View Full Version : Class based teamplay mod for JKII

03-27-2002, 04:28 PM
It'd be imperials vs rebels, with about 5 classes for each side. The lowest being a regular footsoldier/stormtrooper, they highest being a jedi. It'd work like this:

You start as a footsoldier and accumulate frags. One frag would buy you the class just above stormtrooper. Jedi would cost 10 frags.

So you spend you frags like money, and there's no frag accumulation as a jedi so that you can't stay a jedi forever. Anyone see my idea here?

I suppose the classes for Rebels would be:

Footsoldier, 0 frags. - Carries a regenerating blaster and spawns with full shields.

Assault soldier, 1 frag - Carries a flechette gun, thermal detenators and full shields.

Commander, 2 frags - Carries a light repeater, full shields, boosts accuracy of teammates around him

Minor battle droid, 3 frags- 200 health, full shields, and a fast repeating weapon.

Major droid, 4 frags - 300 health, full shields, can plant self in ground and become a turret with a VERY fast repeater.

Jedi, 7 frags - 100 health, full shields, force powers of your choice, no accumulation of frags.


03-27-2002, 09:42 PM

Thanks for the idea Muwhahahaha..


I thought JK2 was already going to have this.. atleast they should have if they had know whats good for them.

I used to kick this idea around back when TFC came out for Half-life, but... LA comes uh knockin and says.. Thats a no no...

That and I could never get blaster effects to look good in Half-life while dealing with lag.. (Blaster fire would not show up if you were laggy, and could never get the client side code to work properly) Wonder how raven took care of this.

Maybe someone will finally be able to do this.


03-27-2002, 10:01 PM
Rebel Strike is kinda doing what your talking about. No Jedi though.