the only other survivors (they were obviously on the same ship with Amidala)…


M’Lady, you are still in danger.


I should not have come back.


This vote is very important. You did your duty and
Corde did hers. Now come M’Lady, please!


SUPREME CHANCELLOR PALPATINE is told by UV GIZEN, the Chancellor’s personal assistant, that Senator Amidala is dead (obviously no one knows yet that it was actually Amidala’s decoy who was killed). Palpatine then graciously addresses the Senate


My esteemed colleagues, I have received some
tragic and disturbing news…

Palpatine goes on to announce that Senator Amidala has been assassinated upon her arrival to Coruscant.

But to his and the Senate’s surprise, Senator Amidala comes forward. She claims that she was unharmed in the altercation and goes on to voice her opinion on the lack of safety in the galaxy.

Palaptine then uses this recent incident to continue the debate on a Military Creation Act, a law allowing the eventual creation of a clone army for the Republic – an idea that he has been contemplating and discussing for some time. Count Dooku is leading several systems to secede from the Republic, called the Confederacy of Independent Systems.
Obviously they are believed to be a hostile threat.

Palpatine is backed by SENATOR TOONBUCK TOORA of the Commerce Guild, SENATOR ORN FREE TAA, and the Intergalactic Bank Clan (who offer to put up the money for the project). But the Senate as a whole is not up for such a hefty undertaking

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03-18-2002, 03:56 AM

Chancellor Palpatine notifies MACE WINDU (possibly via hologram, or maybe in person) and gives him specific orders to assign Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker to protect Padmé for the rest of her stay on Coruscant.


Now safely in her living quarters with Captain Typho, Amidala calls for OBI-WAN KENOBI, ANAKIN SKYWALKER, and JAR JAR BINKS (who’s official title is now Representative Jar Jar Binks of the Gungans - in other words, he is now a senator as well who represents the Gungans).

Once they arrive, Padmé tells them about the horrific assassination attempt on her life and that she believes Count Dooku is behind it in someway.

During their visit, Padmé does not seem to recognize a now much older Anakin. Everyone then leaves Padmé’s quarters so that she can be alone. On the way out, Jar-Jar remarks…


Mesa busten wit happiness seein yousa again,
Annie. Deesa bad times, bombab times.


She didn't even recognize me, Jar Jar. I thought
about her every single day since we parted. And
she's forgotten about me completely.


Shesa happy. Happier den mesa see-en her in long


Anakin, you’re focusing on the negative again. Be
mindful of your thoughts. She was glad to see us.
Now lets check the security here.


Yes, my master.


I’ll have an officer on every floor and I’ll be at the
command center downstairs.


Chancellor Palpatine, Senetor Amidala, Senator Toonbuck Toora, SENATOR DARSANA, SENATOR ASKAAK, Bail Organa, and Jar Jar Binks are further discussing the idea of cloning an army for the Republic.

The senators squabble and debate the possibility that "emergency powers" be given to Palpatine, greatly increasing his power during the conflict with the separatists. With Palpatine subtly goading the issue, Jar Jar speaks up and elects himself to raise the issue at the next senate hearing.

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03-18-2002, 03:58 AM
NOTE: This is not a spur-of-the-moment decision for Jar Jar. He really shows his maturity, and that he wants to do his best to ensure the well-being of the Republic. Unfortunately, Palpatine has manipulated him, and Jar Jar is helping his more sinister plans. At this point, the audience might actually feel sorry for Jar Jar... even those who already dislike him.


Anakin is standing in the living room. He is in a meditative state. It is quiet. We hear distant footsteps in the corridor outside the apartment. Suddenly Anakin’s eyes pop open. His eyes dart around the room. He reaches for his lightsaber, then smiles and puts it back in his belt.

The door to the apartment slides open, and Obi-Wan enters.


Captain Typho has more than enough men
downstairs. No assassin will try that way. Any
activity up here?


Quiet as a tomb. I don’t like just waiting here for
something to happen.

Obi-Wan has a small device on his belt, and he is watching Padmé and R2-D2 in her bedroom. She is sleeping.

But at one point there is no sign of Padmé on her bed. Obi-Wan asks what is going on to Anakin, who is also watching. Anakin just shrugs it off…

She covered the camera. I don’t think she likes me
watching her.


Later in the night, while she is asleep, there is yet another mysterious assassination attempt on Padmé’s life.

A hovering bug-like assassin droid enters through Padmé’s window, quietly floating toward its prey. The droid then slowly releases dozens of kouhons - tiny venomous caterpillar-like creatures. The kouhons creepily scurry towards the sleeping Naboo Senator.


Obi-Wan and Anakin each sense something strange… something not right.


I have a bad feeling about this.


R2 sounds the alarm and shines a light on the bed. The kouhons are…

Obi-Wan and Anakin burst into the room. The kouhons stand on their hind legs and hiss as Padme wakes up. Anakin throws himself infront of her, whacking in half the deadly creatures with his lightsaber.

Obi-Wan then notices the droid and leaps onto it just as it flies out the window, its mission uncompleted.

Anakin and Padme stare at the sight of Obi-Wan being carried off by the droid. Anakin turns to her, she pulls her nightdress around her shoulders.


Stay here!
Anakin then ensures that Padmé is safe and quickly gets to his hot-rod speeder to rescue Obi-Wan.

NOTE: At this point it is unknown if this is Anakin’s speeder or if he just “borrows” it in a hurry.

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03-18-2002, 04:00 AM

Obi-Wan hangs on for his life as the droid whisks through the heavy night traffic and buildings of Coruscant.

He then desperately begins to pull the small electrical cables from the back of the droid to disable it from continuing toward its destination. Instead, the droid shuts down and the two plummet downward thousands of feet to the dark depths of Coruscant. While plummeting downward, Obi-Wan remarkably repairs the droid. After the droid has returned to its course, they begin to float toward the darker, seedier areas of the city.

Obi-Wan then spots bounty hunter ZAM WESELL on a nearby ledge. She sees Obi-Wan dangling from her droid and begins to fire her laser rifle at him. Obi-Wan quickly grabs and ignites his lightsaber in one hand, while holding onto the droid with the other and skillfully manages to deflect Zam's many laser blasts.

Anakin finally arrives on his speeder and catches Obi-Wan just as he loses grip of the droid. This gives Zam time to escape to her speeder… and the chase begins.

The two pursue Zam at high speeds through the heavy night traffic and buildings of Coruscant (this is most likely where Anakin's amazing piloting skills are demonstrated).


The chase finally comes to an end through the scummy lower levels of Coruscant where Anakin notices Zam enter into a seemingly popular nightclub. Without hesitation, Anakin hurries toward the club…




She went into that club, Master.



Obi-Wan then hands Anakin the lightsaber he apparently forgot to grab.

OBI-WAN (cont.)

Here. Next time try not to lose it.


