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03-22-2002, 02:14 PM
Okay folks, here is the first part of the transcript. Excuse any spelling errors...I'm punching this in as fast as I can. ;)

Mike G = Mike Gallo, Producer on the LucasArts side for KotOR
Casey H = Casey Hudson, Project Director/Producer at BioWare

Question 1
StormHammer: Whish Force powers will we be able to use?
Casey H: There will be a huge number of Force powers that you'll be able to use. All the ones you've seen in the movies, plus a number of very cool ones from the extended universe.

Question 2
ComRaven: obvious question: what rules system will you use?
Mike G: We haven't announced the rule system yet, but we hope to provide some details shortly. Certainly before E3.

Question 3
peterbull14: What species will you be able to play as?
Casey H: Your main character will be human, but you take control of your party members as well, who can be droids, Twi'leks, Wookies, etc.

Question 4
Amir Foox: will your companions be playable, or the AI will play them?
Casey H: You'll be able to play each of your party members just like your main character.
Casey H: Also, regarding playing your companions, when you're controlling one, the others will be controlled through AI. You can switch to control a different character at any time though.

Question 5
Breath: What are the differences between the xbox and pc version?
Mike G: Right now both games are being developed in parallel, and in general the story is the same. However, the PC version will obviously have a completely different UI specifically built for the PC version. More details to follow closer to the launch of the PC version.

Question 6
erithil: What will the tech be like? We've seen the Episode II trailer, and that tech is toned down. This game is 4000 years earlier. How can we have a realistic tech level for the time frame without making it feel un-Star Wars?
Mike G: We really like the tech in that Ep II trailer!! :)
Casey H: The Star Wars timeframe is extremely long. The civilisation has had space travel for 25,000 years, so even 4000 years isn't very long on that scale. So, we are able to keep things quite similar to the films technologically. Also, the tech. varies a lot from planet to planet, so there will be quite a variety.

Question 7
Jatsu: Even though it's going to be fast paced, will there ever be a pause option anything like Baldur's Gate?
Mike G: You'll be able to pause combat at any time, similar to Baldur's Gate. The combat should be pretty intense!

Question 8
AgtFox: Is the game going to be 40+ hours long?
Casey H: It's tought to say exactly how long it will take to play through at this point. We're aiming at something longer than your typical console RPG, but not quite as enormous as BG2.

Question 9
Jatsu: Are there going to be stats that you choose at the beginning of the game, only in a more linear manner, like Torment?
Casey H: You'll be able to choose quite a few things at the start of the game, such as assigning skill points, combat feats, etc. Then, you'll be able to add to those throughout the game to build your character.

Question 10
StormHammer: Will there be any tie-ins to some of the Tales Of The Jedi graphic novels?
Mike G: We're interested in doing that, but we're still working on the who and where...

more to come...

03-22-2002, 02:33 PM
The next 10 questions...

Question 11
Amir Foox: What will you be able to do with the Ebon Hawk? Will this be some sort of a space sim as well as a RPG?
Mike G: The Ebon Hawk is kind of like a home base the main character, and it's also meant to be a star of the game as well. You can walk around the ship and interact with other characters and do cool things. There is also the fast paced turret mini-game that you can play.
Casey H: Yes, the Hawk is lots of things. It's an area that you can walk around in, it's your inn/tavern of the game, and it's also a focus for some of the action sequences and minigames. It won't be a separate space sim though. We want to integrate having a cool starship with the format and gameplay of an RPG.

Question 12
erithil: Classical RPG's based on Star Wars put great focus on Jedi crafting and imbuing their lightsaber. Is there going to be anything like that in KOTOR, or will you just 'find' one?
Mike G: There's going to be lightsabers in this game? ;)
Casey H: We also love the idea of crafting a lightsaber and making it your own. This is also part of your journey in becoming a Jedi. So, although we don't want to spoil any surprises, you can expect to see something along these lines instead of just finding a lightsaber somewhere.

Question 13
roushdawg: What types of weapons will be available? I am assuming the Bowcaster and lightsaber at least.
Mike G: We'll have a bunch of different weapons, and they range from blaster and such to lightsabers and vibro blades.

Question 14
StormHammer: Are repulsor sleds available to carry additional items?
Casey H: Your inventory will handle most of the need to carry lots of stuff - or your Wookiee if necessary! Otherwise, there's always the Ebon Hawk if you need a place to keep extra stuff.

Question 15
JediXAngel22: What will Diablo 2 fans love about this game?
Casey H: I think fans of most RPGs will enjoy the character building, story, and action of this game. It's also a game that takes the genre to the next level by, among other things, oncorporating an improved rules based combat system.

