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03-20-2002, 07:02 AM
It has been mentioned that players would like GB.com to hold a Tournament.

If people are serious about this, please leave your thoughts and views below. Please read this post fully first, as there's a few options for you all to consider before we progress any further.

If you look around the world of SWGB, there's been tournaments everywhere.

SWGB Heaven have had their one - low turnout

Battlestats keep having their Week Of Wars (wow), Spring bash, winter bash, midnight bash, i drink coca-cola bash - again, low turn outs

Mr Fixit have had theirs - low turn outs with people getting bys into the final stages without playing a single game.

Personally, a tournament at this stage would be a waste of time and resources. Experts are killing this game slowly and until they move off to another game, it will continue.

If anything, maybe plan one for the X-Pack release, or as one of the forumers mentioned, maybe have a Galaxy type system, where either a team, or clan control planets and they have to fight to keep control of them... take alot of working out, but i am SURE that would be a success with alot of the new players we have.

Any thoughts on this?

03-21-2002, 02:00 PM
Let me start by giving some background information...

I've played the original Age of Empires and then played the Age of Kings from the time it came out.

Unfortunately, up until October of 2001 I was unable to play online as my old computer's modem wasn't fast enough. Well, I got a new computer and have enjoyed playing against real people on the zone.

I am unable to achieve anything above rook ability mostly because I'm a real-life player (meaning real-life gets in the way of me spending a lot of time playing.

Was not planning on getting SWGB. Was going to get Age of Mythology, even though I am a DIE-HARD Star Wars fan... saw the delay in AoM and thought, might as well get SWGB to fill in the gap.

Man, was I glad I did... What a great game! BUT... I was still unable to overcome that rookie status. UNTIL I joined a clan (shameless plug: http://www.dgfleet.com) and was able to play in battlestats WoW.

What a great experience that was! Did I get mauled by experts? Sure I did... but I made sure to record every game, and when I got mauled went back and watched WHY I got mauled. But the main thing was the EXPERIENCE of it. I played many players I would never have considered playing outside of a tournament because of their reputation.

Was the turnout low? Yes. Only 50 players. BUT this game hasn't been out very long... (compared to AoE) And we are getting mostly SW fans... Not a lot of people buy it simply because it's a real time strategy game.

IMO, LucasArts needs to push it more at the SW fans... That is the best place for them to build their base from.

A GB.com tournament would be GREAT! Can I predict who would probably win it? Sure. Does that mean I wouldn't play? H**L NO! I would be in there win or lose. After all, isn't it all a game??

zn:DG_KahleeLah, KhaleeLah, Softsnow, etc....