Sorry, Master.

Obi-Wan and Anakin then attempt to enter the nightclub, but the BOUNCER thinks otherwise and yells…



Anakin attempts to use a mind trick on the bouncer but Obi-Wan stops him from doing so. Anakin then reaches for his lightsaber and ignites it in the bouncer's face, threatening him, trying to convince him otherwise. The bouncer doesn’t even flinch. In fact, he grows double in size and stands towering, ready to fight. Obi-Wan then uses a mind trick of his own on him and the two Jedi proceed into the club. As they enter, Obi-Wan jokes with Anakin…


Why do I think you are going to be the death of me?


Once inside, Obi-Wan and Anakin are immediately disturbed by a young troublemaker named ELAN SLEAZE BAGGANO. Elan irritatingly tries to sell them some kind of drugs…


You want some death sticks? You want some death

Obi-Wan casually waves his hand in front of Elan’s face…

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03-18-2002, 04:01 AM

You should rethink your life.

After having a look around, Obi-Wan and Anakin finally catch Zam just outside the club and begin to interrogate her. They try to find out who she is working for and why they want Padme dead. But before they can get any information out of her, in a twist of events, Zam is shot down by what seems to be a dart of some sort. This new assassin is none other than who we will come to know as… JANGO FETT. However, the weapon that killed Zam is very mysterious to the two Jedi.


At this level of Coruscant, there's only one man who
knows all about these kind of underground weapons.


Obi-Wan and Anakin arrive at a diner to meet an old connection of his named DEXTER JETTSTER - a large reptilian creature with four arms. His traditional attire includes a spattered on T-shirt, pants, and a small apron. Being a larger alien creature of probably 300+ pounds, his shirt doesn't quite fit right and is exposed to reveal his large belly. His three-fingered hands are perfect to grill burgers. He also wears sandals that reveal he has three toes too. It appears he has a bad habit of smoking as well.

Dexter then hugs his long time friend Obi-Wan with three arms, and with his other arm he shakes hands with Anakin at the same time. Obi-Wan then asks Dexter if he knows anything about the weapon that killed Zam Wesell. Dexter tells him that it is called a Kaminoan Kyber Dart and it only comes from one place… the water planet called Kamino. According to Dexter, the Kaminoans are also very big into cloning.


They're cloners. Damned good ones, too.


Cloners? Are they friendly?

After their meeting with Dexter, Obi-Wan and Anakin leave to report the night’s events.


Mace Windu and YODA are walking down a long hallway leading to the Jedi Council Chamber…


Why couldn’t we see this attack on the Senator?

Yoda is unsure.


It’s been ten years, and the Sith still have not shown
themselves. Do you think they are behind this?


Out there, they are. A certainty that is.


Do you think Obi-Wan’s apprentice will be able to
bring balance to the force?


Only if he chooses to follow his destiny.

There is a silence as they walk away. Only footsteps are heard.

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03-18-2002, 04:02 AM

The two Jedi return to Padmé's quarters and discuss the current situation with her.


Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Amidala meet with the Jedi Council to discuss the recent events of the past day. It is decided that Anakin must accompany Amidala back to Naboo where she will be safe.


In dark times nothing is what it appears to be, but
the fact remains Senator, in grave danger you are.

The Jedi Council then confers with Obi-Wan about Zam Wesell and the mysterious Jango Fett.

NOTE: In the script, Jango is never referred to by name. He is either called the “mercenary” or the “bounty hunter.”

Obi-Wan tells them that he was informed that Kamino is the only planet where kyber darts can be found and that he suspects there is something larger and more sinister going on there. The Jedi Council agrees and dispatches Obi-Wan to journey to Kamino. They instruct him follow up on the clues of the conspiracy he obtained from Zam Wesell's murder and to try to figure out who is really behind the assassination attempts on Senator Amidala.


Before leaving for Kamino, Obi-Wan decides to go to the Jedi Hall of Records to find out the exact location of Kamino and to seek information on the mysterious Count Dooku.

Before Obi-Wan enters the Hall, we see an ESTABLISHING SHOT of the Jedi Temple where we see numerous young Jedi in training. We then focus in on YODA and a group of young Jedi-hopeful children on a balcony. Yoda is teaching them about the lightsaber and its functions. He pulls his own out and ignites it…


The most precious weapon a Jedi’s lightsaber is.


Once inside the Hall, Obi-Wan meets JOCASTA NU, the librarian and academic.

Obi-Wan then begins to look at a map to try to find Kamino’s exact location. Since Kamino is a remote planet and does not have much tie with the Republic, not much is known about it.

Jocasta then assists Obi-Wan by showing him a hologram of the planet.
Eventually the discussion leads to “The Lost Twenty" - the only twenty Jedi to have ever left the Jedi Order. Among these 20 is the mysterious Count Dooku, a former highly respected Jedi Master.


I never understood why he quit. Only twenty Jedi
have ever left the Order.


“The Lost Twenty”… And Dooku was the most recent
and the most painful. No one likes to talk about it.
His leaving was of great loss to the order.

Jocasta goes on to mention Qui-Gon Jinn. She says that Qui-Gon’s death was the deciding factor in Dooku’s leaving the Order… it was the last straw.

Near Obi-Wan, we FOCUS on a small statue of the bust of a seemingly old, bearded man… the statue is of Count Dooku.

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03-18-2002, 04:03 AM

COUNT DOOKU discovers that Obi-Wan is headed to Kamino. He then contacts Jango Fett and dispatches him to kill Obi-Wan once he arrives on Kamino.


Before setting off for Naboo, Anakin and Padmé are bid farewell by Jar Jar. He decides to not go with them and has instead opted to stay on Coruscant due to everything that has been happening lately.


Obi-Wan’s starfighter is ready for takeoff. Obi-Wan and Mace Windu stand beside it.


Be wary, the disturbance in the Force is growing


I’m concerned for my padawan. He is not ready to
be on his own.


He has exceptional skills. The council is confident in
its decision, Obi-Wan. If the prophecy is true, he will
be the one to bring balance to the Force.


But he still has much to learn. His skills have made
him, well, arrogant. I realize now that you and
Master Yoda knew from the beginning… the boy
was to old to start the training, and…


There’s something else?


He has a… an emotional connection with her. It has
been there since he was boy. Now he is confused,




Master, we should not be given this assignment. I’m
afraid Anakin won’t be able to protect the Senator.


Obi-Wan, you must have faith that he will take the
right path.

At some point, there is also a comment made by Mace Windu about Yoda being in seclusion as he searches for the dealings of the return of the Sith.

Obi-Wan then climbs into the cockpit of his starfighter.

Has Master Yoda gained any insight into whether or
not this war will come about?


Probing the Dark Side is a dangerous process. He
could be in seclusion for days… May the force be
with you.