Question 16
newuser1234: How Linear is the storyline? Are there multiple paths to follow? Multiple endings?
Mike G: The player will have a lot of things to do in the game that may or may not be directly related to the story arc and there will be the whole 'light and dark' aspect of the game as well.
Casey H: Although there is a carefully crafted main story, how you get through it is really up to you. We're making use of all the skills, weapons, etc., to create many solutions and paths through the story.

Question 17
ComRaven: Will there be multiplayer or modding options on the PC?
Mike G: We're still discussing this internally, and we'll announce any additional details at a later date.

Question 18
jmrallen: How often will players be able to save their games/progress?
Casey H: We're currently planning to let the player save at any point (when out of danger, anyway).

Question 19
Jatsu: While you will surely be using some of the classic music from the series, will there be an original work composed, and if so, do you have anyone in mind at this point?
Mike G: We are really close to announcing the composer for this game! Hopefully sometime very soon. Our goal is to have an original score that touches on themes that everyone is familiar with from the films. The style will be classic Star Wars, but with all new compositions and themes.

Question 20
cgisslplexe: How populated will the world be, as much as say Planescape?
Casey H: We are going to push the hardware as far as we can to keep the environments interesting, and dynamic, with characters, ambient creatures, ships in the sky, etc.

more to come...

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Thanks StormHammer!

When are you going to release the rest?


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Now that I can actually access the forums again...now... ;)

Question 21
erithil: How item intensive will this game be? Fantasy RPG's have tons of magical items to enhance abilities, protect and aid combat. Can we expect to see those things, just in a 'tech.' sense, or will the whole idea of inventory be de-emphasized?
Casey H: You'll find a lot of items throughout the game, so that will definitely be a factor in building your characters and customizing the gameplay. Another cool thing is that you will find some items that were used by characters in the Tales Of The Jedi comic series.

Question 22
Breath: Is it truth that you delayed Kotor PC version, because of SW Galaxies? :)
Mike G: Well, the question of timing has come up a lot! We saw a great opportunity to launch an RPG on a brand new platform with no established RPG franchise. The timing of Galaxies also played into that decision, but we promise that both versions will be worth the wait!!

Question 23
Does George Lucas take personal interest in the Star Wars games u guyz churn up?
Mike G: It's quite amazing regarding KotOR. George was involved very early on when we were talking about setting this game so far in the past. He was really excited about the time period and the things that BioWare wanted to accomplish. Ultimately it was his thumbs up that got this game off the ground!

Question 24
ComRaven: maybe a bit off-topic: what did you work on today?
Casey H: There are a lot of people working on different things, but for example, today we are working on getting some cool lightsaber combat interactions working, planning some cutscenes, and lots of work is being done to build the environments in the game.

Question 25
jmrallen: What will you be showing of KOTOR, if anything, at E3?
Mike G: We'll have a fully playable demo that will be in the LucasArts booth and at the Xbox booth. It won't be the whole game, but everyone will be able to get a taste of what the final experience will be like.

Question 26
Amir Foox: What sorts of minigames are there? Will there be many minigames to choose from? And what if we wouldn't want to play a minigame, must we play them in order to advance?
Casey H: The minigames are intended to be light and fun, and to give a snes of fast-paced action. Some of the minigames will have to be completed to proceed, but it will be carefully balanced so that those ones are fun and easy for everyone. It's our most important focus on the minigames to make sure that they're balanced and fun.
Casey H: Also, the minigames are designed to let you play parts of the story that normally you would just watch in a cutscene, so there will be a variety, and they will come up as different things happen in the adventure.

Question 27
milenrmr: To what extent will you be able to use the environment? Except from destroying things, will you be able to do anything else?
Casey H: One of the great things about the environment will be the exploration factor. There is tremendous variety i the types of environments so it will be lots of fun seeing what's around the next corner. Plus, we will have the ability to animate parts of the environment, and that can be incorporated into the gameplay as far as our designers can push it.

Question 28
jmrallen: loaded question, but legitimate: does the Xbox hardware allow you to create games with better graphics and more features than a PC game, which may need to meet a 'lowest common denominator'?
Mike G: Well, the power of the Xbox is considerable, but the features aren't affected too much by the platform. When looking at the PC market we obviously can't ignore the people that don't have a GF3, so in that respect some of the special graphical features may need to get turned down. Besides that, most PC's that are on the market now are really powerful and by this time next year even moreso.

