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Dagobahn Eagle
11-17-2001, 10:54 AM
Name of site
Crusade IV -Galactic Battlegrounds

Type of site
Galactic Battlegrounds clan war planning and hosting

Preffered adress
CrusadeIV (then the server name before or afterwards)

About the Crusade
From the very start, the Crusade was a different X-Wing Alliance war. Where other wars only allowed the participants to fight in space battles, we added a new element to the game: Strategy. Players started out with a small fleet, then they were to build factories and shipyards to build more ships (which fought space battles using X-Wing Alliance) as well as training ground troops (invasions played in Jedi Knight). Players could invade planets, capture ships, employ Jedi and Sith to discover enemy fleets, and so on.

After two completed wars so far, the first and second Crusade, we, as the Crusade team, wishes to introduce Galactic Battlegrounds clans to the world of the Crusade. The objective of the game will be similiar to the previous two crusades, with the exception that space battles will be automatically generated and ground battles will be fought with the Galactic Battleground game engine, thus being a GB-only game. Players will mine resources for creating units, then be responsible for escorting the freighters with resources to their shipyards and factories, where troops and ships will be created. Ships would then be built to decide the fate of the galaxy.

Why should galacticbattles.com host the site?
The Crusade is a very successfull clan war; Feedback from the wars so far is about only positive.
Also, hosting the site would increase Galacticbattles.com's visitor count and the site's forum activity by bringing over fans from other websites.

Existing web pages?
http://www.xwlegacy.net/ (Forums, Crusade III XWA and Crusade III GB).

PS: I hope this page can still be hosted, as it's more like a host site than a clan site (which you don't host)?