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03-18-2002, 04:05 AM

The ship Anakin and Padmé travel in much like a scheduled flight between planets (most likely to remain low-key and unnoticed. But obviously, Anakin and Padmé are not alone - there are many other aliens and humans on the ship). On the crowded lower deck, R2-D2 is serving food and drinks. Anakin and Padmé travel in separate compartments.

What follows are scenes in the ship that begin to develop the love story between Anakin and Padmé. At one point, Padmé even gets cute with Anakin…


Are you going to use one of your Jedi mind tricks
on me?


DESCRIPTION: Kamino is the planet where many clones are being manufactured. This planet is completely water and it rains continuously. All the "cities" are built on top of the water and are supported by columns that go underneath the water. They look like oil platforms out at sea, but much more elaborate and impressive. The same special effects used to create the water and waves in “The Perfect Storm” will be used for the effects on this planet. So expect the atmosphere to look amazing… waves crashing everywhere and rain pouring down, while the cities and structures remain unharmed in all their technological glory.

The rain pours down abundantly and beats hard against the wet landing platform of the capital called Tipoca City.

As Obi-Wan arrives in his imperial ship, he is greeted by a Kaminoian named TAUN WE. As he dries off his cloak, he looks up to see a tall, thin alien.

Greetings Ambassador. I am Taun We, assistant to
our grand president, Lama Su.


I trust you know of my arrival?


Yes, your Council informed us. We have arranged
our tour to suit your needs, Jedi Ambassador.


I appreciate your hospitality.


Let me show you around, you will be most pleased
with our progress.


Your planet has technology which every planet
wants. I understand your need for secrecy.


President Lama Su has asked for your attendance at
our unveiling of our clones.


I am honored.

Obi-Wan is then taken to a conference room to discuss the matters at hand.


During the meeting, Obi-Wan is introduced to LAMU SU, the Prime Minister of the planet.

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03-18-2002, 04:06 AM
The KAMONIANS are very kind to Obi-Wan (as they are throughout their encounters) and do not think there is anything "wrong" with their cloning operation.


Obi-Wan is then escorted to a laboratory and a cloning facility where he soon realizes this conspiracy runs deeper than Count Dooku and the kyber dart…

Lamu Su genuinely believes that he and his people are producing clone warriors under a legitimate contract from the Republic. He says that they have even been contacted by the head of the Jedi Council to confirm this…


Who commissioned this cloning activity?


It was Master Sido-Dyas, head of the Jedi Council.

Lamu Su then goes on to say that “Sido-Dyas” persuaded them to use the essence and DNA of a man named… Jango Fett… for the Republic`s clone armies. He claims that in return for his services, all Jango wanted was a cloned son.

NOTE: So it is believed that one of the first ever cloned beings is none other than BOBA FETT… an exact replica of his father.


The prime minister then shows Obi-Wan the enormous clone hatchery (similar to the laboratory, but the clones are fully formed). There are clone barracks, a clone commissary for dining, and even a clone classroom full of identical boys. There are thousands (maybe millions) of them here. Everything looks like a production line in a giant laboratory.

NOTE: It is obvious that Palpatine is behind this. Using his Sith name, Darth Sidious (“Sido-Dyas”), and claiming that he is the head of the Jedi Council (which he is not), he will be able to manipulate this war from yet another side. Why he is doing this will be explained as the story progresses…


Obi-Wan and Taun We then arrive at an apartment. The door slides open to reveal a young boy identical to the ones in the classroom before… his name is BOBA FETT.


Boba, is your father here?

There is a brief pause, then Boba Fett nods.


May we see him?



The three then venture deeper into the apartment where a rough looking man comes to greet them… a man who Taun We calls Jango. Taun We goes on to introduce Obi-Wan to Jango, and the two men’s eyes meet.


Anakin and Amidala meet with QUEEN JAMILLIA, the new ruler of Naboo, and discuss the events of the past few days (Queen Jamillia only has two scenes. She has a very small part).


Anakin and Padmé prepare to travel to the Lake Country outside of Theed where they will visit Padme's family. Anakin carries two big suitcases and Padmé carries just one. They are also carrying shopping bags with bread, fabric, and fruit for Padmé's family.

They then travel to the Lake Retreat in a gondola/water speeder. PADDY ACCU is the ferryman of the speeder as well the grounds keeper at the retreat.

The attraction between Anakin and Padmé is obviously growing as they spend more time together.

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03-18-2002, 04:08 AM

Padmé introduces Anakin to her family: her father JOBAL NABERRIE, mother RUWEE NABERRIE, and her SISTERS.

Anakin then has a brief conversation with Jobal about the recent assassination attempts on Padmé.


How long have these attempts been going on?

Anakin explains that he is not for sure, but he is to protect Padmé, and that his mentor, Obi-Wan is currently trying to find the true assassin.


I don’t want anything to happen to my daughter.


Neither do I.

The family then shows Anakin around their house and eventually take him to his bedroom.


Anakin and Padmé have a picnic together in a beautiful area of the Lake Country.


Obi-Wan contacts Mace Windu by hologram and reports on what he has been told and shown by Lamu Su… about the possible clone army and “Sido-Dyas.” His image fades in and out as the conversation takes place…


I have never heard of the Jedi called Sido-Dyas,
have you, master?


No. Whoever placed that order was no Jedi, I can
assure you.

Yoda is also present and tells Obi-Wan to continue the investigation and to try to find out who “Sido-Dyas” is…


Who he is working for… discover that you must.


I will, Master, and I will also find out more about
this clone army. May the Force...

The hologram switches off, and Obi-Wan fades away.


A clone army! Ordered by someone in the Senate
perhaps... Someone's out to start a war.


Inform the chancellor of this, we must.

Who do you think this impostor, Sido-Dyas, could


Soon after Obi-wan contacts the Yoda and Windu… Jango Fett emerges and fires at Obi-Wan in attempt to kill him. Jango misses and Obi-Wan then ignites his lightsaber and begins to chase him.


Obi-Wan catches up to Jango on a landing platform in the pouring rain. Obi-Wan then spots Jango at the entry ramp of Slave-1 (Jango’s ship). This is where we first see 8 year-old BOBA FETT as he hurries aboard.

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03-18-2002, 07:20 AM

Dad look!

Jango turns from his son to see Obi-Wan ready, with lightsaber ignited.

Jango then opens fire with one blaster. Obi-Wan deflects the bolts. As Jango continues firing, he moves behind and around pillars. Obi-Wan shuffles while deflecting the bolts.

As Jango moves behind a pillar, Obi-Wan charges forward. Jango then unholsters a second blaster and begins firing with both weapons. Obi-Wan has trouble deflecting the barrage of bolts.

Jango takes off (using his jetpack) over the top of Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan swings his lightsaber in attempt to take Jingo down, but misses. As he is flying past, Jango pivots in the air and fires down at Obi-Wan from a high angle. Obi-Wan deflects the bolts from above. Jango continues to fire with both blasters as he flies away from Obi-Wan. Under the barrage of two blasters, Obi-Wan struggles to deflect every bolt. He then rolls off to the side to avoid the bolts as Jango flies off behind a tower.

