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03-27-2002, 01:04 AM
for those of u who have the game i gotta know, is it everything u expected and more? pretty good? great? etc.......what do u think of the game basically and do u think it will be as popular as the former game?!?!?!

03-27-2002, 01:13 AM
It's good, It's really good. It will be way more popular than its predecessor, due to the fact that every idiot with a computer pretty much has made at least a skin for q3, there will be mods and what not comming out within the first week I bet, at the very least, new models. The built in saber fighting is already cool, but if someone makes a full sabers only mod, they could make it much more interesting, and skillful, and this would raise even more interest in the game, than there already is. The single player is good i suppose, though i'm only to level 5 or 6, and i just got the saber. Saber fighting takes some practice, tried it on the bots, and got owned for a while, but picked it up pretty quick. Anyway, its deffinately worth getting.

03-27-2002, 02:15 AM
The game is very, very good. Raven has successfully recreated the feel of Dark Forces I and II, and if it was just that the game would still be great.

The first few levels are kind of a strain because as most of you know you dont start out as a jedi, so no force powers and no lightsaber. You know this, and the wait makes those levels a bit tense with anticipation. I'm sure you get the picture hehe. Then theres also the fact that, like in both previous games, there are a LOT of puzzles and tricky areas where you really have to think what to do. Hidden passages, crates to blow up, lifts to use, you name it, its all simple when you think about it but until you find it, it'll make you swear. Thats where the bad stuff ends though.

When you get your old powers and tools back, the game kicks into "holy ****" mode and its just a blast. The lightsaber battles are just AMAZING. Like Raven said, they wanted to keep it simple but with a big wow factor to it, and they managed it. In single player at least. I'll get back to that shortly. The lightsaber wielding baddies you sometimes fight are very intelligent in their use of evasive manoeuvers, attacks and such. The blocks, parries, jumps and rolls all look great, and even though you can quickly dispatch of them with regular weapons such as thermal D's or with a very effective but cheap combo of force powers, you'll usually want to fight it out the "hard" way. Its just that fun and it just looks that good.

From the little multiplayer i've seen though... lets just say that aspect of the game has yet to wow me. I remember hearing Raven say they were balancing single and multi player modes separately, and wouldn't you know it, they're two different executables. Thats not the bad part though. It seems they really axed the lightsaber's usefulness in MP in order to... I'm not sure what, exactly, i'd like to hear it from them. They removed most if not all of the block/parry animations, and blocking overall seems erradic at best, so what it boils down to in MP games is a run, hack and slash, just like it was in JK1. Heck on some MP maps its more of a force push duel than a lightsaber duel; people try to kill each other by pushing others in pits with push because lightsabers are so innefective. Thats bad imo, really bad, considering how good the lightsaber battles are in single player. I know they had to axe some of it because in large scale battles with many players, all the info needing to be sent would lag things down to a crawl, but my God, did they have to go so hard? Also, the bot AI is very questionnable. The guy who coded the MP bots should be flogged, or at least put into the same room as the guy who did the AI for the single player (which is amazing).

So overall, amazingly kickarse single player game, only average MP game (from what i've seen). Definitely worth buying but if you're looking for a new MP game to religiously play along with counter-strike or the like, keep looking.

03-27-2002, 02:19 AM
Heh, that's funny, you just gave a total opposite review of every other one I've been reading. They all say the single player is so so and the multiplayer is where it's at.

03-27-2002, 02:49 AM
hmm i have seen the same as you, tihs guy seems backwords.

hope they all wrong, and we get the best game ever!

03-27-2002, 03:03 AM
Hmm, to each his own I suppose.

Perhaps when I give MP a more thorough tryout i'll feel differently. I've only played 1 CTF game with real players and a few skirmish missions with bots so far.

Just coming back from a game with bots in fact, and while blocking seems to happen more than I remembered, the animations are still not there and its still a lot more erradic than in single player, and the bots i played against aren't near as bright as Silent wolf describes them to be in his posts, nor the fights they provide as fun as he describes them. No matter what settings I try it turns into a big run hack and slash. The bots just dont stay and fight like they do in SP, they run around like crazy and use their force powers in a freaky way. I haven't been able to "customize" them though, as someone pointed out was possible. You cant manually switch them from this team to another either, you have to start a game by yourself and then manually add each of them.

Oh well, here's to hoping i'll get to join a good game tomorrow. Or, Silent Wolf, if you're reading this, perhaps you can create a game and show me how its done :D I'd offer to host but I have a router and dont know the ports the game uses.

03-27-2002, 03:12 AM
Is there anyone here that is used to a 56k modem and have played JKII (on a 56k)? Is it playable? Or does it flat out suck bantha poodoo? I mean, are you moving in slow motion the whole time? Is there ever a time you can move around normal without lag?

Thanks for the answer. This is really the only concern I have about the game now.

Just 3 more days now...