View Full Version : thoughts on SP (finished) - spoilers-

03-28-2002, 11:52 AM
i just finished the SP game and wanted to write stuff that i thought was cool and stuff that sucked and see what other people thought
pretty spoilery, so if u havent finished, you mightn't wanna read this
though if u have finished, say what u thought too

stuff that was cool

graphics are tops
gameplay is kewl
saber handling rocked
force powers r fantabulous
the jedi/unreal/darkjedi fighting bits were freakin' (and i mean freakin') awesome
the king of cool ...........Lando! (underrated, i always thought)

the level design was okay at times and a bit dumb at others (the fire blower things at the temple near the end, why were they there? imperial energy generator complexes where workers would have had to be able to jump at least twenty metres in a single bound to go to work)
also there were really frustrating bits, not puzzles that were difficult to solve or even switches that were on the other side of the map than the door they opened, but i mean when you just cannot see where u have to go (swamp level...really annoyed me with that underground cave)
puzzles r fun and can be good filler but at least one level of just running and fighting without getting stuck somwhere for an hour would have been nice and added to the flow of the game

stuff that was crap

compared with JK1 the story line was pretty crap.

Jk1 had better level design for sp too i think.

not being able to use the force on troopers who were in the water - i know sabers arent sposed to work in water thanks to TPM ( though modern day oxy-acetylene torches do) but is water sposed to dampen the force?.

those guns that sabers cant deflect (disrupters) r a bad idea in the star wars universe i think.

the guy who voiced luke sounded like some american sit-com gimp. (no offense to any american sit-com gimp actors).

inidently didnt mark hamill do stuff for wing commander? what? is he to good for the old skywalker bit now huh?

driving the atst and not being able to see where you r going

the fight scene between dessan and luke looked like luke was just jumping up and down on dessans head (though that wasnt
pre-rendered so it could be diffrent every time it plays)

picking up force powers like items in SP in the academy, why couldn't there have been a little training bit instead?
(maintaining suspension of disbelief is difficult when you pick up a little box to learn how to jump high)

every now and then during a game rendered cut scene it was like kyles teeth were sticking out of the front his face, making him look like a semi decomposed zombie person (freaked me out man,
sending the therapy bills to Raven)

ummmmmmmm i think thats about it, everything else rocked the house