Emerging on the other side the tower, Jango fires a rocket that is protruding from the top of his jetpack. Obi-Wan avoids the explosion, but is stunned. Jango flies higher and out of the picture.

Obi-Wan then recovers and looks around for Jango (who seems to have disappeared). He is tense in the silence. Obi-Wan then senses something and turns just in time to see... young Boba Fett in the cockpit of Slave-1 taking aim with the ship’s heavy blasters. The shots begin to fire, but miss Obi-Wan as he accidentally drops his lightsaber.

Jango appears from above and jumps down. Obi-Wan recovers, and with a yell, leaps forward to jump-kick Jango in the face. Jango crashes back onto the landing platform. Obi-Wan lands on his feet.

Jango quickly recovers and charges forward. In close quaters, Obi-Wan blocks Jango's attempt to raise his blaster to fire as the pair struggle for the weapon. Obi-Wan then elbows Jango hard in the face. HIGH ANGLE shot as Obi-Wan then judo flips Jango over his back. Jango hits the ground hard but recovers quickly as Obi-Wan moves in for an attack.

Jango grabs and traps Obi-Wan’s foot. Jango spins Obi-Wan (in mid air) and brings him down face-first onto the ground. Obi-Wan retaliates from the ground with a sweep kick to Jango's head, knocking him back.

Obi-Wan gets to his feet. Jango also gets up and takes aim with his arm-mounted blaster. Obi-Wan leaps over the bolts and onto Jango's shoulders, then flips himself back and over, flipping Jango over and onto his back. But Jango then rolls to his feet.
Obi-Wan charges with a punch. Jango moves in to attack, chopping at Obi-Wan's head. Obi-Wan blocks it. Jango ducks a wild punch and grabs Obi-Wan by his waist. He then sweeps Obi-Wan off his feet and flips him over, bringing him crashing down over his bent knee.

Obi-Wan (momentarily stunned) is thrown by Jango. He lands and skids over the wet surface. Obi-Wan then comes to a halt on the ground and spots something… his lightsaber.

Jango suddenly appears, flying towards Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan gets up and reaches for his lightsaber (to summond it with the Force). Jango fires his cable and it wraps around Obi-Wan's hands as he fails to catch his lightsaber.

Jango takes off into the air (with jetpack again), still tied to Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan is dragged along the ground. LOW ANGLE behind Obi-Wan as he is being dragged. HIGH ANGLE on Jango, who is still flying.

Obi-Wan then rolls to one side while being dragged. He manages to roll around, to the other side of one of the oncoming pillars. Obi-Wan then jumps up and wraps the cable around the pillar. Jango crashes to the ground. The jetpack shoots off on its own and into the side of a building.

Obi-Wan (with his hands still tied) charges. He kicks Jango over the side of the platform. Jango begins to slide down the angled side of the platform. Obi-Wan, who is still connected to Jango by the cable, gets pulled to the edge of the platform.

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03-18-2002, 07:21 AM
Almost over the complete edge, Jango activates the claws on the side of his forearm. Jango then digs his "claws" into the platform. Obi-Wan continues down, past Jango and falls over the edge.

Still tied to Jango, Obi-Wan hangs, nothing between him and the raging sea. Obi-Wan then begins to swing back and forth. Jango is gradually getting pulled more and more down, so he releases the cable. DISTANT SHOT as Obi-Wan free-falls.

Obi-Wan then reaches for and grabs a service platform with the tips of his fingers. He pulls himself onto the platform.

CUT TO Jango as he has made it up and is entering Slave-1. Obi-Wan, who is already back on the platform (remember that Jedi can jump pretty high), summons his lightsaber as he runs. Obi-Wan catches the lightsaber as Slave-1 begins to take off.

Obi-Wan then takes a seeker pod (tracking device) from his belt and throws it. The seeker pod sticks to the side of the ship. Obi-Wan watches from the platform as Slave-1 takes off into the rain.


In his bedroom, Anakin tosses and turns in his bed. He suddenly wakes up to a horrifying nightmare concerning his mother.


Obi-Wan is in his ship and has taken off into space in pursuit of Jango. Shortly there after, Jango realizes that Obi-Wan is on his tail.

In an attempt to lose Obi-Wan, Jango takes his ship into an asteroid field. Obi-Wan follows. What proceeds is an intense chase through the huge asteroids where Obi-Wan eventually encounters even more trouble with the asteroids… causing Jango to believe that Obi-Wan was killed.

Jango and Boba then proceed to their destination – a rocky planet called Geonosis.

Though Obi-Wan, of course, is not dead. When he finally makes it out of the asteroid field, he picks up Jango with the tracking device and continues to follow him.

The astromech droid aboard Obi-Wan’s ship, R4-D17, then sends out a distress call possibly alerting the Jedi about Obi-Wan’s situation… and more importantly, the location of Geonosis.

As Jango and Obi-Wan approach Geonosis, there are two droid control ships (same as in Episode I) in orbit, indicating that there is an impending army of battle droids soon to be headed for Geonosis. Jango races up to one of them, when suddenly two fighters come out attacking. To Jango's surprise, the fighters start attacking him as well as Obi-Wan. Jango maneuvers away and then makes his way to the planet. Obi-Wan does the same and again follows Jango.

Padmé quietly enters Anakin's room to find him meditating on the balcony. Not wanting to interrupt him, she turns to leave…


Don’t go.


I don’t want to disturb you.


Your presence is soothing.

Anakin's then tells Padmé that his concern for his mother has grown so strong that he needs to leave Naboo and go to Tatooine. He knows that he is under strict orders by the Jedi Council to stay on Naboo, but he decides to defy his orders and leave as soon as possible.

Crazy_dog no.3
03-18-2002, 07:33 AM
Padmé senses Anakin’s distress and tries to comfort him. Their passion for each other is obvious as the two become closer and closer. Padmé then leans in to kiss Anakin when…
Her mother and sister enter the room, unintentionally interrupting the would-be kiss. There is a long, akward silence before Padmé’s mother and sister finally leave.

Anakin then seems irritated that they were discovered. He has wanted their relationship to remain a secret, but Padme feels differently…


It wouldn't have to be that way... we could keep it a


Then we'd be living a lie - one we couldn't keep up
even of we wanted to. My sister saw it. So did my
mother. I couldn't do that. Could you, Anakin?
Could you live like that?

A brief silence.


...No, you're right. It would destroy us.

Padmé then decides that she will accompany Anakin to Tatooine.


After telling her family goodbye, Anakin and Padmé make their way back to Theed where they meet with Queen Jamillia once more. They tell her they have to leave immediately and the Queen then willingly gives them a ship.