Question 29
erithil: Will this game's storyline be based on chapters, like we saw in BG1 and BG2? If so, how many chapters are planned?
Casey H: It's not exactly planned in chapters. Once the game really gets under way, you'll have a number of planets to travel to, each with a variety of locations and environments.

Question 30
milenrmr: will you be able to feel the game, as in Jedi Knight when you look at those huge spaces and starships?
Mike G: One of the teams goals has been to make this game 'feel' like it's in the Star Wars universe. So, having immersive environments with aliens and creatures, star ships, etc, is really important.

Question 31
ConRaven: Mike, you said your dream project would be Obi-Wan 2....Will that influence Knights?
Mike G: Ha! There are no plans for an Obi 2 at this time. The team has talked about it, but nothing serious, so no, it won't influence my work on KotOR for the foreseeable future.

Question 32
Breath: Will we be able to play the game that Chewbacca played with C3PO and R2-D2 in the movies?
Casey H: Battle chess game? Actually, some of the guys on the team ask me about that a lot too! I'll just say that you can expect to see a number of things like that - cool little references to the movies that help the game feel like you're really in the Star Wars universe.

Question 33
erithil: What is the biggest challenge that BioWare is currently working in KOTOR?
Casey H: Our biggest challenge right now is to tie together all the cool elements that are being created into something that has really fun, smooth gameplay. In a massive RPG like this, there are thousands and thousands of little game objects, rules, systems, etc. that take a lot of work to integrate seamlessly into an experience that tells a compelling story.

Question 34
StormHammer: Will there be audio responses throughout the game, or will they be mostly text-based?
Mike G: The plan is to have all of the text in the game be voice. We've also got a really cool lipsynching tool, so it should look and SOUND pretty awesome!

Question 35
starwarsfan1972: Is there any of the owning factor of BG2, like that you can have a castle or a thieves guild transferred to KOTOR, like you can have you're own house and a Jedi order?
Casey H: Although you won't be able to own a house, you will be able to have your own starship. The Ebon Hawk is how we're implementing the enjoyment of having your own place, but this one's mobile!

Question 36
roushdawg: All this mention about Tales Of The Jedi has got me wondering will be able to ride any sort of animal in the game like the badass ones in the comic?
Mike G: That's one of the cool things that we're currently evaluating. No promises! :)

Question 37
JediXAngel22: Will the game have 3D sound, like SoundBlaster Live EAX?
Mike G: The Xbox has some tremendous sound capabilities, and we will take advantage of those things including 3D sound. The PC will also have 3D sound.

Question 38
Jatsu: A lot of the enjoyment I had with BG2 was because of the romances, will there be romances in KOTOR?
Casey H: A lot of what makes a story a Star Wars story is the action, adventure, and yes, a little romance. That kind of thing requires very careful writing so that it comes off well, but there should be a little romance in the story. Of course, it's your character we're talking about, so it will only come about it you're into it.

Question 39
erithil: Let's talk continuity. If we are eventually Jedi, will we have an NPC Jedi Master instructing us? Will we return to him/her to advance and grow in the Force? Will that person judge our connection to the Force, and if we are drifting to the Dark Side?
Casey H: There is, of course, a Jedi Council at this time, and you'll be able to interact with them as part of your development as a Jedi. You will have a master to show you the ways of the Force.

Question 40
roushdawg: off topic: have you played Jedi Outcast? If so, did it give you any ideas of things to incoprorate in KOTOR?
Mike G: I have played JKII quite a bit, and it's pretty cool. The team at BioWare hasn't seen it yet but they should be getting their copies any day now! :) There may be some cool Force powers to look at.

more to follow...

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And...this is the end...my only friend, the end...

Question 41
Breath: Will we see in the game grand-grand-grand-grand...fathers (or mothers) of famous characters from the movies?
Casey H: We would love to put some tie-ins to people in the movies through relatives, etc. But, you'll have to wait and find out who they'll be...

Question 42
StormHammer: Will there be lots of secret areas to discover?
Mike G: Like a lot of BioWare's previous games there will be a lot of replayability in the ways of quests, secrets and such.
Casey H: another really cool thing will be that you'll have access to different areas and side-quests depending on who is in your party. Also, whether you're becoming a dark or light side player will also give you access to different parts of the game.

Question 43
starwarsfan1972: What about if a companion dies, is the 'resurrection' done by Force or by some tech. or do the characters stay dead?
Mike G: We have an improved way of handling death than BioWare had in BG, but we're not ready to discuss exactly what that is just yet. :)

Question 44
Simpy: Your previous RPG games came on multiple CDs. Any chance KOTOR will see a PC DVD release as well as the regular multiple CD solution?
Mike G: Since the game is still several months away from release we haven't locked down exactly how it will be released. It will certainly be on CD ( number of CDs TBD ), whethere or not it's on DVD or not is stull up to where the market is at when we get close to launch.

