View Full Version : [TMF] Jedi Knigts are recruiting!

03-27-2002, 07:12 AM
Hi, Ive started a Jedi Knight 2 section to my clan, [TMF], and we are signed up to the World Gaming Alliance's new JK2O league (www.jk2l.com)

We will have weekly training, and regular matches. We will accept any players, newbies or experts(although i dont see how many people can be experts when the game is only just being released lol).

I am working on getting our own clan server, and our website will be tightly integrated with the JK2L and the WGA(coz i run both sites).

Anyway, enough of me blabbering, if you want to be in an active clan, goto:

http://www.the-mortal-fist.com and select [TMFJK]
Then just click Join The Clan on the left menu :)

03-29-2002, 07:11 AM
Woot, all EF clans are switching to JK2 ;)


03-29-2002, 09:18 AM
[TMF] quit EF ages ago when EFL and Deltaleague died, and our players couldnt be bothered really :)

We play CounterStrike, RTCW, Unreal 2(soon), MOH:AA, Deus Ex, and now JK2O.

We're finally back in business to kick the crap out of all those old EF enemies of ours hehehe. Watch out wrld(if u play JK2 lol)!