So Anakin, Padmé, and R2-D2 then take off for Tatooine.


It is aboard this ship and on this journey through space that Anakin and Padmé share their first kiss. But Padmé pulls back and tries to not let her feelings overwhelm her. Instead, she is reminded of her duties to her people and the Republic…


I am not going to give into this. I'm not going to
throw my life away. I have more important things to
do than fall in love.

Obviously this remark does not settle well with Anakin, but the thought of his mother at this point is much more important.


DESCRIPTION: Geonosis is an entirely rocky planet. The environment is dominated by canyons and giant stalagmite formations. These formations are hollowed out, and serve as towers. The Geonosians (aliens who look somewhat like living, organic battledroids - some with wings) live here and stay and work underneath the surface of this planet.

Obi-Wan begins to scale one of the large stalagmite towers in search of Jango.

Crazy_dog no.3
03-18-2002, 07:35 AM
He then enters the tower through a small blue window opening. It is from this window that Obi-Wan sees… the GEONOSIANS building thousands of super battledroids.

Obi-Wan comes to the conclusion that Count Dooku and the Separatist are obviously preparing for war.


Once in Mos Espa, Anakin, Padmé, and R2-D2 meet a RICKSHAW DROID who pulls them in a Rickshaw Speeder to travel across the sands meet…


Anakin’s old slave master, WATTO, is at his shop. He is outside his front door chasing a pit droid around. Watto is running on the ground and flapping his wings hard, but it unable to fly because he is so old. He finally picks up a stick and slaps the droid in the nose, causing it to fold up and stop running around.
Anakin, Padmé (who is wearing a long hooded robe to remain low key), and R2 witness watch and then approach him. Anakin reminds Watto who he is and that he has come for his mother. Watto tells Anakin that she is now married to Cliegg Lars and that they live out on a moisture farm outside a city called Mos Eisley.

Anakin, Padmé, and R2 then hurry toward Mos Eisley.


Upon arriving at the Lars’ moisture farm (the same home that Luke lives in in Episode IV), Anakin meets CLIEGG LARS (Shmi’s new husband), his new step brother OWEN LARS, BERU (who become “Uncle Owen” and “Aunt Beru” to Luke in Episode IV), and even a still-uncompleted C-3PO. Cliegg sits in a hovering wheelchair.

Anakin then asks where his mother is and they say that Shmi is not there. Anakin becomes even more concerned, fearing the worst. Cliegg tells him that early that morning, she went out to check the moisture vaporators. He goes on to say that she has not return at the time she usually does, so earlier he formed a search party and went out to find her. In the process, they failed and were very badly injured by Tusken Raiders and most of the search party was brutally killed.

Anakin can’t take anymore. He immediately jumps on Owen Lars' swoop bike and speeds out into the desert. Padmé runs after him…




After getting directions from a JAWA along the way, Anakin heads into a hilly, rocky region of the desert.

Crazy_dog no.3
03-18-2002, 07:39 AM

While Anakin is searching for his mother, Padmé completes C-3PO by applying his plating in the Lars' garage.



Padmé then stands back. OWEN is with her. They both look at C-3PO. Padmé has had to use whatever she could find in the garage. He is multi-colored and several different textures, but he is complete.


Um, How do I look?


Great! You look perfect!


Perfect? Oh, Miss Padmé, I’m so happy!


After searching for hours, Anakin finally finds and infiltrates the Tusken camp of around 50 TUSKEN RAIDERS. He then discovers the tent that is holding his mother, SHMI SKYWALKER. She is tied to a wood beam and has obviously been savagely beaten, barely alive. The two tearfully exchange a few words…


I always knew you’d come back.

She then tragically dies in his arms. Anakin is completely devastated and he blames himself for her death. He sits next to her in silence for a long time.

Later, Anakin gives his mother a small funeral of sorts. He digs a hole in the sand, places Shmi in it, and covers the tomb in rocks.

All night Anakin sits on top of a rocky hill near the place where his mother was kept. He is in a meditative state, trying to calm his flurried emotions.

As the twin suns of Tatooine finally rise over the horizon, Anakin catches a glimpse of a few Tusken mothers playing with their children in the shadows below him. He watches them for a bit, then stands up. Staring at them with a blank expression, he reaches for his lightsaber, ignites it, and methodically walks towards them.


Dozens of WINGED MASSIFS (dog-sized lizard creatures) violently attack Obi-Wan. He mauls one, but is eventually taken captive.

03-18-2002, 07:55 AM

thats the whole movie:eek:

03-18-2002, 08:32 AM
How many times has this script been posted before? :-|

Crazy_dog no.3
03-18-2002, 08:34 AM
Nope, not this script anyways;

Anakin returns to the worried Lars farm and and reveals to Cliegg that Shmi is dead.


If I hadn't gone away, none of this would have
happened. We'd be happy.


But you'd still be slaves.


But at least she'd still be alive and we'd be happy.

As the conversation proceeds, the two begin raising their voices at each other. Anakin is obviously extremely jealous of his mother's love for the Lars family. The argument abruptly stops as Padmé gently places her hand on Anakin's shoulder.

Padmé then takes Anakin into the garage and shows him C-3PO, who although is rather crudely put together, now has covers and all.


Isn't he great?


He's perfect.

Suddenly, through R2, Anakin receives a distress call hologram from Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan, who believes that Anakin is still on Naboo, warns them of the situation but is in desperate need of help. He explains the possibility of war and cautions that it could be dangerous…


War is inevitable.
But the message suddenly cuts short…


Following Obi-Wan’s orders, Anakin alerts the Council of the army of battledroids, the control ships, and the likely possiblitly of war.

The Council recognizes this as an emergency and decides to dispatch a Jedi army.

Crazy_dog no.3
03-18-2002, 08:36 AM

Chancellor Palpatine somehow intercepts this message and watches the hologram of Anakin as he relays the news to the Council.


Padmé feels the need to go to Geonosis, but Anakin doesn't agree - he doesn’t want to leave Tatooine. But Amidala convinces Anakin that they must to go to Geonosis to help Obi-Wan and aid in whatever crisis presents itself – it’s her duty as well as his. Anakin finally agrees. Padmé then exits to prepare herself for battle.

Once Padmé leaves the room, Owen presents C-3PO to Anakin because he realizes that the two share a past and he feels extreme sorrow for what happened to Shmi: C-3PO is all that is left of Anakin's relationship with his mother.

Anakin thanks him, and once Padmé is ready (wearing her white body suit), they head for Geonosis.


Upon arriving on Geonosis, Anakin and Padmé argue about what to do. Anakin doesn’t want to fight, but Padme reminds him of their obligations to the Republic. Once again, Anakin is convinced by Padme’s words.


Sometimes I just don’t understand human behavior.

