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03-28-2002, 04:10 AM
just curious, can sabers block blaster shots *while in motion* (i.e. can you jump into a melee of troopers and inadvertently block some shots while slashing at them).

Does anybody know the mechanics of what the computer uses to determine if the shot gets deflected if this isn't the case (i.e. if it isn't a XYZ plane collision detect system, then is it a percentage based off a proficiency or a weighted random selection). I'm playing the JK/jK:MotS demos and it's all too apperant that it isn't collision detect (I NEVER block blaster shots unless I'm standing still). hell, even a guess would be nice.

damn shame, as I'd love to play tenis with bolts of pure energy.

lastly, i know this is subjective.. but does it feel bad ass when you finally get the saber? Jk and MotS were fun to play with a saber.. but I kinda felt like Conan bopping people on the head with a wet piece of meat. Not to mention it was BY FAR not the best weapon in the game (at MANY times). I constantly felt like I was TRYING to make it the best weapon by working with it, but in the end you can say that about anything. I guess the best way I can sum it up is like this:

JK/MotS = luke's blocky, untrained (unfinessful) style

JK2= young obi-wan's fluid, agile style.


right ????

03-28-2002, 04:16 AM
I know what you mean about JK1, but its not like that in JK2. You can block while moving, i know this for a fact. Not positive about being able to when jumping as I never really tried it, but I would assume that you can. As for the mechanics used, all i can think of is that you have 3 levels of saber defense proficiency, and each level grants you a larger arc of deflection. For example with maxed saber defense, you're practically guaranteed to deflect every shot fired at you unless its an ultra high firing rate weapon such as a turret.

In multi games tonight I had people (newbies obviously) try to take me down using imperial blaster rifles, bowcasters, repeater guns, etc, and each and every time, with maxed saber defense, i never took a hit and they died in little time, getting most of their shots reflected back at them. It helps to stand still to keep the crosshair facing your enemy, but you can move and still block very efficiently if you're good with the mouse.

03-28-2002, 04:31 AM
If you want a saber vs. blaster example, play the mission right before the Jedi Academy. Desann uses saber and you use blaster. See if you can hit him :)

Answer: No you got smacked.