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03-27-2002, 10:55 PM
Ok... I've fixed most of the issues I've had with the game, but this one just doesn't go away.

I get random crashes to the desktop with no error message or BSOD. After trying many different things, I noticed that setting DSound acceleration to nothing in DXDiag helped the problem. I was able to play for over an hour (the longest I've ever played) without any problems. However, they're now back, even with the DSound tweak. The problem remains the same... DrWatson (I can't believe this still exists in WinXP!! ;) ) picked up the crash and reports it as follows...

Application exception occurred:
App: C:\Games\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast\GameData\jk2sp.exe (pid=1036)
When: 27/03/2002 @ 20:48:20.334
Exception number: c0000005 (access violation)

There's more.. a lot more. But not much of it means much to me...

System Specs:

AMD Athlon (Classic) 800
Asus K7M Mobo
384megs RAM
SBLive! Plat. 5.1
Asus V6600 Deluxe (GeForce 1)
Windows XP Pro.

Ah.. I can post the entire crash log file, if that'll tell you anything... Arrrgh... Little help?