Anakin and Padmé then leave their ship with the two droids and cautiously proceed toward a large rock formation (basically an enormous building made out of rock). Obviously, they are searching for Obi-Wan.
Once they enter the building, they are immediately surrounded by a surprise assault of battledroids. Count Dooku, who is standing on the level above them, looks down at them and yells…


Give up. You are captured.

Dooku Force-grabs Anakin's lightsaber right out of his hand. The droids then capture Anakin and Padme and take them to a jail cell.


Apparently the capturing was brutal because Anakin mutters to Padmé…


I think we’re still alive.

Crazy_dog no.3
03-18-2002, 08:39 AM

C-3PO and R2-D2 arrive at a door near one of the huge rock structures. As they approach, the door slowly opens to reveal…


Thousands of droids are being assembled on massive production lines as far as the eye can see.

C-3PO and R2-D2 now stand under a large chasm after wondering into the huge factory.

NOTE: At this point, C-3PO and R2 then go in opposite directions from the factory. Apparently, both droids also help the Jedi towards the end of the story. R2 helps Anakin at some point and C3PO may actually get to fire a weapon (I assume he gets the weapon from this factory). Hopefully we’ll know more about this scene and it’s implications soon.


Senator Amidala is then taken to a conference room to discuss the stakes. Present, around a large circular table, are many of the separatist leaders of their respective worlds. Essentially, this is the core of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

NOTE: At this time not much is known about this scene. Important matters will obviously be discussed during this meeting and hopefully we will know more about the nature of this discussion soon.


An enormous gladiatorial execution arena is built into the ground.

DESCRIPTION: The arena looks like a giant pit, although it's not quite circular all the way around. It has been built into the landscape, flowing with the rock, forming around giant columns. It’s huge. There are futuristic looking gladiators carrying shields and weapons, entertaining the thousands of alien spectators as they cheer.
We see soldiers emerge out of a tunnel into the main arena. The crowd cheers.

Overlooking a grand arena in a VIP style "box" area sit Count Dooku, archduke POGGLE THE LESSER (alien leader of the Geonosians), a NEMODIAN LEADER from the Trade Federation, and Jango Fett, who is standing calmly behind him the Nemodian. The four dignitaries are watching a huge four-legged beast called a REEK as it devours the slaves.

Crazy_dog no.3
03-18-2002, 08:41 AM
They then decide to feed Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Amidala to the Reek as well. So they bring out the three prisoners and prepare to tie them up to poles. They begin with Obi-Wan. He is transported into the arena in an execution cart and then tied to a pole.

Behind Count Dooku and the three other dignitaries, in the entrance to the VIP section, a flash of light appears and knocks out one of the GEONOSIAN GUARDS. This event goes unnoticed by the four VIP spectators.

A dark hand then taps Dooku’s shoulder. Dooku turns around as… Mace Windu reveals himself while holding Jango at bay with his lightsaber. We then look down into the arena as DOZENS OF JEDI enter from all passageways, lightsabers ignited.

But in a turn of events, Dooku then reveals the DROID ARMY that has been awaiting the Jedi. Mace turns as the army (battle droids, destroyer droids, and even super droids) emerge from the dark passageway behind them. CUT TO a HIGH ANGLE of the VIP box as droids are coming from all entrances in the remote area.

Mace is surrounded. Jango backs out of firing range. The droids then unmercifully open fire. Mace deflects the first few bolts as Dooku and the other dignitaries attempt to move to safer ground.

The droids continue to fire as Mace deflects the bolts right back at them. WIDE SHOT of Mace as he spins and deflects shots from all sides. A number of droids are smashed back by their own bolts.

Jango then brings up his flamethrower and fires at Mace. Geonisians fly away in the background. Mace leaps as the flame scorches the area where he was, but his cloak catches on fire. Instead, the Nemoidian is hit by the flame. Jango then blasts at Mace in the air. Mace deflects all the bolts as he flips in mid air and down into the arena, his cloak still on fire. Jango looks for an escape and Dooku leaves the area. Once on the ground of the arena, Mace throws off his burning cloak.

WIDE SHOT as Jedi fight for their lives against the superior number of droids. Two Jedi leap from another VIP box just as it’s blasted by droids. MORE SHOTS of Jedi defending themselves from attacks on all sides. One Jedi destroys a Super Droid but is suddenly gunned down by a Destroyer Droid.

NOTE: I would assume that this huge battle makes its way into the stands and possibly onto the ground, outside of the arena (if, in fact, the arena is “dug” into the ground). Because this battle is ENORMOUS. We’re talking dozens of Jedi, thousands of droids, and not to mention what else is about to come.

Mace looks back at the VIP box he was in moments ago. Droids from the VIP box shoot towards him. Mace blocks the shots again as we see Jango fly off in the distance.
As Mace defends himself against the droids firing at him from the stands, Jango lands behind him in the arena. Mace continues to defend himself as Jango aims his cable from behind and fires. Mace turns around just in time to “force push” the cable away, causing it to wrap around a nearby Destroyer Droid.

Crazy_dog no.3
03-18-2002, 08:42 AM
Mace then turns away from Jango to take care of more droids in the arena. The entangled Destroyer turns and fires upon Jango, shots whipping around him. Jango then detaches his cable and flies past the Destroyer. Jango's flight path leads him directly behind Mace, who is still battling droids. As Jango passes, Mace swings his lightsaber over his head and hits Jango's jetpack, sending him into an uncontrolled dive towards the ground.

The destroyer droid tracking Jango ends up firing at Mace, who in return deflects all the bolts. Jango crashes to the ground and rolls to his feet. The Destroyer continues to blast at Mace as Jango tries to fix his damaged jetpack.

Jango then fires at Mace with both blasters. Mace spins to deflect the new attack of bolts. With a destroyer droid on one side and Jango Fett on the other, Mace defends from both enemies at the same time. Mace then suddenly leaps into the air leaving the destroyer and Jango firing at each other. Jango leaps into a sideways roll and keeps firing at the destroyer. The destroyer explodes under Jango's attack.

Mace lands as a Battledroid begins to fire at him. He deflects the bolt without even looking and charges towards Jango. CUT TO JANGO’s POV of Mace charging him as the battle rages on in the background.

Suddenly, the Reek (the enormous four legged, tri-horned beast with a bull-like nose ring) then appears from a passageway and charges after Mace through a number of droids. CUT TO a shot TRACKING the Reek as it quickly advances toward Mace. Jango appears stunned in the distance.

Mace turns and spots the Reek as Jango scrambles to his feet. MACE’S POV of the Reek charging directly at him. Mace swipes at the Reek, chopping off one of its’ horns. The Reeks still catches Mace with its shoulder, sending Mace sprawling and losing his lightsaber.

Mace hits the ground and rolls up onto his side. MACE’S GROUND POV of his lightsaber as Jango is running toward it. Just before Jango reaches the lightsaber, one of the Reek's feet slams down on it.