Question 45
Simpy: Can you reveal anything about the combat system? Will you be using the same rules we saw in Baldur's Gate, or are you creating something new specifically for this game?
Casey H: We're taking the combat to the next level with this game. We are building upon the best parts of the combat systems of previous games, like BG, and NWN, but we have an improved method which should give amazing results in the way the combat looks. And, we're optimizing it so that it has all the variability that RPG fans expect, but within a control scheme that is a lot more intuitive.

Question 46
Jatsu: How will the whole locked and trapped areas work?
Mike G: Certain characters will have skills that they can use, while other characters may be better suited to 'lock picking'.

Question 47
roushdawg: Will we be able to buy different clothing, i.e., a robe, in the game that changes our character's appearance? If so, will that change the way NPC's perceive our player when we walk into towns, etc.?
Casey H: Regarding the clothing, yes, you'll have a wide variety of clothing, armor, etc. to wear, and they will be visible on your in-game character. What you wear (especially if it's a disguise) can affect how you are perceived.

Question 48
Breath: What (non LucasArts) game are you looking forward to play?
Mike G: Well, Dungeon Siege just went gold and we got the Freedom Force demo yesterday...
Casey H: I'm most looking forward to playing Deus Ex 2, but that's not for a while. Hopefully I'll get some time to play it!

Question 49
JediXAngel22: Naugty question :D but, let's see some 3D female beauty in the next screenshots?
Mike G: Casey? We certainly have some 3D female beauties in the game!
Casey H: Yes, we can certainly look into an image of one of our female heroes for you. :)

Question 50
milenrmr: personally I like to have my combat turn-based, so I may think for my next move. Will you be able to switch to that mode?
Mike G: Well, you can pause the combat and take as much control of your party as you'd like. This system is similar to BG in that respect.

Question 51
StormHammer: Why is your party limited to only 3 characters?
Mike G: Good question! That was really the best choice for us given the camera angle that we wanted to use and the gameplay style that the team was looking for.
Casey H: 3 characters is also a sweet spot in terms of giving you variety in the characters you adventure with, while keeping the AI requirements, GUI real estate etc. within reason.

Question 52
starwarsfan1972: Will we see 'huge' scale battles, talking of tens of even hundreds of enemies and allies?
Casey H: The story centers on an epic battle between the Sith and the Republic. Our goal is to make it as big and spectacular as we can, so large scale battles will certainly be important to telling this story.

Question 53
133tjedi: What different styles of characters will there be other than your bog-standard Jedi?
Mike G: You start out the game as a soldier, scout or scoundrel and can later evolve into a Jedi. Even when you do become a Jedi the skills that you had before will stay with you.

Question 54
ComRaven: can't we zoom out any further? Just like the famed Aribeth GeForce 3 screens issue?
Mike G: We will allow the player to have control over the camera, but during the game it's limited to rotating and slightly up and down. It will also be dependent on the area that the character is in.

Question 55
Jatsu: Will you be pivotal in these large scale battles?
Casey H: Well, although we don't want to give away too much of the story, it centers on you. So you will definitely be pivotal.

Question 56
cgisslplexe: Will you be able to play the game and continue on adventures after the main storyline has been completed?
Mike G: There will be a lot of replayability, so the player will be able to try different things with his/her character.
Casey H: When you consider all the different ways to play through the game, different classes, different weapon types, skills, Force powers, dark/light side, etc., there should be lots of replayability.

Question 57
erithil: Can you give some examples of the skills and combat feats you mentioned earlier?
Casey H: Some examples of skills would be computer use, and security skill. An example of a feat would be deflecting blaster bolts with a lightsaber.

Question 58
jmrallen: Any multiplayer aspects to the game?
Mike G: We're still looking into multiplayer right now. We should announce something definitive soon.

Question 59
StormHammer: Are you planning any expansion missions?
Mike G: Well, the Xbox allows us to do some unique things! ;) DOA 3 did some cool stuff and it's certainly an interesting proposition!

Question 60
Jatsu: In Baldur's Gate you would have to rest to refresh your library of useable spells. Will Force powers have to recharge like this as well, or will rest be required at all?
Casey H: We will likely adjust it so that you are not required to regain your ability to use the Force.

A-be-the-be-the-be-the---that's all folks! ;)

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