View Full Version : Quality of Game -- To Raven Employees

03-28-2002, 05:43 AM
First off and foremost -- congrats on another success.

I really have not enjoyed a GREAT game since purchasing your software. By having read some of the negative posts on this forum, I feel shocked because I could really tell that there has been a lot of work put in -- I MEAN A LOT OF WORK. I, myself, have tried Level2 C++ programming and I know the difficulty and how much respect I should give programmers now. I didn't expect SO MANY features to be implemented and implemented correctly.

I'll say that the action is GREAT and I don't need to tell what I really like about the game because the things that I don't like are REALLY INSIGNIFICANT; so I think I'll skip to the constructive criticism part.

Constructive Criticism:

In another thread, a childish thread at best, complained about how puzzles were prolonging the game over nothing. I do somewhat agree that at certain points of the game I ask myself, "What do I do now?" and "Where do I go now?". I sorta do get annoyed when the action is GREAT and thereafter the game slows down. I do know that this is how it was in JK1. (different developers too right?) I did not feel lost with Elite Force (also another one of Raven's BEST) since there were more "hints". Perhaps there should have also been a map layout of the place or maybe the Elite Force feature where a person would put the crosshairs on a switch and it would show-up as being able to be pressed (this feature can also lead to other hints like in EF).

A big CRITICAL attribute my pals and I complain about is the voice acting of the characters and another is what those characters actually do in JK2 -- which their actions in-game do not fit what the characters would ACTUALLY do within the Star Wars Universe. I won't go into detail because I don't want to SPOIL this for other people. I will say that EF's voice acting is superb because they did get the ST: Voyager crew to do the voice acting AND their lines and actions actually fit their personalities.

Also, the game is actually GREAT enough that it *WILL* be another BIG-TIME seller -- SERIOUSLY. Maybe it could be good enough to take down Half-Life as being the GREATEST game of all time. In case any of you didn't know, JK1 *WAS* the GREATEST game of all time until Half-Life came along. (PC Gamer -- if my memory serves me right)

OH BTW, is it possible I can upgrade my copy to a Collector's Edition?