The Reek snarls at Mace as he gets back on his feet and tries to “force” calm over the beast. The Reek then turns to Jango on the other side, forcing him to back off. HIGH ANGLE of the Reek and the two foes on either side of it. A tense moment.

Mace attempts to get closer to his lightsaber while Jango tries to get a clear shot. Jango moves slowly around the beast. The Reek is still looking at Jango while Mace heads closer to his lightsaber. The Reek then reacts to Mace's close proximity. Mace again tries to calm the beast with the force - the Reek calms somewhat. Mace moves closer and then tries to free the lightsaber with the force. Jango moves toward the Reek's backside. Mace is obscured by the Reek's front leg.

Jango spots his discarded jetpack lying on the ground a short distance beyond Mace. CLOSE UP on the jetpack. Jango shifts aim and fires at the Jetpack. Mace reacts, throwing himself backwards and away. The jetpack explodes as Mace dives clear. Mace hits the ground in a roll and ends up near a wall.

Crazy_dog no.3
03-18-2002, 08:46 AM
Startled by the explosion, the Reek rears up on its’ hind legs, freeing the lightsaber. Jango is ready to pounce and then dives at the lightsaber but... it floats off screen just as he reaches it. The lightsaber returns to Mace's hand.

Jango looks up at the Reek as its’ shadow falls over him. He rolls out of the way of the Reek’s front legs as they thunderously crash back down on the ground. The Reek charges at Mace, trampling Jango. Jango avoids being crushed by the beast's huge feet.

TRACKING the Reek as it charges at Mace. Mace leaps into the air as the Reek reaches him, causing the Reek to smash into the wall of the arena. Mace flips into the stands in the midst of a group of droids. He lands and attacks.

Jango recovers and retrieves his blaster. The Reek shakes it's head, looks around and spots Jango. The Reek lumbers around and trotts towards Jango. Jango raises his blaster and aims carefully. The Reek begins to fully charge. Jango pauses. JANGO’S POV as the Reek charges closer. In the last moment, Jango fires into the beast's eyes and dives out of the way, still ready with blasters if need be. The Reek tumbles and crashes to the ground, dead.

Jango stands and whips around looking for Mace with both blasters raised. Mace leaps down from the stands and charges forward. Jango desperately opens fire but Mace deflects all the bolts as he runs.

Mace lunges with his lightsaber at Jango's head and Jango ducks, but is left off balance. Jango manages one blast from his arm-mounted blaster, but it misses. Mace spins and slices across and downward.

Jango's helmet bounces and rolls in the dust. His body falls to the dirt - safely assumed dead - leaving Mace the victor.

NOTE: It is assumed that young Boba Fett witnesses this horrific event… hints his eventual hate for the Jedi.

Although Mace Windu seems to be handling himself well, the blow to the majority of the Jedi is tremendous. Count Dooku, the Geonosians, and the Droids seem to have the upper hand, but the tables suddenly turn…

Amidala looks to the sky and notices six giant assault/attack gunships decending into and around the arena. Upon landing, thousands of CLONETROOPERS (who look like a cross between stormtroopers (from the original trilogy) and Jango Fett) emerge from these six ships.
And Yoda is with them.

With laser blasters firing on the now outnumbered droids, the sides even up somewhat and the huge battle rages on.

NOTE: It is believed that Yoda went to Kamino before coming to Geonosis and retrieved either all or a majority of the clones that were being produced there. He most likely revealed that it was he, and not “Sido-Dyas,” who was the head of the Jedi Council. And although he never ordered the making of the clones in the first place, Yoda used his position to his advantage and is now using the clones to fight for him, helping him in this situation.

Crazy_dog no.3
03-18-2002, 08:47 AM
It is Yoda and the clonetroopers that finally save Amidala from the arena and she then joins them in the fight.


As the battle continues, Obi-Wan and Anakin also managed to escape from the arena (either with or without the help of Yoda and the clones). While doing so, they each took a lightsaber from two dead Jedi bodies laying on the ground.

They both then engage in the attack and deflect droid blaster fire with their lightsabers.


Destroyers are too powerful, we need to fall back.


Trust me!

They eventually fight their way into a ship hangar and out of sight from the arena.
Anakin then tells Obi-Wan that he wants to go back for Padmé because she is in great danger if she fights. But Obi-Wan tells him to stay focused on the task at hand. Anakin obeys and stays with him.


Suddenly, Count Dooku appears. Without thinking, Anakin charges at Dooku against Obi-Wan’s warnings. But just as the young apprentice is about to strike his first blow, Dooku calmly lifts his arm and Anakin is lifted up and flung across the room to the opposite wall.
Dooku then goes after Obi-Wan. We find that he is obviously a better fighter than Obi-Wan, using calculated moves and expending little energy in the fight. The two talk quite a bit while fighting (much like Darth Vader and Obi-Wan in Episode IV). Dooku speaks to Obi-Wan almost hypnotically, telling him of the instability of the Republic and how it will crumble. Addressing him as "Master Kenobi," Dooku begs Obi-Wan to just kill him, then easily deflects his saber when the frustrated Jedi attacks.


I have spent the last ten years learning to use the
power of the Dark Side. It gives me infinitely more

Dooku then Force-throws an object at Obi-Wan, causing him to fall off of a small ledge.
Anakin then makes his way to Dooku. As he does this, Anakin force-grabs Obi-Wan’s lightsaber as he falls off the ledge. Anakin skillfully wields the two lightsabers with relative ease. Dooku is amused.


Somewhere near the arena are the two droid control ships that obviously landed before the battle began.

NOTE: At this time the details of this part of the battle are a bit sketchy. As it stands now, the droid control ships have landed outside of the arena. But I have been told (by TF.n spy “SI”) that this could change in post-production. Hopefully we will have more information as the release date approaches. Never the less, it’s what takes place aboard the ships that is important…

Crazy_dog no.3
03-18-2002, 08:50 AM
KI-ADI MUNDI then leads SIX OTHER JEDI in an assault on one of the two droid control ships. They stealthily enter and eventually make their way to the bridge.


Anakin is in a state of mental chaos. His mother has just been slain in front of his very eyes, he can't protect his love from the battle outside, he has been separated from his master, and he's now engaged in a battle against one of the most powerful Force-wielders in the galaxy. Count Dooku sees Anakin's mental instability and can sense his fear. Using this to his advantage, he bullies Anakin for his own amusement. Dooku’s intent at this moment is not to turn Anakin to the Dark Side, rather to amuse himself by messing with Anakin's head.

Dooku and Anakin fight all through the hangar and eventually around Dooku’s Solar Sailor ship. Anakin finds that Dooku is much stronger than he, and Anakin basically gets completely beat down.

Eventually Obi-Wan returns to the fight, Anakin tosses him his lightsaber, and it now becomes a two on one situation. The battle fiercely continues, but Dooku still overpowers both Jedi at the same time. He begins to taunt both of them now, and even seems to be enjoying himself. Dooku pries into their deepest fears and regrets.

Dooku begins to tell Anakin that he is fighting a lost cause: He failed to protect his mother just as he failed to protect Padme… and he then reveals to Anakin that Padmé has been killed in the battle.

Anakin just snaps. Out of pure rage, he swings furiously at Dooku who is a bit taken with the overwhelming power the young Jedi displays. Dark Side emotions run through Anakin and Dooku is forced to defend himself with a little more caution.

As the battle continues, Obi-Wan tries to control Anakin’s emotions. He tells him to concentrate on the battle and not to think of Padmé's death. Upon hearing what he believes is confirmation of her death from his master, Anakin becomes so enraged that he takes a swing at Obi-Wan.


Ki-Adi and his group finally find the control center and he then throws the switch in attempt to deactivate the droids… but nothing happens, the droids do not turn off. It appears that the Nemoidians (or Geonosians) have learned that lesson after the battle at Naboo.
NOTE: It is likely that the actual control center for the droids is somewhere under the ground of Geonosis.


Count Dooku force-throws objects at the Jedi as the two are now becoming very seriously injured. Dooku is completely beating them down. Eventually, one of the flying objects knocks Anakin unconscious. Obi-Wan isn’t so good either.

Believing that his battle is nearly over, Dooku turns to see… Yoda.

Crazy_dog no.3
03-18-2002, 08:52 AM
The eight super battledroids that are guarding Dooku’s ship turn to fire at the new intruder. But Yoda calmly raises his hand and the droids are sent hurtling into the far wall, showing that he is, in fact, the Master. The look on Dooku’s face is one of anger and defeat…


No interest in contests, do I have.

Dooku then surges at Yoda and begins to rain down blows. But Yoda stands calm and defends himself without much effort while Dooku seems to be wearing himself out. Yoda then quickly leaps onto Dooku’s shoulders just long enough to scare him, then forces him into a corner. Dooku’s lightsaber is sent reeling as he falls to the ground. Yoda inches closer and quietly speaks…


The end for you, Count, this is.

Yoda then raises his small lightsaber and prepares to deliver the final thrash. Mustering all the strength he can find, Dooku suddenly dislodges Yoda and, using the force, brings one of the huge hanging ceiling cranes crashing down on Obi-Wan and Anakin. In the blink of an eye, Yoda is under the massive structure, holding it up, concentrating. This gives Dooku the just the amount of time he needs to escape to his Solar Sailor.

Across the way, Yoda closes his eyes and concentrates. Anakin is unconcious, and Obi-Wan tries to get out from under the crane. The fallen crane trembles and starts to lift. Behind it, the sound of the Sailor Ships's engines are heard starting up.

Yoda concentrates harder. Slowly, the crane rises. The sound of the engines increases. Yoda exerts every once of his powers. The crane lifts clear of Anakin and is thrown to the ground.

Dooku’s Sailor Ship takes off. Obi-Wan and Anakin struggle to the exhausted Yoda, but it is too late. The Sailor Ship rises into the air and flies away.
A CLONE CAPTAIN, about ten more clonetroopers, and… Padmé… come rushing into the hangar. The clone captain approaches Yoda…

Resistance is at an end, General.

… and says that he awaits new orders from Yoda.

Crazy_dog no.3
03-18-2002, 08:54 AM
Meanwhile, Padmé runs up to Anakin and throws her arms around him. Anakin is so tired and exhausted that he can barely stand. But the fact that Padmé is actually alive is enough to lighten the pain. With all they have been through together, Padmé can’t help but fall for him.

NOTE: So the Republic ends up defeating this resistance on Geonosis. Apparently the clones defeated the droids in the arena and Ki-Adi and his crew were victorious with the droid control ships/bases… all the details of the victory aren’t completely known at this time. But remember, the Jedi only won this small encounter and it was not pretty… they were dealt a decent blow. The rest of the Rebellion resistance is still alive and well… along with Count Dooku. And you can bet that the supply of clones (good or bad) won’t run out any time soon.


Darth Tyranus’ ship lands on a secret platform in a deserted and broken down part of the planet, away from all the tall buildings and grandeur of Coruscant. Everything looks in disrepair.


Count Dooku walks down the ramp and into the abandoned hangar where he is then greeted by… Darth Sidious...


The Force is with us, Master


Welcome home Lord Tyranus.

NOTE: This is where it is revealed that Count Dooku truly is, in fact, a Sith Lord named DARTH TYRANUS. Not much is known at this point if Darth Tyranus is mentioned previously in the story or not. We can assume however, that he is Darth Sidious’ new apprentice.


I bring you good news, my Lord. The war has


Excellent. Everything is going as planned.


The damage this battle has caused the Jedi is catastrophic and the atmosphere among the Council is quite depressing. Among the twelve members of the Jedi Council, only Yoda, Mace Windu, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and Plo Koon are the only survivors.


The prophecy is true… The Dark Side is growing.

Obi-Wan then tries to present a positive aspect…


I must admit, without the clones it would not have
been a victory.


Victory? Victory, you say? Not a victory. A defeat,
it was, Master Obi-Wan. Begun, the Clone War has.

Crazy_dog no.3
03-18-2002, 08:55 AM

In a very small and secluded ceremony, Anakin and Padmé are wed by a Naboo holy man.

Padme’s immediate family and the two trusty droids, C-3PO and R2-D2, are the only members in attendance during this eminent occasion.

NOTE: It is against the Jedi code for any Jedi to marry. This is just another case of Anakin disobeying his orders. Hopefully we’ll know more about the details and implications of this scene soon.


Chancellor Palpatine, Bail Organa, Jar Jar Binks, and a select few other dignitaries stand and oversee a seemingly grand, but ultimately dreadful site to behold…
Beneath them prevails a military staging arena where tens of thousand of clones are being organized and shipped to fight in the wars.


And that, is all I got.

03-18-2002, 08:58 AM
spam at its peak;) you could have given us a link:)

well i dont have the patience to read the whole thing, but most of it seems true:confused:

03-18-2002, 09:10 AM
*pees his pants after reading the fight between yoda and dooku*

Crazy_dog no.3
03-18-2002, 09:45 AM
Well, I increased my post count by 26 posts.:D

Crazy_dog no.3
03-19-2002, 12:44 PM

Wraith 5
03-19-2002, 01:33 PM
ok i am lost what was this??? The script... a fun make up of the script... what?

Crazy_dog no.3
03-19-2002, 02:46 PM
It is meant to be the old script.

03-20-2002, 03:28 AM
It is a months-old pieced together draft of the Ep II script that once resided on theforce.net

It was taken down some months ago as per request by Lucasfilm. Thus the lack of updates.

FYI Crazy Dog: [ spoiler ] and [ /spoiler ] work quite well for concealing spoilers rather than just copy/pasting, and putting a small warning :D